How To Prepare Earlier And Gear Up For A Smooth Admission

The new academic year is fast approaching. Various results are being declared each day. Now the admission to various courses will be on. That will be a time of hectic activity for the students and parents. Starting with the admission application process online or offline, till finally remitting fees and ensuring the admission, the tension has to be experienced to know. This article gives some tips to keep ready, the possible essentials so that much tension and worry can be avoided before admission.

Keep ready and handy all the main documents

Birth certificate
For any admissionthe date of birth is essential. As proof of age and date of birth the commonly accepted documents are the SSC/ X th class passing certificate and/or the original birth certificate. These documents will be available with us ready. Hence take sufficient photocopies and keep them neat and handy.

Certificate and mark list of qualifying exams
Take sufficient number of photocopies of the latest and if needed the previous qualifying examination.. If then, latest examination mark list and certificate is not distributed yet, at least get those readily available. And add the latest when received.

documents proving domicile and nativity
Many institutions/ states ask for domicile certificate or proof showing that the applicant or parent is a resident of the state for so and so period of time. Basedon the requirement, try to get this certificate early as many times it gets delayed. Keep ready any alternative document if that is enough. Some states it is enough if the SSC certificate of the student or parent shows the native place of them as the relevant state. One has to ensure the proper information in this regard.

caste/community/religion /economic status certificate
For those students seeking admission under various quotas,the eligibility of their category is to be proved by documents. Students should arrange for these sufficiently early , as when the admission starts, there will be rush and it gets delayed. Keep sufficient number of photo copies.
Similarly for getting scholarship or financial aid the income status has to be proved. Necessary certificates in this regard should be obtained and kept ready.

Keep copies of admission card of the entrance examinations
This may be necessary only in a few cases, but going through the prospectus the students should keep them if needed.
Students should go through the prospectus or brochure of necessary institutions or entrance examinations and should be ready with any special requirements

Get documents attested
At most places initially they ask for only attested copies before actual admission. Hence get sufficient number of basic documents attested by the head of institution where one last studies d or any other approved official.

Get latest photos of the student
Some institutions may need latest photos of the students. Hence arrange to get latest photo with sufficient copies and keep them in small packets to take out each easily. when needed.

Shortlist the choices

Once the admission process starts and the students has to apply for various choices as they are not sure of the admission, it will be quite helping I they can make a selected shortlist of institutions or courses or branches which they will be ready to accept. For this the students have to go through the previous or earlier years' admission cut offs in different rounds. Then taking cue from that they should arrange a list of their choices in the order of priority with maximum probability. As the process may change very year, the finalisiation should be only after getting the latest criteria.

Visit the web sites of the relevant institutions

To get more specific information about the choice institutions, students may visit the web sites f those institutions and if need, can contact them by email or phone for any more information.

Arrange or provide for funds for fees

Once the admission allotment is finalized, the students nmay have to remit fees before the deadline. Hence they should ensure that money will be available in sort notice .For this one can review the fixed deposits with the banks and getting advice from the bank officials, utilise the one or more with least loss. Then and there they can discuss about any education loan in case needed.

Safekeep and arrangement of all papers

As the original documents have to be handled many times, they should be kept safe and without tear and stain. So if possible they ma be laminated. The documents / copies should be arranged in sets and filed in a few separate folders, easily identifiable. An index can be kept in each folder / file as the first paper so that it can be verified and ensured if all the needed documents are there.


Proper planning, information and keeping needed things ready and handy will make admission a relatively easier and comfortable one. A lot of delay can be avoided. This way. Let this admission be hassle free.

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