Semantic Search: Its Advantages Link With Search Engine Optimization

Today, the web world is full of websites: those website needs traffic; how can this possible? Answer is semantic search. With knowledge of semantic search, users use SEO, then it is better for the traffic to their websites. So, in this article, one can explore more about semantic search and how it will be useful to search engine optimization.

What is semantic search?

Generally, basing on the text giving ideas search engines are doing search of content on the web. If we go to web and search for our required information, we simply type the word related to content in google search box.
Then we find:
i)main websites that support the word related to content;
ii) Supplementary websites related to particular word appears while searching.

To explain under this topic, we need just examples. For example, if we type "games" in google search box, we can find not only games websites but also free online games websites. In addition, we get classified games websites. This example supports the above two points. Like this, search engines display the web page on the basis of meaning of words that typed in search boxes. This concept is called conventional search.

But in semantic search, we can search depending on the context of keywords used. That means search engines display the web pages depends on the context of search item, but not depending on the dictionary meaning of the words in search item.

An example that presents to semantic search gives idea about search engines' function. Suppose, we type 'president' in the google search box. Then we get president of different countries, pictures of presidents of all countries and also about the process of electing presidents. This example is enough to understand about semantic search.

In another example, we type 'eath' instead of 'earth' unexpectedly. Then we can observe the web page that informs about the earth. This example is easy to understand about semantic search.

Suppose, we type " what is the height of Mount Evarest?" in google search box. Then, the search engines understands to diplay the information about the keyword "Mount Evarest".

Sometimes, search engines search the keywords on the basis of location from where the user used the internet. For example, if the user type "pc repair" in the google search box, then the person finds the institutes of local and non-local institutes which repairs the pc.

How semantic search affects SEO?

Using SEO techniques, a person have the idea on keywords. semantic search gives idea to a person to prepare the content which rises around the keyword which popularises through semantic approach. So, for user, this is an option to create quality content through semantic search. In semantic search, a person can find meaningful searches. So, it gives boosting to the user so as to find niche keywords. This is the most important SEO technique. Semantic search gives opportunity to users to increase CTR rate and ranking of the content they posted. Google search engine loves users who prepare the content as link based. For example, a user wants to search for 'basics of Physics' , then the user can find 'momentum', 'quantum mechanics' and other topics related Physics in results web page. To be good in SEO techniques, it is must for a user to use keywords that related to his intended keyword.

After entering of semantic search, search engines do not give priority to keywords. Instead they give the popularity to meaning of searched context.This is one of the SEO techniques. Around the searched context, these search engines guess the keywords that are useful to the users. Today, users of internet changes their attitude drastically: so, that shapes semantic search technique by search engines.

How to know strength of semantic keywords on the web?

To know strength of semantic keywords through web, we can use different social media websites on which strength of semantic keywords can be found. Examples for such websites are tweetdeck, social mention etc., In addition, we get knowledge about semantic keywords through twitter search and openbook which related twitter and facebook respectively. Social media websites are important to boost the traffic of the website;search engines consider it as important SEO technique.

Suppose, you require important content on web. Then you can find actual keyword related to your topic using semantic keywords. In other words, you want the information on pc components. Then, simply, you type 'pc components' in google search. After, you can find pc and pc related components, as semantic search technique works on google search engine.
If we say clearly, semantic search by search engine resembles with human knowledge. But, some times it gets difficult. For example, we type "how to save ourselves?" in google search box. Then we can find the results as:
1. to protect ourselves from the atmosphere;
2. to protect ourselves from enemies;
and to protect our status from disaster.
Like this, we can find the results. In these results, we get result pages on web relevant to the answer of the question in different angles. But, to our mind, it understands that we only want to protect ourselves from enemies.

This semantic search enables the users to get information within micro seconds. Search engines works to give correct information depending the context of searched item.

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Search engines, e.g. Yahoo!, Bing, gives more importance to 'Keywords' for page ranking purposes and search results. And on the other hand, Google gives more importance to 'Back Links' for the same. So, its batter to include both 'Keyword' and 'Back Link' method for better SEO result. Keyword highlighting is also usefull for better SEO. Thank you for writing this type of article.

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