Full Review Of Blackberry Phone Curve 9220

This article discusses about the technical specification of BlackBerry Curve 9220. What is the price of Blackberry curve 9220 in India? This is the opening segment phone from Blackberry and upgrade version of 8520. So let’s have a complete review of this fantastic phone.

Research in Motion, the company who is the maker of famous BlackBerry phone has something new in his opening segment. Most of you have seen the Blackberry curve 8520 which has the operating system which is now considered as the old versions. Blackberry 9220 is just the same phone as the previous version but it has modifications in it. Rising competition from the Android phones, Blackberry has kept the price of this phone more or less same. In this article I will give you the whole detail about the phone and you will also the get to know the names of phone which you can buy instead of this phone. So let's have look at the technical specifications of this phone.

Body and design of BlackBerry Curve 9220

Whenever I hold Blackberry phone in my hand, it gives me the solid grip and also the heavy look. This is very good about the blackberry that you get the masculine look when you hold. The metallic back cover with the rubberized finish is awesome. But there are difficulties in opening the back cover. But his is all right since as the phone starts ageing the back cover gets loose and hence creates lot of problem. So here in this phone nothing like that. Coming to the overall design of the phone, it is fantastic. Blackberry phone are known for their QWERTY phones and I always appreciate the design of this phone. On the side of the phone you have a rubberized finish which makes this phone lot easy to hold on. On the side of the phone you have the volume rocker keys and they are covered with the rubberized finish. Then you have the dedicated key for the camera and a single key on the other side for calling. This key open up the caller window and used as a shortcut key. Now at the top you have the music button too and just below that you have the loud speaker. This appears only when you see the phone from top facing your eyes towards the top of the upper side. So this features is little unique in these Blackberry phone.

You have the 3.5 mm music jack and at the back of the phone you have the BlackBerry logo and the camera of resolution 2 Megapixel. Phone is very light weigh but yes enough heavy to give you masculine look. When you open the back panel there is sim card slot and you can only put one sim card in it. Then you have the memory card slot and yes the battery. This was all for the design segment. Now let's move to the next round

Processing power of the BlackBerry Curve 9220

This phone comes with the standard processor and the speed of the phone is quite good when you browse the net. Overall performance of the phone is good. The optical pad which acts as a mouse is pretty good. But it need lit more improvement. Phone comes with integrated 512 RAM (Random access memory). The speed of the processor is approx 600Mhz. so a pretty decent processor. The QWERTY keypad of the phone is also good and the keys are pretty good to press. Truly the blackberry is the only QWERTY phone whose keypad is very nice to hold on while other keypad is just frustrating. The space between the keys are made little wider to give ease of typing the words. At the top you are provided with the 5 buttons which are not like normal keys that project out of the phone. The keys are in level and they are just impetrated with sense of hand. Keys have the function menu and calling and back options. So overall keypad is designed pretty decently but little more finish is required on this keypad.

Storage capacity and Screen size of BlackBerry Curve 9220

Screen size is similar as was in the previous versions. The 2.4 inch screen put up good resolution and video played with clarity. But in my view according to the price point of the phone the screen should be clearer. I mean in some videos I saw screen giving out hi performance. So BlackBerry should look into these directions. The screen is TFT screen and gives good font when running internet. The screen has something in it which gives you the broader view when running internet. Screen is still reflective type which creates problem when viewing the phone screen in the sun rays. And if you increase the resolution then automatically the battery backup of the decreases.

Storage capacity of the phone is around 8GB which is sufficient for this type of phone. Videos of resolution 320X160 are played very in this. So you can keep the videos' in your memory card. Internal memory of the phone is also very good.

Operating system of BlackBerry Curve 9220

This time the BlackBerry has installed the latest operating system of BlackBerry OS 7.1. so the BlackBerry Curve 9220 has a modified and much better BBM service (BBM stands for the blackberry messenger). You have dedicated key for the blackberry messenger on the side of the phone. Device runs the BBM service pretty well and hence you will never lose out the recent updates of your friends. One thing which I wanted to tell is that you can run the normal internet like Rs 100 plan per month net card in this too. Although company does not allow you to do this but still you can do this by installing the opera mini and just changing the settings little bit.

Battery backup of BlackBerry Curve 9220

Battery has given utmost important in this set. As compared to the 1100 MAh battery capacity in the previous version a 1450 MAh battery capacity has been provided. So this is the best thing the blackberry has done with this phone. In this price point this is the best battery backup you get. It lasted for more than 3 days on normal usage and 1 Day with full net usage all the day. So the battery backup of the phone is pretty decent and no further improvement is needed in this directions.

Camera and the music quality of BlackBerry Curve 9220

In day light the camera quality is good. I mean I found the picture quality was pretty decent and in some areas it was pretty good then the normal 12 megapixel digital camera. But the there is no option of autofocus in this. So this is a disappointment here. Secondly you don't have any flash system, in this. So you cannot take better pictures at night. So these two things blackberry should look into to make this more competitive in the market. As, other phone in the market gives you more decent features than this phone. You have dedicated facility of Wi-Fi which allows you to connect your phone with the net and you can easily share your photos with he friends. But this phone lacks 3G facility and hence this is another disappointment from my point of view.

Music quality of the phone is very good and it is up to the mark. The sound is very clear in both loud speaker and in the Headset. The bass effect is in the earpieces and the sound quality is pretty decent. The overall build quality of the ear phone is pretty decent. One thing which is very unique about the phone and I found these very good, when you increase volume then as soon as you increase the volume above then the safe limit. The phone gives you the message that you are exceeding the safe limit and it is up to you to whether increase it further or stick to the safe level. One new thing has been added inn this phone is that FM is added in this phone. Earlier version of phone that is the curve 8520 didn't have the FM radio. A very unusual thing to see but now they included in it.

Price of BlackBerry Curve 9220 in India

Before giving you the price I would like to conclude this article. BlackBerry no doubt is the best phone in this category but they are other companies who are offering the same and more then this features. These features are provided by the other companies in cheaper rates. Blackberry should strive for the better features in this phone with less price pint or with increased number of feature in this phone. Now the price of BlackBerry Curve 9220 in India is Rs 11000/-. It is pretty larger and I thing company should decrease the price by 3 thousand or more. One thing company can do is that they should increase the feature in this phone as already told by me. This is very good but to survive in the market it has to offer some more features at a reasonable rate. Fan following of blackberry is very large and to keep that number increasing they should strive for something different and cheap.

You have other options in this range Like Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos which cost around 10000/-. It has more features then the blackberry pane. Another phone is the Motorola

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