Means of Communication

Man cannot live alone in this world. We want to share knowledge and ideas with others which is only done through communication. Means of communication act as a medium to propagate the communication. It is the crucial part of mankind’s social life. In this article, I focus on some important means of communication like newspaper, letters, radio, television and internet.


The sending and receiving messages/ideas from one place to other is called communication. In simple words, it is the exchange of ideas, facts and opinions and the medium required for it is called “Means of Communication". Modern science has achieved wonders. Development of science and technology has led to many new ways of means of communication. As someone has rightly said that, science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf and limbs to the cripple. In present century, modern means of communication have made the world into a small village. It plays a key role in our life. No business can exist without it. We can connect with our relatives, friends and the world within few seconds.


Newspaper is the printed source of information. It is one of the cheapest and oldest means of communication. We welcome newspapers daily with the dawn of the day. They are a sort of a mirror which reflects current happenings and movements. There are two types of newspaper, one is the political newspaper and other is the economical. They bear advertisements, too. If a person has reading as a hobby, he/she can enjoy very much with the newspaper. Reading newspaper doesn't require electricity and hence save energy. But, newspapers are not flexible because when something happens we can't read it until the next day.


There are two types of letters, one is Formal letters and other is Informal. The letter written to college, school, business or any institution (private or public sector) is called formal letter. Formal letters are still widely used for complaint, suggestion and informing purpose. The letters used between friends and relatives are called as informal letters. Nowadays, informal letters are outdated because of the presence of other advanced means of communication such as telephone and internet. Everyone can use this facility very easily since there is no need of any specific device. The recipient of the letter can maintain the physical record of the letters.


Radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi. It is an auditory device. It is easy to operate and have low cost. The radio broadcasts the latest local, national and international news. Apart from the news, it is an important medium of useful and interesting leisure time activities. We can listen to cricket commentaries, latest and classical music, dramas, stories, agricultural information, important announcements by government, weather reports, speeches and stories. Radio is best for proper awareness of adult education and family planning among people. So, it is boon for both literate and illiterate. Generally, train drivers, police, and industrial workers use radio to communicate.


Television (TV) was invented by John L.Baird. TV brings the eye and ear together and overcome the craze of radio. TV now becomes a family member of our home. It is one of the most powerful and useful means of communication of modern age. It is the source of education and entertainment. We can watch latest and classical movies, live cricket matches, serials, reality shows, etc on TV. We cannot forget the contribution of Discovery and National Geographic channels. News channels play a key role to communicate the government and the people. The people can show its satisfaction or discontent with the government's policies with the help of the news channels.


Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. We can talk to people who are away from us by using telephone and mobile phones. Mobile phones provide SMS (Short Message Service) service also. This helps us to pass on and receive urgent messages. We can talk to any person in different cities and even in different countries with the help of STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) and ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) calls. But telephones are not ideal. We cannot carry telephones, when go outside from home. Mobile phones have overcome this disadvantage. They help us to communicate with others anytime and anywhere.


Internet has brought people of the world together and brought about a revolution in the field of means of communication. It is the most expensive but fastest means of communication as compared to others. Due to the use of internet, we can create paperless communication. The Electronic mail (e-mail) is a method of sending messages from one computer to another. The facility allows individuals and groups to communicate with one another. It is fast, simple and efficient. It is widely used in between individuals, institutions and businesses. Because of entering of social networking websites such as facebook, twitter and orkut, the use of e-mail is decreasing especially among youths. These allow us to connect with our fellows in creative and attractive way. We can communicate with not only friends and relatives but also strangers. In this way, paperless communication indirectly reduces deforestation.

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Means of communication

This article deals with the common means of communication like postal services, telegram, telefax and telephone. We can individually use these services as a means of communication. But if we have to communicate to the people at large in society then radio, television and newspaper is used. A computer with internet connection is an another advanced means of communication.

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