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Review on the best health product for children

In this article, I have explained the important health drink "Horlicks". This article will give the information about this health drink. This article will be helpful to the mothers who quest for healthy food for their babies.

Generally, children loves to eat chocolates very interestingly. A new born baby sucks mother milk. When the baby grows it needs healthy food. For that mother gives forex and cerelock for the baby up to 1 year. After a new product special made for one year completed children. That is horlicks.

Specialty of horlicks:

Horlicks has complete nutrition and it can be digested easily. For health and hygiene of children, horlicks gives iron, iodine and DHA nutrient elements to children. That impact on the all-round development of a child. For the strength of nerves in body and brain, vitamin B6, B12 are contained in horlicks. Mainly, Junior horlicks is designed under the guidelines of WHO to provide 100% nutrients to children. Junior horlicks made for two stages. One stage is for up to 3 years and second stage is from 4 to 6 years.

Ingredients in Horlicks:

Horlicks is made by nutrients to make the children as vital. Horlicks contains ingredients for:
a)Development of nerves in brain are iron, folic acid and iodine;
b)Physical growth and development are Calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, Pantothenic acid and proteins;
c)Providing energy are Carbohydrates, sugar, mono and poly unsaturated fotty acid and cholestrol;
d)To increase immunity are vitamin C, Zinc, vitamin E;
e)It contains natural flavours also.

Here one thing to remember that Horlicks is not substitute for the mother milk. It just assists the daily diet to the baby.

How to use Horlicks?

For preparation of drink mixed with Horlicks properly, a particular methods to be followed. They are:
a)Before preparing drink, we have to take little heated milk;
b)We have to pour three spoons of horlicks powder in that milk make it as paste;
c)After, stir the paste in a cup of hot or cold milk
This is enough to make Horlicks. Children takes this drink happily and asks some more if we do like above.

We have already say about two stages in Junior horlicks will be available in the market.

What is the different between these two stages?

a)Stage1 will be useful for children to digest the food easily. For only that purpose, stage1 is used as substitute for digestive drops and syrups used before taking it to home. Mainly, stage1 is used for toddlers.
b)Stage2 is made for pre-schoolers to three types of nutrients. They are:
a)Power vitamins include B6, B1, B2 and niacin used for energy releasing;
b)Calcium, vitamins D and K and magnesium for physical growth;
c)Iron, iodine, folic acid, chlorine, vitamin C for strengthening nerves in brain system:brain development;

Which is the best healthy drink?

This question rises in the mind of every mother. To get the answer for this question, she has to quest which nutrition is deficient in her child. Depending on that, she has to choose the best health drink which suits to her baby. For example, Horlicks promises if their product is used then the child will become "taller, stronger and sharper". On other hand, Complan says that their product contains 23 vital nutrients with 100% milk protein. So, this is the way the products advertise themselves. Choice is in the hands of mothers only.

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