How to fight depression in a natural way

Are you looking for the natural ways to come out of depressed state of mind? Find some easy and simple yet natural ways to fight mental depression in this article.

The present ever busy / hectic life with ever increasing work pressure, more and more people are prone to mental depression. This has become a major cause of concern and people keep trying to find different ways or solutions to fight / come out of depression.

The word 'depression' is commonly used by the people these days. The present stressful modern life style has given way to depression. A majority of the present generation are easily prone to anxiety / insomnia / sleeplessness and depression. Anxiety over a period of time results in depression of the mind and you feel dejected. Depression is one of the greatest problems of life in the present scenario of the world.

What is depression

Depression is a state of mind when an individual starts feeling lonely, sad, frustrated, despair, moody and dejected in life. Such a state of mind results in low self esteem and reduced levels of self-confidence. A person suffering from depression feels like lying in the couch most of the time. He / she is unable to motivate himself / herself enough. In severe cases, the person feels hopeless and remains in complete darkness. Everything seems pointless to the person. In many cases, the person feels like staring into space most of the time with gloomy eyes or sadness in the eyes. When such a state of mind becomes too serious, in some cases this might prompt the individual to end up his / her life.

The modern lifestyle of the people has give way to nuclear families. The ever busy people hardly find a life companion with whom they can share their emotional feelings. Such a lonely life has lead gradually results in depressed feelings. The present generation has become too materialistic which has increased their materialistic needs. To meet with their ever-increasing needs people have become money minded and spend most of the time in generating more income. When their income drops, it leaves them in frustration as they are unable to fulfill their desires / needs. Ultimately they might end up with depression. People who are contented in their lives will never get depressed.

When depression becomes severe, the patient needs medical attention and is given pills like anti-depressants. The affected person can come out of depression by following natural ways of controlling with the support of his / her family members or friends.


Simple ways on how to fight depression in a natural way

Depression is a state of mind, hence mind plays a key role in fighting it back. The depressed person should be able to have a control over his / her emotions / mind to overcome depression. Here is what you can for coming out of depression through natural ways:
  1. Healthy, balanced and simple diet

    Healthy and balanced diet is very essential for a healthy mind and body. Take well balanced, healthy / nutritious food for fighting depression. Occasionally you can take one or two good quality chocolates as these help in combating depression. Include a fresh fruit in your regular meal. Sugar present in the fruits helps in boosting the mental state and thus helps in fighting depression in a natural way. Avoid taking spicy foods / fast foods as, at times, these foods might act as enhancers of depression.

  2. Regular physical exercise

    Regular physical exercise plays an important role in controlling / overcoming depression. It helps in keeping the mind cool. An exercise can be anything according to your like / choice / health condition. Morning walks are the best for depressed people. Cool mornings soothe your mind and gives you a refreshed feeling. Depending on your health condition, you can go for for cycling, jogging, yoga etc. In the initial stages, start with light exercises without giving much strain to the mind and body lest you feel tired / strained and you may feel like discontinuing the same.

  3. Regular meditation

    Meditation or exercise to the mind is the most important method of fighting back depression in a natural way. Depression is totally related to the state of the mind and hence giving a good exercise to the mind helps in fighting depression to a great extent. Here is a simple way of practicing meditation:
    • Choose a calm place / room in your house preferably pooja room where there is lot of divinity / sanctity / positive vibes in the air. Or any such room which is neat and clean with calm atmosphere.

    • Spread a mat and sit on it in padmasana posture or you can sit at ease preferably facing East or North.

    • Close your eyes, pray god for a while to seek His blessing for a happy and healthy life. While praying get a mental picture of positive energy flowing into your body. This is sure to boost your mental power and you can effectively fight against depression. Regular practice of meditation gives tremendous results.

    • Sit with closed eyes at least for 15 minutes. While meditating, you might get several thoughts in your mind, let these thoughts come and go. Do not try to resist the thoughts but be cool. Let the thoughts come and go. Observe your own thoughts silently. After few days of regular meditation, the thoughts gradually reduce.

    • If you can't resist your thoughts, try to divert the thoughts on good things in your life. Try to visualize / dream of a healthy, happy and depression-free life. Try to dream about the things which you want to achieve or have in your life. Such a visualize effect / dream during meditation is very effective in making these real.

    • On regular practice the mind starts emptying from the thoughts and finally you will observe that your mind will be completely free of thoughts. So, you have reached the state of nothingness i.e a state when the mind is absolutely free of thoughts. Once you reach at this state you are absolutely in the right track of meditation. This helps you in fighting depression.

