The importance of Trees

Trees are the natural resources of earth. Trees are on the 24 hours job every day to assist us. Trees are called as the “Lungs of World”. There are countless benefits of trees. In this article, I focused on various importance and benefits of trees.

Trees are our best friends. They keep our life going on. They serve not only humanity but also birds and animals. They preserve the balance of nature. Following are the importance and benefits of trees.

Produce oxygen

The most essential and major component provided by trees is oxygen. Oxygen is the source of life. Living beings cannot live without it. During the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon-dioxide from air and release off oxygen. This oxygen is used by living beings for respiration. It is the only natural process in which oxygen is produced. It is very interesting fact that the process occurs in those trees which having green leaves i.e. the trees bearing non-green leaves doesn't perform the process of photosynthesis. A mature tree can produce as much oxygen as about 10 people inhale in a year.

Provide food, shelter and other things

Trees are one of the major sources of food. Food is necessary not only for humans but also for birds and animals. Fruits such as mango, apple, orange, banana, etc are come from trees. Plants give roots and vegetables such as potato, groundnut, beet, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, spinach etc. Trees are the natural habitat of various birds, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals. They depend upon trees for food and shelter. Trees produce timber, gum, rubber, paper, pulp, firewood etc. Timber is used for constructing houses, furniture and wooden tools. Firewood is used to cook meals. Trees and plants are the only sources of raw materials for agro-based industries.

Save money and energy

Trees play an important role in saving money and energy. Leaves of trees cool the air by releasing moisture through a process called transpiration. Trees cool the air by direct shade also. Thus, air conditioning costs are lowered in a tree-shaded home. During winter and windy season, trees act as a windbreak and protect us from severe cold and wind. This lowers our monthly electric bills and hence save money as well as energy. Studies have found that patients with views of trees have faster recovery times than those without. Trees in home can increase the property value of home.

Source of medicine

Trees and plants are the sources of medicine. Even various parts of a single plant or tree can be used as medicine. If we talk about "Tulsi" (Botanical name is Ocimum sanctum), each and every part of Tulsi can be used as medicine. Consider an example of a "Neem" (Botanical name is Azadirachta indica). One cannot imagine that a neem tree can provide various benefits and virtues to us. Following are some uses of the various parts of a neem tree:
1. Neem twigs can be used as disposable toothbrushes.
2. Neem oil cake curbs pests, improves the fertility of soil and serves as a nourishing animal feed.
3. Neem leaves are used for skin ailments. Dried neem leaves are put in stored grain, books and clothes to protect them from pests.
4. Neem roots give chemicals to the soil which if absorbed by other plants fortifies them against pests.

Control pollution

Trees trap and hold particulate pollutants like ash, smoke, dust, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide which is injurious to health of human beings. In this way, trees improve the quality of air and hence reduce air pollution. Trees act as a barrier for noise and hence help in reducing noise pollution. Trees hold rainfall and thus reduce the chances of flood. Polluted water is cleaned as it passes through the roots and into the groundwater. Otherwise polluted water may add to the rivers and ponds and pollute them. In this way, trees control water pollution.

Soil conservation

Soil erosion is a form of soil degradation. During rainy and windy season, top most soil of earth's crust remove away and get settled down near the banks of river. When water level increases in the river, requires more space to flow. Hence chances of flood increases. Since, the roots of trees hold the soil firmly. This prevents the soil wash away when raining. Hence, more the number of trees less erosion of soil take place. This leads to maintain the fertility of soil thereby better yield of crops.

Combat Global Warming

The increase of average temperature of earth's atmosphere due to discharge of Greenhouse gases is called as Global Warming. Global warming leads to prolonged droughts, floods, unseasonable rain, hotter in summer and colder in winter. Carbon-dioxide is one of the major greenhouse gases. It is produced due to combustion of fossil fuels, burning of wastes, deforestation, etc. By producing oxygen from the process of photosynthesis, trees fight against global warming.

Maintain ecological balance

Trees are very important in preserving the balance of the eco-system. The important role of trees is that to attract rain clouds. Trees absorb water from their roots and throw into the groundwater. This leads to the increase in the groundwater level. Transpiration helps in maintaining the process of Water Cycle. Food chain is the process in which transfer of food from producers to consumers takes place. Here, trees are the producers. Man and animals are the consumers. It is impossible to complete the chain without producers. In this way, trees play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of environment.


Apart from the benefits of trees, they are the symbols of comfort, dignity, knowledge and adventure. Let us stop deforestation and support aforestation. We should always keep in mind that "Destruction of life is at the root of the destruction of trees". Trees say "Give us the waste and we shall turn into the best".

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Author: Umesh03 Nov 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Nature has provided us many resources like air, water, forests, coal, stones, marble, slates, minerals, rivers, fruit trees, and many other things that helped the humans to survive on this planet for such a long period. Scientific progress started only a few hundred years ago and before that we depended on everything directly on nature. Even today we depend on it as far as the raw material and raw necessities are concerned. Whatever we have made artificially has also got some natural ingredients. Trees are one of the greatest resources for mankind and we had used them for variety of purposes right from burning in the village stove to manufacturing of robust and tough doors or building beams specially in older architectural buildings. The initial aircrafts were having a wooden framework though because of weight concerns it was replaced later with lighter synthetic material. The variety in trees is mind boggling and some of them are so durable and robust that they are still used in making the world class furniture though the prices of these products now is much more than what it used to be in earlier times. Unfortunately mindless cutting of jungles did a big harm to our habitat and we lost a great part of this precious commodity so quickly. Now there are good plantation efforts worldwide and we can hope that jungles would be back to their old glory. It is very important to preserve our trees as they are a source of all positive things in our life including the most vital oxygen. It should be the endeavour of all of us to plant various types of trees in our areas wherever space is available as they will return us much more than the efforts which we do in planting them.

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