How to make your personality appealing

An attractive personality is indispensable to the success and happiness of a person in his life. In this article I have explained and elaborated some of the ways to make your personality appealing and awesome.

The very first impression of an individual always leaves the last impression. The impression can be of attraction or of repulsion. If you can attract and make friends in your life, you have got a significantly higher probability of living longer life than people who fail to make their first and last impression. As a matter of fact, if you can stay connected, you feel comparatively less stress and that is surely a bonus for all the parts of your body. Hence here is a brief look at the ways one can adopt to make his personality attractive and appealing.

1. Eat healthy, stay healthy:

What you eat everyday has a marginal influence on your thinking and your whole personality. Also, maintaining a strict and healthy food habits means a better chance to lead happy and prosperous life. So, get to include as much nutritious foods like fruits, green vegetables, and seasonal drinks as possible. Take lean healthy fat, proteins, grains to get the requisite nutrition and keep yourself sparkled with energy and appeal. Don't forget that eating healthy foods is a key to healthy and appealing personality.

2. Get moving :

Regular movement always imparts proper exercise to bones, muscles and joints and it also helps in proper digestion of the food. If you move about ten thousand steps on a daily basis, you can flood your body with mood – brightening endorphins, helping you to get more fun around. This ensures proper supply of oxygenated blood to every cells and tissues of the body, reinforcing their better and optimal performances. This makes the body healthier and skin even more radiant. Having fresh and shiny face and body is indispensable to the framing of an appealing personality.

3. Stay positive minded :

What runs into your mind throughout the day has a serious effect on the body and its growth too. Hence, in order to achieve an attractive personality, try your best to stay positive minded always. Never let the negative ideas dominate and adversely affect your health and in turn your personality. Get to share your thoughts and emotions with the people you trust like your parents, brothers, sisters and even your friends. Leave the habit of dumping negative feelings and complaints on anyone. Always keep in mind that happiness is contagious and contentment is happiness .Try to focus on your assets, know your weaknesses and strengths and utilise your mind and will power to increase the probability of success in your field. Never forget that that self- esteemed and engaging attitude adds to the attractiveness of the personality.

4. Take sound sleep :

In today's world of rush and heavy workload, people very usually suffer from sleep deprivation. It should always be remembered that a sleep deprived mind can never perform workout with its optimal efficiency and enthusiasm. This will lead to degradation of the quality of your work . In addition to this disadvantage, sleep deprivation triggers the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, which favours accumulation of fat , particularly around the waist. Hence, always ensure that you get sound sleep. For this if you have to change your sleep habits, never hesitate. Keep your bedroom free from noise, remove television and laptops from the bedroom to promote your healthy and sound sleep.

5. Lead a routined life :

Leading a routined life keeps the biological clock of your body well tuned and working afresh. This will lead to proper functioning of the body organs and hormones to keep you ever refreshed and stress free. Develop a a routine for yourself and stick to it strictly. Add a proper place for exercise, workout and entertainment in the schedule. Do not work late night and get to wake up early in the morning. Note the significance of the famous saying which says that early to bed and early to rise , makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Leading a routine life definitely is indispensable to the development of an appealing personality.

Conclusion :

An awesome and attractive personality requires that you keep your body, mind and heart well connected and well tuned. A sound mind always resides in a sound body . So always ensure that you do your best to keep the body sound and stress free. Never let your odds and tensions dominate your behaviour and personality. This is a clue to awesome personality and a happy life.

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Author: Reena Upadhya06 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has provided five tips to improve personality and make it appealing. Personality is not permanent. It can be changed. A few tips adopted can improve it and make it more appealing.

Here are two more tips to make personality more appealing-
We need to have a point of view. Our personality does not seem appealing to others when we do not have a perspective. Thus, to improve personality, it is important to lead the conversation by having strong opinions. Not having opinions can make our personality dull. The conversation also becomes boring and tiring. Thus, we need to have a perspective on everything.

Maintain uniqueness. When we try to mould ourselves, so that we get accepted easily, it usually does not work. To have an appealing personality, we need to be who we are. We cannot afford to play the role of someone who we are not. Our uniqueness itself makes us interesting.

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