Education System In India- Features And Drawbacks

In this article the features of prevailing system of education in India is discussed. Though this we are able to understand the flaws in the current system and new steps can be taken into account when it comes to improve it.Through this article we can know what are the needs of education and the prevailing system of education will be more clear. The points provided can act as guidelines for amendments to improve the current systems and provide an idol system for all.

In this article we will put some light on the current education system of India.


Our country India has always been famous for gaining education since the Vedic period. The dynasties which ruled this land of knowledge were taking more care of the education and giving knowledge to the world. Due to this India was esteemed high in the eyes of the world and even the foreigners of that time were interested in gaining knowledge from this rich country. Therefore from all around the world people came to India and gained a variety of knowledge which they spread all over the world. Due to this India was given great recognition throughout the world and ancient universities in India were famous for imparting knowledge.

Change in the system:

Until the 17th century India was considered to be the richest country in the world. But due to the arrival of the foreign colonizers and the wrong policies of the then rulers, India lost almost all its richness wealth wise as well as knowledge wise. The colonizers (English, French and Portuguese) were clear in their approach. They knew that if they want to gain full profit from India they have to befool the people. For this they entirely changed the education system and made it out of the reach of common peoples. Even the rich ones were in less numbers and they never considered the new government as their enemies.

Post independence period:

After the independence was won the leaders and the government gave education huge priority because it was the only way to mend the rotten down economy. Educated people will know how to carry their responsibilities and how to improve the condition of the country. For this various systems and schemes were included to give education to all. And now even though not all but a major portion has become literate.

Prevailing education system:

The modern education system has been based on one formula: 'cheap, compulsory and common education to all'. Even people are able to decide by their conscience that what way of education will be best suited for them. But still there are many people who know nothing about words and literacy. So they are in the most of the need to get a proper education. It is needed to provide education to all because other nations are way ahead in the field of education. It's all in the hand of the government that what should be the exact type of system in which education for all is secured. And even the government has taken great measures to increase the level of education.

The main features of modern education system in India are as follows:
  • A system of compulsory education to all children up to the year of 14. Under this age all children must be given education in any government or private college.

  • If any child is forced to do any other ob apart from being educated the person involved in such act will be treated as per law.

  • After gaining the primary education a child can be given secondary education and passes high school (10th) and inter(10+2).

  • For providing this level of education both the central and state governments are involved through their boards made for this purpose.

  • There are also private boards who conduct high school or intermediate exams.

  • After their 10+2 a child can pursue bachelor, master and other specialization degree in many fields of their choice.

The above points appear to be simple but there are any flaws in this system as well.

Drawbacks of the modern system:

  • The major drawback of the prevailing system of education is that it is not easily affordable. Today in India more than 37% people are living below poverty line. So they can't afford education even at primary level.

  • The government schools have not been able to perform as expected and they don't possess a good image among people.

  • The next option is the private institutions who give degrees from private to post graduate. But they are very costly an also the admission procedure is too complicated for common man to access.

  • People in some parts of the country are still conservative and apprehend modern system of education.

  • The privatization in all sectors is the major drawback.

  • There is a craze among people for some particular courses while some courses with equal opportunities are simply rejected. This has led to the business of coaching as there are more aspirants than seats available in some institutions and for some courses.

  • Also there are some steps taken by the government which tend to promote a particular field and are set back for some students.

To put the light on the last point I would like to drag your attention towards the new step taken by the government to make class 10th board (high school) optional in CBSE boards. While the students from the other boards of the same class find themselves cheated and find there certificate of not much importance. Though there is a provision of home exam in 10th in CBSE it is almost useless.
The second step needed to be mentioned are few steps taken to modify the prevailing system of admission for B.Tech through IIT-JEE, AIEEE and some states have been merged together with more weight age to board exams of 10+2. Due to this the coaching classes may grow in numbers for 10+2, and JEE tests separately. Also there is not full control over cheating in board exams in some states and in some boards.

Steps to improve the current system:

Following steps can be taken to improve the current education system and bring it in everyone's reach:
  • The government should take steps to increase the number of primary schools so that people of each village can get education easily.

