Advantages Of A Part Time Job

There are several advantages of a par time job. Additional income does accrue from this no doubt, but along side the opportunity of learning too much from it as well. To increase your income, you too can adopt a part time job. How could it be done is actually the topic of discussion in this article.

Not only in times of financial crunch, even for the augmenting the income sake too, you can you pick up a part time job for which the season of summer is the most opportune time for you. By doing extra income, you could earn extra income also.

Selecting a part time job

The first process is selecting a part time job. If you are a student, you can give your full time in job. From this, not would be a handsome income would accrue to you, your skills would develop too which will prove helpful in fetching you a good job in future. If you are doing a permanent job somewhere, you can do the part time job before your office time or after it.

For fetching a part time job, you will have to evaluate your skills first that what is it your feel yourself interested in. If you are active, and could make your point understand clearly by your speaking, you can do the part time job by participating in the Ad campaigns of various companies. Sales and marketing would be most suited to you. If you have better grips over two languages, you can do the job of a translator, interpreter or guide. Besides there are several part times job options beckoning to you as follows:
  • Sales promotion and Ad campaign,
  • Tele- marketing,
  • Road Shows,
  • Restaurants and fast food chains,
  • Departmental stores,
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Multiplexes,
  • Petrol Pump,
  • Trade Fairs,
  • Exhibitions,
  • Market research or survey,
  • Data entry, etc.

Not only this, if your voice is sweet, and you bewitch the audiences with your voice, you can do the job of a Radio Jockey also. To sum up all, you will have to recognise your skill first before embarking upon the part time job hunt.

Where are the part time job opportunities?

Various companies need people in great number for Ad campaigns of their products. The remuneration generally paid for advertising for the whole day long by roaming places, or for standing behind stalls, or for doing surveys range between 300-600 rupees per day or more also. Students can earn their pocket money by working on such assignments during their summer vacations when their schools/colleges are closed. Besides this, you could get work on petrol pumps also. Today, fast food restaurants are opened on numerous places. There is huge demand on these places for the educated and smart boys and girls. Part times job are offered in an enormous number in such joints. Apart from these, there is great opportunity of jobs in malls, market research, and road shows, Tele-marketing, and malls etc. You will have to take care of the customers in restaurants by wearing their uniforms. In market research, you will have to go from door and get the printed forms filled soliciting the opinions regarding the company’s products by the customers. In road shows, you have to stand wearing the company uniform with company’s banners and products or you might to make rounds on bikes in groups advertising company’s products. In Tele marketing, you have to gather opinions on phones, whereas on the petrol pumps, you would be required to fill in fuels in vehicles. If you have grips over languages other than English, you can do the job of translator in your part time for which you will have to make contacts in the publication houses where you can work @ 100-200 rupees per page.

Agencies offer part time jobs

Today, part time jobs are available in large number for searching which, you can make contacts with agencies. All the companies seek help for jobs from the event management agencies, surveyors or placement agencies. In fact, these agencies make arrangements to supply young boys and girls to the companies for their part time job needs. Companies hire personnel on part time jobs because many of their activities do not run through out the whole year long but for a short while.

Money along with skill development

Part time job doesn’t give off only money to you but its covert benefits are also aplenty. You gain in experience and skill gets honed up. Payments are made on daily basis generally in part time jobs which hover from 300 to 600 rupees or more per day. This amount doubles or trebles in trade fairs, but the experience thus gotten is invaluable. The thrills of works, opportunities of meeting different people add feathers on the caps of the young boys and girls.

Keep an eye on advertisement for part time jobs

Event management, survey or placement agencies generally give advertisements for these part time jobs in news papers and job portals. For the part time jobs, candidates are directly called in the walk in interview. Youths are placed after the evaluation of competency and suitably to the jobs to be carried out.

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