How To Deal With Fear

Many people have a fear of something whether it be a fear of flying, fear of death, fear of an animal or fear of a disease. Fear is a form of worry and people spend most of their life in constant fear of something or other. In this article I will talk about how one can deal with fear.

What is fear

Fears or phobias can be big or small. One may have a fear of simple things like spiders (arachnophobia), cats (galeophobia) or fear of bigger things like fear of death. Some phobias are based on places and circumstances like fear of heights (acrophobia). One may get giddy looking outside a window facing a hill or looking down from an aircraft. Some people live in constant fear of something while for others it happens occasionally. Excessive phobias can cause emotional imbalances and other unpleasant things in people.

3 types of fear

  • The first kind of fear or phobia is simple fear. This is a fear of simple things like fear of birds, dogs, spiders etc. More fears of this kind include fear of jokers, doctors, dentists, surgeons, dark places, heights, elevators etc. Some of these fears are genetic.

  • The second kind of fear is social anxiety disorder. This includes fear of social interaction like fear of being insulted, fear of being judged by people or fear of being rejected by someone. People who are affected by this kind fear rarely have a friend circle and stay alone. As soon as such people are surrounded by people they start fearing about such things. Such people try to reject every social occasion like parties, get-togethers etc. Children who have a tendency to stay alone tend to develop this kind of fear.

  • The third kind of fear is a fear of crowds. Such a person is always looking for running away from congregation of any kind whether it be an auditorium, theater hall, crowded bus etc. Such a person fears assault of some kind within the crowd and feels that he will not be able to step out from the crowd.

    How to deal with fear

    Consulting a psychologist is the only effective way to deal with fears, A psychologist will ask you for age, profession, details of when the fear first started and details of any family history of such fears. The psychologist will also ask you what things your body experiences when confronting the fear, the emotions and your behavior experienced at that time. These questions will provide the psychologist with a solution to the cure. He will also suggest remedial measures that will prevent the fear. To stop fear of something is not easy. One should avoid caffeine, memories and circumstances that help to build up the fear.

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