Six Great Twitter Applications To Use

Twitter is a popular site with users from celebrities to the common man. One reason why twitter is popular is because of thousands of apps used at the site. Today one can tweet on the site from a mobile phone to an iPod. For such things one has to use twitter applications. In this article I will talk about 6 famous twitter applications.

The Eco Phone

Assuming that you are working on your computer and you come across an idea that you want to tweet without logging in, what will you do? For this purpose you can install a plug in termed eco phone which is a Firefox browser app. Eco phone appears as a blue icon on the status bar in the Firefox browser. With this app you can log onto multi twitter accounts at the same time. The app can be configured to remember all your twitter usernames and passwords. This needs to be done only once and eco phone remembers your user name and password when you log in subsequently. You will be continuously bombarded with updates on your twitter accounts and you can start tweeting.

Tweet by email

If you keep your mail box open when you work, you can tweet easily through email and also read the responses you get in your email. To enable this option all that you have to do is to join the site and register an email account and to enable the tweet by email option. Once your email id is integrated in twitter, you only need to keep your mail box open to read and send tweets. One thing to be wary is that your tweets may go into the spam folder. This facility is also easy to use on some blackberry phones.

Facebook twitter application

If you are a regular user of Facebook, the Facebook twitter application can be very useful for you. Log into your Facebook account, click the applications section and search for this application. Once enabled, this application is integrated into your Facebook account. Subsequently whenever you tweet on twitter, it shows up on your Facebook account.The benefit of this is that you can send tweets from Facebook without logging into twitter.

Twitter feed

If you want to publicize your blog on twitter this site is perfect.Just log into the twitterfeed site and insert your blog feed and then add your twitter account to this site through an application. You can also set your tweets on appearing at your blogs at regular intervals.


This application is ideal for big and small companies, as twitter has become an ideal tool to send a message or idea. Companies and business establishments use this application to propagate their products. This application can be beneficial for any business establishment. There is no ban by twitter on the number of business establishments which can use twitter for commercial purposes. More than one account can also be opened by a company or business establishment. Tweets can be made to consumers or customers on any changes in products or to notify new things. A date and time to publicize a tweet can be set by the business establishments. And this is for free as twitter is free!

If your g-talk is open most of the time, this application can be useful. Through this application, you can send or receive tweets through your g-talk chat window! All you have to do is go to the site and register your g-talk id.

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