  4. Develop positive thinking

    Positive thinking / positive thoughts play a vital role in controlling or fighting depression in a natural way. In fact, negative thinking itself is one of the main initial sign of depression. When you keep getting negative thoughts, try to fight back and try and try to develop positive thinking. Try to look at the things in a positive way. This will develop a positive attitude for a healthy, happy and better living. Positive thoughts / positive thinking emit positive vibes in the air and this is very much essential for fighting back depression. Of course, it's not so easy to bring positive thoughts. It needs little extra effort from your end. Can't you put that extra effort for your happy living? Of course, you can.

  5. Bring about a change in your lifestyle

    Monotonous life style makes you disgusted and depressed. A change in the lifestyle from time to time is necessary to come out of frustrated feelings. Try to bring about a change in your lifestyle according to your taste and choice. No need to imitate the life styles of others, but try to be in your own way. Lead your life in your own style but with some change which makes you happy. You can have a change in your life style in the following these simple and easy ways:
    • Develop and try to maintain a hobby of your interest. Keep yourself engaged in it in your free time. Hobbies break the monotony of life besides benefiting in other ways.

    • Try to expand your circle by building new relationships with people whom you feel you are comfortable with. You can share your emotions with the people in your circle and can have a relief. Life will be interesting when you build / expand relations.

    • Have pets as per your liking and spend few hours a day with your pets. This helps you in forgetting your sorrows / troubles / problems.

    • For a change in your lifestyle involve yourself in family / friends get together. This helps in diverting your mind and is useful in fighting depression.

  6. Change your way of thinking

    Change your way of thinking as this is the most effective way of fighting depression in a natural way. Try to develop an attitude of 'take it easy'. Avoid taking things to your heart and stop brooding over the past. This in no way is helpful but on the other hand it might give way to depression. Try to overcome negative thoughts and do not give chance for ill-thoughts to crop up in your mind. Such ill-thoughts might slowly occupy the entire mind and final this might end up with depression. Think good under all circumstances.

  7. Try to accept defeat / failure in life

    Accepting defeats or failures in life is very very essential to fight depression. In many cases, when people find it difficult to accept their failures / defeats, their mind keeps battling and finally this might end up with depression. If you gracefully accept your defeat / failure and be positive in your approach, you won't get depressed. In fact you can learn more from your failures / defeats and helps you to do better in future. To keep depression at bay, do not brood over your failures, but take it sportively. Try to learn more from your failures.

Role of family members in fighting depression

A depressed person cannot or finds it difficult to fight against depression in a natural way. Family members need to proactively take up the responsibility. They are supposed to take utmost care of the depressed person and should support the patient in the following simple ways:
  • Give emotional support to the depressed person which is the need of the hour. Support the person by all ways and means and make the patient believe that you are sure to look after his / her well being. Emotional support works wonders in overcoming tough situation in life.

  • Try to accompany the depressed person. Do not leave him / her alone as this might worsen the situation. The patient wants to live in loneliness but never give him / her a chance to be all alone. Try to engage them in a healthy chat / discussion which the patients finds interesting.

  • Keep the patient engaged in some activity as per his / her interest. Ensure that the patient involves in the activity with interest. Of course, this is an additional responsibility which the family members need to take up proactively for getting back the healthy state of mind of the depressed person.

  • If possible take the depressed person to pleasure trips particularly to the places which are full of natural beauty like the Niagara Falls. The patient will forget himself / herself and all the troubles for at least some time and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Pleasure trips are helpful in refreshing the mind, soul and body.

  • Talk with the depressed person in a polite tone. Keep him / her engaged in pleasant / happy talks. Do not involve him / her in talks with sad or gloomy news.

  • Provide a pleasant atmosphere which helps in keeping the mind in good moods.

Therapy and medication play a key role in fighting against depression. The person need to have an understanding of his / her state of mind and try to bring about a change in their behavior, physical activities, diet and lifestyle. They need to bring about a change in their thoughts and their way of looking at things around. All these simple, easy and harmless ways when properly followed by the depressed person, it can really work wonders and would be very effective in fighting back depression.

