Ways To Choose A Right Career

This article explains about the factors that should be considered before choosing a career such as type of personality one possesses, skills, economic background or the existing opportunities. One should be wise enough to choose a right career because this decision affects his life.

Choose a right career for a bright future

A person should consider many factors before choosing his career. He should not choose a particular course just because his friend is choosing it. He should not choose a course by any forceful means either. He should be wise enough to choose his career because he is making a crucial decision in his life. If you are wise enough to choose a right career, then you can flourish or else you cannot achieve your goal in life. If you do not achieve your goal in life, then you would feel miserable forever. Some factors should be considered while choosing while some factors should be ignored such as emotions, friendship or decision of the other person. Do not allow others to decide your career, but decide your career independently after making some analysis. After completing school, you are obviously not matured or experienced enough to decide about your career. So you can borrow advise from somebody. But after you complete graduation, you must be wise enough to decide your career. Do not be inspired or impressed about a particular course by attending a particular seminar or a program. The organizers may speak in a very impressive way, but the particular field may not bring you success, although the career is rewarding. If you are not a right candidate for the particular career, then you cannot be rewarded but on the contrary you can be eliminated. For eg. If you are not good for oral communication and yet you choose marketing job, then you may be terminated by the organization.

The factors to be considered to choose a right career


You must wisely decide your career on the basis of your personality. Many expert authors have classified human personalities into extrovert and introvert personality. Usually the extrovert personalities have the following characteristics. They are outspoken, jovial, outgoing, and express their feelings easily. While introvert personalities are thoughtful, subjective, melancholic and do not express their feelings easily. Some authors have also stated a personality known as 'ambivert' which means that a person can adopt to an extrovert and introvert personality. A person should be able to analyze his personality thoroughly and then decide the type of career that is suitable to him. Usually a person who is an extrovert can be successful in the field of communication, mass communication, media, or as an office manager. A person who is an introvert is usually successful as a researcher, writer, or an artist. If he wants to be a software programmer he may be an extrovert or an introvert and hence he should judge his capacity upon other factors such as software skills, capacity to grasp, etc.


He should be aware of his skills and weaknesses right from his childhood. To know about his strengths and weaknesses properly, he should participate in many activities and hence he can know about himself. Parents should be encouraging in this aspect and should not be overprotective. Many parents hamper their children from participation. For eg. If their child wants to participate in singing competition, then the parents are worried if their child would be appreciated by others or would be criticized by others. They fear that their children should not be criticized by others. But a child cannot access his strength or weakness unless he participates.

Economic background

To certain extent, the student should also consider his economic background. His parents may not be very capable of providing lump sum fees for a course, but yet may be trying very hard to educate the child properly. Such students should understand the problems of their parents. If they are eager to persue a particular course, but if the parents are not eager to provide them the fees, then they should look for an alternative or they can continue with the course when they start earning independently. They should try their best in the process. For eg. If you want to study MBA but your parents cannot afford it after your graduation, then pass your graduation course with flying colors and then apply for a job. When you start earning, then you can apply for an executive MBA or earn money for a particular period and then apply for MBA course when you and your parents can equally contribute. If you are really eager to peruse a particular course, do not crush your dreams but try your best to take up the course. But do not be too hard with your parents or yourself. You can always look for an alternative solution. Or you can look for a course that is relatively cheap and began your career earlier. If you want to study medicine, you may not apply for MBBS degree because you have to spend lump sum money. Hence you can choose a diploma course in medicine and begin your career as soon as possible. With enough experience and dedication, you can climb the peak of your profession.


The course which you want to study may not be available in your town or city. Due to genuine circumstances, you may not be able to leave your town or city. For eg. Hotel management courses are not offered in every city. Under such circumstances, the student should not be disappointed or blame his parents or his destiny for his adversity. Apart from hotel management skills, he may possess other skills also. He can choose his career by accessing his other skills. He may be good in subjects like taxation and hence he can study taxation deeply by applying to a reputed university. Hence he can become a tax consultant.
Hence he should not blame the circumstances around him while choosing his career but look at the available opportunities.

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Author: rana atiq21 May 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Choosing a career is very arduous phase of life. But in my opinion it whole depends and varies from situation to situation. Any body interested to opt the career in which aptitude is strong may not able to opt that owing to lot of circumstances. These circumstances may be affordability of fee, non-availability of concerned school/univ in that particular area, non-availability of coaching teacher/center in particular area etc. It is also debatable that career is game of destiny. What is written in destiny will lead you to go in that direction. But for mental satisfactions, man should try best to opt his intended field.

Author: Gayathri28 May 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Choosing a career is a very crucial stage in life. However many students especially Indian students study or choose a career that a parent chooses. I strongly think that it is your life and its you who will be working and you will be the one affected. Parents do have hopes and dreams for you however they will be happy when you are happy and for you to be happy you need to be passionate and determined. Follow your dreams.

Author: Ankita Sinha28 May 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

gayathri very well said we all must follow our dreams . Dreams are real key to success ,it motivates you enrich your hidden potential and constantly provide u strength to put up the full effort to attain your goals.If you can dream it you can do it so keep dreaming to get what you want in life either its your career goals or some other goals .

Author: Reena Upadhya15 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

One has to carefully decide the career path. A wrong step can lead to the wrong career, and that can ruin a life. Those who are wise will know what to choose from the list available in front of them. Others will listen to advice coming from all the directions which can be confusing at times. It is essential to take some time off and choose the right career which guides life in the right direction.

The first thing to consider is to prepare a list of works that create interest. Do not end up getting educated in an extremely boring stream. Sometimes a person is not able to prepare a list of jobs or subjects that interests him. In such cases, take professional help. They will help to identify all the areas in which the person is interested in.

It is essential to understand that interests and passions are two different things. Only those who are passionate about their work will taste real success. On the other hand, interests can be pursued as a hobby, and not always as a career option. If you have a passion for something, then don't give it a second thought. The career that you are passionate about might not make you rich but will give you contentment in life. On the other hand, while working in lucrative jobs, a person will always end up wanting more. The reason is that these jobs do not fulfil passions. If the aim is to choose a career path that offers fulfilment and success at the same time, then know your passions.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha16 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Choosing any field would not lead an aspirant to success. Prior to the selection of a right career, one should be familiar with ins and outs of the career being undertaken.

One should understand one's personality and strength and weakness. An extrovert type would do well in the profession of Marketing or Human Resources if such streams are chosen in one's management studies. A doctorate degree in Philosophy or in the complex subject of science such as Physics or Chemistry would suit most for the introverts because of their intrinsic nature of seriousness and total devotion. While passion for the subject is essential to achieve success, consistency in the effort would be more important.

The author has included all the vital points so as to help the candidate in landing into the appropriate career.

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