Courses available for the smallest of entrepreneurs at IIM

Now the less educated but charismatic innovative people will get the opportunity of studying in the IIM. They won’t be required to cross through the CAT like difficult examination. They would be trained in market strategy and corporate training. How is this going to happen? Read this essay to know more of this development.

If you are skilled and working on any smallish venture to earn your livelihood, good time for your happiness has arrived. The top business schools like the IIMS will chisel up your skill to show you a newer path of success. This dissertation details how this innovation is going to take place.

There is a long queue in the shop of ‘Hemang Chatwallah' to eat his tasty chat. The excellent lassi shop of ‘Rajesh Lassi Centre' owned by Rajesh in Baubhai lane gives off the feel as if you are in Shimla. The hot zalebi being fried and put into the syrupy big sized iron pan turn mouth watery. These are few examples of some cities. Your kasba or city also must be having some such small but famed shops, the excellent tastes of cuisines of food items of which drag on your steps to take to the routes to such famous shops.

But when you have settled down to some other city due to some reason or the other and whenever you go to your original city or kasba, you certainly crave and search for that old tastes…only to get disappointed to see the shop is nowhere to be found. When you make enquiries further up, you are told that the maker of those wondrous cuisines is no more now in this world and gone to his heavenly abode. His newer generation have abandoned that work to work on some newer ventures. You are then left with nothing but to memories of those tasty items, savouring the lingering taste in your figment of imaginations.

But don't worry! The IIMS itself have come forward to chisel up those magical wand holding lowly artisans, ruling over the hearts and tastes of people in the kasbas and cities helping up to expand their business a notch or two up.

You must've read some years ago and now you are watching too as to how one IIM pass out graduate is selling fresh-green vegetables on the roads of Patna yet some are running restaurants of their own. After this fresh initiative by the IIMS, now the lesser educated smallish vegetable vendors, tea- stalls owners, sweet sellers and small lassi shop owners can lend an organised shape and form to their business moving ahead on the paths of becoming an entrepreneurs.

No condition of clearing CAT for it

It might just well be possible that in the near future, your favourite tea shop owner is studying in the IIM or the vegetable vendor from whom you buy vegetables reaches at the IIM to complete a course. You can pose this question how could possibly this be? Who shall let these people to study in the IIMS without clearing the CAT? Then sir, just have your information corrected. IIMS have made special initiatives for such skilled workers.

Eyes cast on entrepreneurs

In fact, the IIMS pass outs give much priority to entrepreneurships than to joining jobs. On account of the widespread presence of skilled workers in our country, the IIMS intend to make efforts to raise their standards. For such charismatic innovators, living in the remote villages, kasbas and small cities in country, the IIMS want to run separate certificate courses because IIMS treat them as entrepreneurs.

Encouraging innovations

The innovative types of skilled workers would get entry into the courses running for 6 months duration. Its special feature is that they do not need passing out some sort of admission test for getting admission into these courses. The main aim of this programme is to help those smallest of the entrepreneurs and to encourage them who due to some reasons couldn't finish their education. Such people were selected to be trained in the art of expanding their smallish business ventures. Under the scheme of things of this programme, some people would be trained as the master trainer so as, they could train other small entrepreneurs as well. And thus will roll this programme in continuity.

Courses would be specialised

With this unique initiative of the IIMS, the courses to be run would also be unique. This would include the courses relating to:
  • Public Health Management,
  • Neuromarketing,
  • PG Diploma in Human Resources, and,
  • Business Analytics etc.

Admission would begin from the next session.

What would the selection procedure be like?

For admission procedure, focus would be given on innovative entrepreneurs working in villages and kasbas. First of all, it'd be ferreted out that in what fields are the less educated or illiterate workers are engaged in what ventures and in which areas of activities. It will be evaluated as how have they developed their products converting it into a brand. Why after all people come drawn towards their shops or establishments to buy their products? What strategy have they adopted to move it further ahead ward and how far success have they gotten in their efforts?


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