  • There should be more emphasis given on adult education as it is necessary to teach the parents and guardians first so that they become keen towards there ward's education.

  • The role of the private institutions should be made restricted and so that people don't depend too much on them. In this way they will not be taking high amount of fees as they want.

  • The condition of the government colleges and institution should be raised to a reasonable level.

  • New curriculum should replace the old ones so as to provide latest knowledge to students.

  • Education loans should be made available easily so that even poor students can afford high level of education.

  • There should be strict laws regarding the cheating and coaching mafias.

  • Also the system of education should be made free of corruption.

  • Everyone should be given equal opportunity without discriminating on the basis of rich and poor or on the basis of gender.

  • Especially girl's education should be given topmost priority.


The conclusion that we can draw is that even in the modern time India can be given back its status of a wealthy knowledge full land full of ethics and moral beauty. The only step to be taken is to improve ourselves and there is a need of strict laws to appreciate the good ones and to punish the wrong ones whatever the field is. The answer lies within the question. How to improve the system of education? And the answer is "Education". The only way to improve education is education.

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Author: Prakhar Raghuvanshi27 Jun 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks buddy for your compliments and support. All the members in ISC need such complements from co-members so that they are encouraged to post quality contents.

Guest Author: seenu25 Oct 2013

This is a good article on the education system in India. It covers all the various aspects.

Author: Chitra28 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 20

The points laid down by you are good and hope those get implemented soon. However I would like to add few points from my side as well for the improvement of Indian educational system.

1. Our educational system is now a burden for the students in the form of its vast syllabus. We learn many things which we really do not use in our life later. What is the point of learning such things. Can't the education department take some necessary steps to take out those unwanted topics or least important topics from the syllabus so as to give a relief to the students?

2. It is a common rule of India that we all have to know the law of the land. But where do we get to study these laws? I think it has to be included in our syllabus and is a very must thing to be done. Many people in our society are been tortured today due to the ignorance of law. Similarly certain small crimes are done without understanding it is a crime. We need to put and end to this situation as ignorance of law is not an excuse. I think school time is the best time to teach one the basic laws of a land.

3. Something has to be done by the educational department legally against the parents who force their kids to study always and does not allow them to play. Many parents these days are behind status and is making the life of students competitive. They send the kids to various tuition centers in addition to school, this is a burden to the student. Moreover when you look upon a studious student as your competitor, you develop that habit in future as well. Teach them love than to compete with each other. Let them compete with their previous records instead. I think all educational institutes should stop praising the studious ones, it will affect the other students badly.

4. Our law has made it compulsory for students up to 14 years of age to attend schools free of cost. That is a nice move but the law also need to check whether it is been implemented properly. Making a law is of no use if it is not followed by many.

5. After grade 10, if the schools or colleges is only till the afternoon, it enables students to get into part time jobs. This fetches them an income and will divert their mind from getting spoiled to earn. When they work they understand the need to learn more and only then they will have a career growth, this makes them study better. This will also help the poor students to continue their studies as they get to work after studies. It is a common practice followed in western regions, if we can adopt many features from them, why not this valuable and useful one too?

Author: Prakhar Raghuvanshi09 Dec 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I really agree with you when it comes to the improvements suggested by you. The most important one is the last one. It is necessary for students and teenagers to develop some skills of their own before entering the real world. They should be given appropriate time to work part time so as not only to earn money but to earn a much more needed think i.e. approach towards people and how to deal with them.

Author: Swati Sarnobat03 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

The system of Indian education is really the best. The Education Board really prescribes quality education for a populated country like India. But due to the over explosion problem, India experiences problems such as poverty, corruption etc and hence they cannot provide quality resources to the children. Indians are intelligent and the syllabus is based on ancient Vedic system. Indians really learn a lot but they cannot get the necessary scope due to poverty. To improve the implementation of education and to provide adequate resources to the students, problems such as corruption and poverty should be nipped off. Liberalization was one of the strategies to develop a nation and hence India should improve trade relations with everyone. In this way, they can become affluent and devote to the education system of India.

1. The selection criteria for appointment of teachers should become stringent.
2. The reservation quota system should be eradicated.

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