Quality of Education in private technical institutes of India

In this article I have given a brief description about education in a private college. There are numerous points to be seen in private college out of which I have stressed upon some. Also I have given some points to be noted before joining a private college.

Role of self financing institutes in India

Self financing institutes in India are the centres satisfying the huge competition of students for engineering seats. India is a developing country and government cannot give education to all students who aspire to become an engineer. So, self financing institutes play a vital role in achieving the goal "higher education for all" which will be the next motto of government. Almost all the students who have 60 to 90% of marks in science stream mostly enter these institutes through government and management quota seats. This means major population of young youth of India get trained here. Now, the quality of these institutes remains the main cause of concern. The cost of education these institutes are high. Hence a mere degree won't serve the purpose. The value of knowledge that a student have attained after finishing the course remains a determining factor. There are various self financing institutes in India excelling government institutes in imparting knowledge. While some money minded institutes are also there posing a serious threat to student future. Corruption in getting certification and huge fees collected are also threats in a private institute.


The infrastructure of self financing institutes depends upon the source of income to it. Good self financing institutes offer very good infrastructure to students. They do more than required for students. Initially these institutes will have good infrastructure than a new government college. Reason behind it is the need to get approval from AICTE, UGC, MHRD and affiliation to any reputed government university which require good infrastructure. Government colleges need not this approval. So, initially a good private institute is sure to excel government institute. Labs, lecture rooms, computer centres, office buildings, guest houses, sports facilities and transport facilities of a well established Private institute will be better than a government institute. Because funds for a private institute will be used in a proper manner as it is handled by the persons funding the institute itself. While there is a possibility of misuse of funds in a government institute. There will also be proper maintenance of structures.
But huge fee is collected by the institute as donation and other charges. The management seats are sold for a huge sum of money making it a business. More intake of students than required is also a reason to worry. This reduces the quality of education. Hence getting seat in this institute through government quota will be the only hope.


This is the part where Private institutes lack behind to government institutes. The low pay given in these institutes and non-reliability of jobs prompt many teaching aspirants to join government institutes. Also faculty improvement programmes like TEQIP in government colleges make government institutes faculties better than Private institute professors. Very few private institutes have included faculty improvement programmes as part of their institute. Faculties in these institutes are young and dynamic. Mostly HODs and Deans will be retired government professors. Classes will be handled by the young faculties. While instrument purchase and other departmental administrative works will be under retired government professors. These young faculties work in these institutes temporarily and try to go to government institutes. Thus these institutes serve as a good transmission platform. The industrial experiences of the teaching faculty remain low which affects the students. The student s lack in real world knowledge due to poor experience of faculties. But teacher-student relationships are better than in government colleges. Faculties are student friendly as age difference is less and they have just crossed the student life. Student is made to study like 12th exams. Understanding of subject is not given due importance. Affiliated university previous year papers are prepared. Notes are given to memorize. Thus it depends on student to improve his knowledge by using NPTEL, college facilities in developing himself. Projects, implant training, internships are given importance as achievement in these serves as a good advertisement for the college. The faculty recruitment process is also a factor in low quality of education. Regular faculties are recruited following the temporary faculty recruitment procedures of government colleges. Thus M.tech degree holders are recruited as professors and assistant professors in comparison to doctorates of government colleges. The reason being the low salary. Also government allowances and other benefits of a government college are not available to Private faculties.

Student life

Student life in Private in a private institute remains dull. Institutes imply strict rules to bring discipline because any unwanted incident affects the name of the institute. In comparison government college staff are least concerned on discipline. But ragging in private institute is less compared to government institutes. Students are not given freedom to use college funds for celebrations. College organises the functions and students are just participants. While in government colleges students must organise the functions and management remains a spectator. Student problems are given least importance. A more stressed life due to school like treatment by the management. Every Student is watched carefully. Some colleges even spy over students. Strict rules over usage of lab, mobile phones bring discipline but affects freedom. The management implies huge fees on students. But office works are completed in a faster time than in a government colleges.student have to take steps to improve his job opportunities.

Placement and Job opportunities

Placement purely depends on the reputation of the institute. Some institutes engage in some dealings with the HRs of the company to recruit their students. But those jobs remain temporary and the recruited candidates may lose their job. Thus job opportunities for private universities remain less than government universities. More over management skills and extra skills of the students are less than the government colleges. Very few private colleges outperform the government colleges in placement.
If the private institute is a old one,then some of the employees of the company coming for campus interview help the students of these institutes. But new institute students must struggle to get placed. In government colleges students invite the companies. but in private institutes companies must feel to come for placement. Only well established Private institutes achieve in this.

Points to be noted before joining a private institute

1. Certification of the institutes must be confirmed.
2. Reputation of the institute must be noted.
3. Lab and other infrastructure must be seen before joining.
4. Staffs and students of the institute must be consulted.
5. Motive of the founders of the institute must be understood.
6. Previous placement records of the college must be analysed.
7. Do not blindly join institutes based on exhibitions conducted by various organisations. Reality of the institutes must be verified.

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Author: Swati Sharma16 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

A good article has been given by the author, through which some qualities of private institutes have been explained. Private institutes and government institutes cannot be compared much as both can have their own positive and negative effects. As far as private institutes are concerned, their quality depends on the funds they get, while on the other hand, there is a need for adequate funds in the government also. But the most important fact is the quality of training given by the teachers if the training is given in the right way then both the institutes can prove to be better.

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