Challenges And Possibilities of 4G internet network

This article introduces the latest technology 4G. It also discusses its major challenges and possibilities. This article also provide every necessary information with related to 4G in detail. It also analyzes the scope and arrival of 4G in India.

What is 4 G

New technologies are usually introduced among Western countries. Indian telecom department breaks this history by introducing 4G. Ultra mobile broadband facility is the distinguishing feature of 4G. India is one of the prominent countries on the matter of using mobile phone. Mobile phones are introduced at Bell Labs in America in 1960. Analog technology (1G) and digital technology (2G) are introduced among Western countries. Analog technology was introduced in 1981 where as digital technology was introduced in 1982. India is far away from both these technologies at that time. Both these technologies such as Analog technology (1G) and digital technology (2G) were introduced in India after one decade from its arrival in the Western countries. The same situation was repeated when 3G was introduced with high speed internet connectivity. 3Gwas introduced in India after a long time from its arrival in the Western countries. India created new history by introducing 4 G with ultra mobile brand facility. Western countries are just starting their arrangements for the introducing 4g. The first version of 4G was introduced at Kolkata on April 10 in 2012. It was introduced by the private mobile company namely Airtel. India has been made a vital record by starting the service just after 2 two years of the arrival of spectrum.

Features of 4G

4G is the latest telecommunication technology which provides ultra mobile broadband facility in order to share the data. Ultra mobile brand band indicates the possible speed rate around a wireless network. Downloading speed of 4G is up to 100 mbps. In the same way uploading speed of 4G is up to 50 mbps. User can upload a high definition film within 30 seconds through 4G. Downloading speed of 3G is about 200 kbps. The possibility of data exchange with high speed is the distinguishing feature of 4 G. Data can exchange in the most secure way through 4G. 4G provides high definition television signals. It also provides live audio service to the user along with video chatting.


Voice call and data can be sending through analogue wireless network in 1G. Circuit switching system is usually adopting for it. 2G has narrow band wireless digital network. The quality of call will increase since it is digital network. 2G also adopting circuit switching style. 3G has wide band wireless network. 3G is adopting packet switching system. In packet switching mode data packets are passing through different ways. Electromagnetic wavelength which is otherwise known as spectrum is used for that. Spectrum is also using in 4G also. Long term evolution or LTE technology of 4G is given prominence to data. Airtel introduced time division –LTE or TD-LTE based technology in India. GSM/ edge or UTMS/HSMA network technology is used for that. Speed and credibility is increasing through modulation ion this technology. Voice is transferring through packet switching mode instead of circuit switching mode. It will increase the quality of sound. Sound is related to multimedia as well as web service. It can be used by several people at the same time through network sharing. Call facility is not allotted in the 4G service of India.

Future possibilities

High speed internet, mobile T.V, video conferencing, video call, video on demand, multimedia messaging etc are the specialties of 3G. Along with these services 4G also provides facilities for reading multimedia newspapers and watching high definition T.V programmes. These are the direct opportunities. 4G will act as the fertilizer for the rapid economic growth of the country through developments in the country. This new technology also provides tremendous opportunities in the industrial fields also. Cloud computing is attaining much popularity in the present scenario. The arrival of 4G in such a situation will make effective challenges in the I.T field. Cloud computing has given much importance for data exchange. It is assumed that cloud computing will become wide after the arrival of 4G. Another expectable change is the popularity of video blogs. The development of virtual videography will reach the world in to the tip of the hand. The videos in the high definition camera can be speed with high speed through 4G.

4G in India

4G was introduced in India by Airtel. But the company has license only at four circles. Airtel is on the attempt to buy more spectrum from other companies. Airtel is also trying to take spectrum from qualcomm which has license in four circles including Airtel Kerala.

Reliance info tell

Reliance info tell of MuKesh Ambani get BWE spectrum all over India. Other companies have to compete with reliance which started the competitions in this field by introducing mobile phone with 500 rupees and mobile call with 40 paisa in India. Mukesh Ambani will back again to telecom field with reliance info tell. BSNL have license in 20 circles. But the availability of LTE in BSNL is not confirmed yet. Company is also planning to give up the license in useless circles. Aircel(8), Tikona(5), M.T.L (2),Auger(1) are the circles provided to other companies. Even though have license, qualcomm doesn't get spectrum yet. Reports said that Reliance is planning to provide service with moderate charges in 4G. Reliance will provide data service for 10 rupees per GB. High rate is the main drawback of 3G in India. It is also applicable to 4G also. The unavailability of call facility may be challenge for reliance info tel. reliance info tell can provide call facility only if they have 2G license with 4G. 4G will act as major factor in forming the digital economy of the country.

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