How To Stay Free From Exam Fear?

How to stay free from exam fear? How to perform well in examinations? You will get an answer from this article. In order to understand the importance of avoiding exam fear, after effects of exam fear are also included.


Today exam fear is a major problem for most of the students who have to face their public exams. Examination period is tedious along with horrible summer. Moreover it is a strong enemy of them. How to fight against this enemy? For that initially we should understand the causes. What if we do not fight against this enemy? It has many adverse effects. Unwanted stress reduce our memory power and grasping capacity. Moreover we get tensed during examination. What will happen then? We cannot show our knowledge in our answer paper. Results will be a nightmare. So we should understand the after effects of examination fear ways to tackle the problem.

Causes for exam fear

Primary cause of exam fear is lack of self confidence. We should understand the importance of self confidence in life. We should be confident to show our abilities at any time to any one. In the same way, we must be able to proclaim our disabilities and correct them. We should have faith in ourselves. Tell yourself that you have prepared well and you can do wonders. Gradually, you will get confidence. In order to tell yourself that "I have learned", you should learn properly. Lack of learning is another cause for exam fear. Systematic learning is the only solution for this problem. Always try to be up to date in the class. Learning is a continuous process. I have seen many students who studies only for exams. That is of no use. You may get good marks, but you will forget them all as and when examinations are over. At last you will suffer. So avoid such confusions. Stress from parents is an important cause for this immense problem. Parents always expect good marks. We cannot blame them. They should realize the fact that examinations are not the end of anything. It is a tool to measure the knowledge. Don't put unwanted stress on your child. It gifts him fear and tension, which will come to play during examination. These are the three causes for exam fear.

After effects

Fear always create problems in life. Cowards always fails in life. Unwanted tension and stress will make students panic. They may not be able to memories things that are learned. Fruit of hard work will not be seen in the examination hall. As a result student may become depressed. Eventually he lost interest in studies. Whole attitude of student get affected. All this should not happen. A depressed mind cannot learn things properly. Surely it will affect our academic performance. So it is important to get rid of exam fear.


Attitude towards exams should be changed first. Exams are the tools to test what you know. It is not a measuring tool of your ignorance. This should be accepted first. Exam fear gifts you pain alone, you gain nothing. Then why should you stick to it? Marks are essential in this competitive world. Don't be afraid of anything. We must be brave to face anything. Even if your result is not up to your expectations, think that this is not an end to show your ability. Many examinations are waiting for you. Face the challenges. Don't escape from them. Finally be optimistic. Exam fear will fear to approach you.


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