Simple ways to be happy

Summary: You can learn some simple to be happy by not making comparison with anyone, being happy with whatever you have and enjoying things that you have, understanding philosophy, high thinking, idolizing someone and being simple. Many people are not easily happy because everybody is not lucky to become rich.

Being happy is not always easy

People in the world are not happy although they have all the comforts of life. Many people appear very happy and they are found mimicking and continue happily moving from one place to another. But these people may not be satisfied with their life and may have numerous needs. Many philosophers have stated that happiness is within you and cannot be acquired from external factors. But yet people cannot easily practice this theory. People are often unhappy when they compare themselves with others. The famous economist had said that 'resources are limited but the human wants are unlimited'. Due to this factor perhaps many people in the world are not happy and blissful. Everybody is not lucky to acquire the resources of nature. If a person is not happy for a longer period then he begins to develop various types of illnesses. He becomes unhappy and also makes the people around him unhappy. In this way, this family life gets disturbed. Many people cannot find happiness in any aspects. Most of them think that they would be happy after they acquire lump sum, but again become unhappy due to some factors. To be happy, you must learn how to be happy under any circumstances.

some useful tips to be happy

Stop comparison

Do not compare yourself with anybody in any aspect. This universe is too large to be compared to anybody. If you compare yourself with others, you always feel inferior about yourself unnecessarily. You can compare yourself with people who are less fortunate than you and become happy. You can imagine how unfortunate life can be to some people. You can only imagine that how lucky you are even if you are rich like your neighbor because you are physically fit or if you have a good family. Because you are physically fit today you can strive hard and may become rich like your neighbor tomorrow. Even if you happen to compare yourself with someone, you can think of the strategies to become like them. Many people become restless when they compare themselves with someone and become disturbed.

Learn to be happy with whatever you have

Enjoy with whatever you have. Make effective use of the resources around you. If you are born in a lower middle –class family, then enjoy your life by simple activities such as cooking something special. You can cook something that is simple yet tasty. You can visit some interesting places and enjoy with people chatting. Even beggars on the street sometimes seem to be happy and enjoying. People from slum area are found heartily laughing but not an educated person working in sophisticated offices that consist of AC system. The people who live in modest houses also plan very well about their life. They plan to visit to different places and get together on weekends and enjoy in a possible manner. You can even become happy when you take up little activities like cleaning. When the house looks sparkling clean, you feel satisfied that you have done something.

Understand the philosophy of life

Think from the higher plane of life. Understand the significance of your birth. Even if you do not believe in God, you do not know your origin. Understand the concept of life and death that is so strange and mysterious. Enjoy your life and remember that one die every person dies. If a person is enjoying today, tomorrow he obviously dies and even if he is suffering today, tomorrow he is sure to die one day. Every moment in life is only momentary. Then why does he worry over frivolous issues? He can read wonderful philosophy books so that he can acquire knowledge and wisdom about life.

List down the wonderful memories of your life whenever you are free

you have enjoyed many moments in life but you are not able to recall them during the oddest hours because your mind is trapped by emotional issues. If you list down the moments that you have enjoyed in your life and read them whenever you are free, your mind gets activated and you feel energetic. I always note down the lovely moments that I have enjoyed in the magical Bangalore city. I have noted down the sweet memories that I have experienced in my office, malls, hotels, or even small places that I have visited and I feel energetic.

Idolize somebody

you idolize somebody so that you can be inspired by the strengths of someone. If you maintain a god-like figure then you can make yourself strong against weaker experiences of life and feel happy. You always remember that such people have faced such odd situations in life so bravely and you are disturbing yourself when everything is peaceful. If you read the life history of great men or saints you learn how complicated and sorrowful life can be. In this way, you can learn a great lesson. You can learn many aspects of life that are divine such as forgiveness, mercy, selflessness etc that can bring peace of mind later on.

Be simple

One of the simplest ways to become happy is to be simple. Try and experiment to have a simple mind and a heart like a child. A child is innocent and hence he or she is always happy. Innocence brings you happiness and remembers your childhood days. Try to find happiness with the little things of life just as you found happiness in your childhood days. Try to find happiness with the little things that you have at home and find happiness with whatever amazing things you see around you. In this way you can always be happy.

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Author: Reena Upadhya08 Oct 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

All the tips provided by the author to achieve happiness are beneficial. Happiness is an inner trait. Here are a few more tips.

- Do not make it dependent on anything present in the outside world. We often make happiness dependent on other people or materials. We feel that our near and dear ones will make us happy or that we will attain happiness when we achieve things etc. Such kind of dependency can only bring miseries in life. We need to understand that happiness is present inside us. We don't have to achieve and become happy. We can remain happy and achieve whatever we want.

- Do not let the thought arrive in mind that there is no scope for us to achieve happiness. If we let that thought arrive, we are doing too much damage. We all deserve happiness and we need to understand that it is just a thought away. Create a happy thought and we can become happy.

Author: K Mohan13 Oct 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The simple way to remain happy was well written by the author and what I wish to add is that we must always live for our life but unfortunately, we think and bother more for the others and thus the happiness in our life goes for the task because the worries are invited by us which are not our concern. Let us try to enjoy life in the simplest manner not depending on others. Because happiness is derived and experienced from inside and not the borrowed one. One thing is sure when our children perform well and when we perform something good, our parents feel the much happy phase of life because getting a good name through the children is the greatest gift to any parent. Do not get perturbed with a series of setbacks and no happiness. This is the period when one has to go through the testing of life and when that phase is over bountiful happiness is guaranteed.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Oct 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Happiness is a state of the mind and if our mind works correctly, we will be happy only. But our mind is a very complex entity and how it behaves we never know. So the key to being happy is in controlling our minds.

When we start thinking that whatever is happening is happening for our good only, we will be happy only. But if start thinking that things are not happening as we want, unhappiness starts growing. Accept the things as they come. That will make you happy. Never have high expectations. When there are no expectations. whatever you achieve will make you happy.
A person who is feeling hungry will be happy if he gets a little food to eat. But a person who is not hungry will not be happy even with a plate full of nice and tasty dishes. Happiness depends on the condition of the person also. So always make yourself happy by controlling your feelings and thoughts in your mind.

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