Information about the habitat of African Meer-cats

This article tells you about African Meer-Cats. The African Geographic Plain is full of such species. Meer-Cats have their habitat in kenya, Zambia, South Africa and other countries. They are also found in Botswans, Zimbabwe, Angola and tanzania. An African safari will not Miss viewing of these cats. Many researchers and animal lovers visit Africa for them. They make Films and Photographs. They even make documentaries to understand their living nature.

In this article, I will explain about African Meer-Cats and their Habitat. Meer-Cats of Africa are the most significant of species. African Meer-Cat is a squirrel like animal living in African plains. It resembles to mongoose found in India. They live in deep underground Burrows. These underground burrows protect them from scorching heat. They live together among their community. Meer-Cats always move and hunt in groups. Their territory is particularly decided by them. By nature these animals are harmless and friendly to humans. They are more friendly to local African tribes. It takes more time on their part to befriend humans. This is due to safety reasons. Once they know humans, they move freely with them. By nature they are playful.

Meer-cats are usually found standing with two legs towards the sun. It is their very common posture. With this posture, they digest their food through sun-rays. Meer-Cats have a great sense of smell. This helps them to find their food and prey. This prey can be six to seven feet below the ground. Their dwelling places do not always assure them food. Sometimes they have to go without food for days. Sometimes they change their dwelling places. while communicating their mates, they emit sharp chiseling sound.

Food-habits of Meer-Cats

Meer-Cats usually feed on underground small insects and animals. These insects include Lizards, ants, beetles, snakes and scorpions. They hunt their prey by rapidly digging the ground. They keep on digging till the prey comes out. African Meer-Cats also feed on birds. But they are afraid of eagles. Usually they hunt enough to feed their families. The family consists of two, three or more young-ones. They are considered as rare species of Africa. Africa is the only place where they are found in abundance.

Meer-Cats are very vigilant of predators. These predators are animals who are larger than their size. Such predators include Hyenas, leopards, wild dogs, boars and panthers. Eagles also prey Meer-Cats. Meer-Cats have great night vision. They come back to their homes early evening. They do this to protect themselves and their young-ones.

Hunting pattern of Meer-Cats

Usually, Meer-Cats have greater ability to smell their prey. Nature has gifted them to smell the prey about four to six feet below the ground. First of all, they hover around the place where there is a possible prey hidden in the land. After that they start digging furiously with their hands. They do this without stopping. In a few minutes they bring out a live prey from the underground. This prey can be a scorpion, lizard, beetle or even snake. They eat and gobble their hunt there itself in a raw form.

Meer-Cats come out of their burrows to bask in early rays of sun. Their stomach region will always face the sun. This is when the sun is in east or north. By allowing the rays of sun to touch their stomach, they digest their stored food. they usually do this by standing in groups.

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well, It is surprising to say, But the entire ecology of Africa is a curious subject to study. Even if you consider other animals or share about the knowledge of other species, still a lot is left to discuss. I am still identifying which can be the best way to protect endangered species of animals. The question is what causes the animals to becoming extinct ! I think that the cause of animal population becoming scarce is attributed to Climate, food shortage, and poaching. what more!

I would like to know more views on this.

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