Article by Kalyani
Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. She is an active lead editor at for over 2 years. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. She also strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Author: Nomita Mitra01 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A really good article written by the author explaining various causes of depression and how to overcome it.
Actually, depression is not a disease. It is the mental state of mind that keeps a person away from living a normal life. However, if it is not detected and taken care of at an early stage, it may create various problems and even turn into a serious mental disease.
A depressed person becomes pessimistic and loses interest in the day to day affairs of life. He/She likes to remain alone and various negative thoughts start coming in the mind. A sense of insecurity develops and he/she tries to escape from the realities of life. Sometimes, he/she behaves in a strange way which may be irritating to others around. Gradually, it turns into a serious mental disease and can even turn into madness.
Such people need sympathy and compassion. They should be treated with utmost love and care. The family members and friends can play a major role in bringing him/her back to normal life and restore happiness.
Therapy and medication can be the last alternative for this type of people.

Author: Nilesh02 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

A very nice and elaborate article by the author, covering almost all the important points about how to fight depression.
I feel one of the simplest ways to fight depression is to stay as busy as possible. Always be upto something in life, keep on doing stuff. Simply, never sit idle; if you wake up in the morning, go for jogging, do some exercise etc. Read good books or choose any hobby of your interest. When sitting free, listen to music or watch some movie. Keep on doing something throughout the day, so that at the end of the day you are really tired and fall asleep as soon as you lie on your bed. All this is because, all of our negative thoughts which may cause depression come to our mind when we are sitting idle, doing nothing. When our brain has nothing to focus on, it starts contemplating all aspects of life. Every negative stuff flashes in front of us and gradually we start feeling like our life is not good or worth it. So one must stay busy as much as possible.

Author: Natarajan05 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 25

An excellent article by the author. We live in a world wherein its basic human values are a scarce commodity; honesty, integrity, ethics and morals are replaced by greed, malice, jealousy and deception. In such an environment it's no surprise that many people "feel depressed" at work, at home or with life in general.
A well known author (Book - Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom) once said: Once I learn't how to die, I learnt how to live. Imagine that we all live for a certain amount of time only, then you'll understand that there's really no time to feel depressed. We are all stuck in the rat race of so called civilised metro fast paced life that we've forgotten to look into ourselves and the people around us.
Here is a list of some tips that I've gathered from others for myself
1. Set realistic aims and goals (professional, monetary, social etc)
2. Take time to understand yourself and your family
3. Spend quality time with parents, spouse and children. (We all find time to attend meetings, go out with friends, scroll through repetitive what's up forwards and jokes but often don't find time for the very people (family and us) we are supposed to live for!)
4. Engage in social and charitable work. Learn to give, I don't mean that you always sit at a temple handing out food and money or forget your dependants and rush off to a remote corner of Africa to help people. You can start doing it at your home and at your workplace.
5. Slowly wean away from gadgets: i pad, tabs, mobile etcs. Look around you; you'll certainly seen people far more engrossed in what's up, share it, watching a funny video rather than spending their time constructively.
6. Learn to appreciate a fellow human being. I'm NOT asking you to go and hug a robber or a criminal but you can certainly say a few kind words to the people who keep your office clean, people who clean your home, people who get your coffee.
7. Seek the blessings of the Higher power. Again doesn't mean to you run behind a GodMan or spend your hard earned money on expensive courses conducted by a few organisations. Go to a place of workship, walk about around your garden at home or apartment or your local park. Look at all the little wonders that God has created - a bird flapping around or singing, a beautiful flower etc.
8. Develop a habit of keeping apart time for your family, your friends, and your children and last but not the least some time for yourself. Again you don't rush off to the Himalayas but start spending some time teaching your son how to cycle, teaching your daughter skating etc. Just asking your little child how the day at school was or talk to them about their favourite subject ( super-hero, supercar), you'll be amazed at the enthusiastic reply you get ( filled with joy and positive energy).
9. Learn to accept that we all are humans but have different levels of earning, move in different social circles and different levels of affordability. Accept this and enjoy life, so what if someone drives a Audi or Benz, you have take the metro or cab, both of you will reach your destination! That's life.

10. Sit with your spouse, parents, best friend or sibling and discuss how your life is heading in general and make adjustments if needed.
11. Always keep an eye on your earnings and spending.
12. There are no short-cuts in life only shortcomings.
13. Exercise regularly and look after your health
14. Develop a hobby for yourself. I do a bit of photography, collect stamps and love nature. I've not gone for a single professional course in all the above. But I like what I do and what I've learnt from my friends and the internet.
15. If you still feel depressed by all means seek professional help.
16. Bottom line - "Nothing in the materialistic world is worth getting depressed, embrace your inner self and share good and bad times with genuine people around you."
Important: The views are in general terms and not intended to hurt anyone. Far more valuable information about living our life can be found in good self-help books. For example read books by Robin Sharma (of the Monk who sold his Ferrari fame).

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