List of top 10 technological devices and programmed based contents for this season

Check out the latest top 10 positions of various fields of devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones, storage devices, games, apps etc., which are provided by reviewing various other websites and provided the best of them in an orderly manner. This article may help those people who are intended to be publicized through their products.

Present day life is trending out to be outstanding with technology and multimedia that have been introduced in the products like personal computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc., this article provides some top 10 items among their category which are presently having their top hand in the society.

The people of these days do a lot of surfing over the internet for to find a suitable product which exactly suits them. They finalize a product after checking the reviews, specification and advices from the experts that are provided in various sites of the web.

The following information is in a similar way, which gives the list of top trending devices, which are provided after verifying various other sites in the web and listing them in an average position by each site.

List of top 10 Desktops:

Though the present day people are using various technological laptops, yet the demand to the desktops have not been lowered due to the work and ability that this does than any other device. There have been many variety models of the desktops that are available in the market, in which based on the performance and design, the GS thunder is been given the importance and after this, the places are filled by Dell, HP and Lenovo. The list of them is provided below with their full names,

1. Cyber Power GS thunder 3000SE
2. Dell Precision T1600
3. Main Gear Shift Super Stock
4. HP Omni 27
5. Lenovo think centre edge 71
6. Lenovo think centre M71Z
7. Asus IT2410 IUTS-B018C
8. Alienware X 51
9. Falcon Northwest Match IV
10. Apple Mac Mini(thunderbolt)

List of top 10 Storage devices:

Primarily with the floppy's the storage has been started with Bytes,KB then MB, GB and presently the size of storage is available in the range of Trig a Bytes(TB's), by which the external storage can be saved without making some old ones to be discarded. Although the memory space of the devices like laptops and desktops is comparatively large, these are also equally used in the way of secondary storage so that the loss of the information can never be happened. The list of the top storage devices are as follows,

1. Adata Nobility NH-03
2. Hitachi turbo mobile pro
3. WD my book essential 3TB
4. Silicon power armor A80
5. Sigate Goflex Slim 320GB
6. Silicon Power Stream S10
7. Sigate Free Agent Goflex 1.5 TB
8. WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB
9. Buffalo Mini station HD-PNTU 3 150GB
10.Adata classic CH11 1TB

List of top 10 Laptops:

There is a rapid growth in the people, who are very busy and need to be connected with their work at any instance. So, for them the companies have been struggling very hard to bring out an user friendly devices with much better options than expected. In the similar fashion, the Dell has been leading all over these years and in the following also it can be said that it stands first with the new Dell XPS which is launched recently. The others among these category are, HP,Acer, Lenovo, Apple etc., as mentioned below,

1. Dell XPS 15Z
2. HP NV17 3D
3. Alienware M14X
4. Lenovo Idea Pad Y 570
5. Acer Aspire Timeline X5830TG
6. Lenovo Think Pad X1
7. Dell Wostro 3350
8. Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 420S
9. Apple Mac Book Air 11
10. Dell XPS 14Z

List of top 10 Tablets:

It can be said that the people like for learners, students, business people, the friendliest devices are the tablets which have been transforming the age from heavy laptops to the light weight tablets. These are getting popular due to its easy access, storage, usage etc., the features of these type of gadgets are developing from one product to the other. Among these type, the primary model is as commonly the Apple's iPad which is launches as a revolution to the fields of tablets. The other companies have also been competing with their ultimate features among them the Samsung, Sony are the major. The list of them is as given below,

1. Apple iPad 3
2. Apple iPad 2
3. Samsung Galaxy tab 750
4. Asus E pad Transformer
5. Sony Tablet S
6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
7. Acer Iconia Tab A501
8. Motorola Zoom
9. Acer Iconia Tab A500
10. Blackberry Play Book

List of top 10 Smart Phones:

At the start of the introduction of the mobile phones, they pertain to make a general call with their voice, but now it has all been changed with the introduction of the Smart Phones, their development can be considered as a transformation to the modern generation in their field of voice call to the present day video call over mobile phones. The ultimate field of competition has been noticed during the past year is the present field of Smart Phones by using them, a person is now in a position to tackle the entire processes which he want. These are due to the new features and latest OS developments.

Throughout the year, Apples iPhone 4s is the leading one but at the extreme it has been fallen to the second position due to the most amazing phone by the HTC which is One X, which has thrown all the phones behind. Samsung is trying to compete with them and has just introduced Galaxy S3, and to the future it would be the leading phone, while to the present it's HTC. The Nokia's demand has been fallen over these years and it just got the 5th position.

The top 10 phones are listed as follows,

1. HTC One X
2. Apple iPhone 4S
3. Samsung Galaxy S2
4. Motorola Razr
5. Nokia Lumia
6. Black Berry
7. Samsung Omnia W
8. HTC Radar
9. Nokia Lumia 710
10. Nokia E6

List of top 10 Mobile Apps:

For using the mobile phones effectively and making them worth, the Apps are important. As many things to be done by the phones, tablets are performed by these direct applications only. These are generally downloaded from the App store that pertains to the respective device. Among the various applications, the major of the top Apps are filled by the social messenger apps and then the online storage Apps like Drop Box. The next of them are the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the list is provided as follows,

1. Whatsapp
2. Drop Box
3. Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Pulse
6. Burp
7. Zomato
8. Facebook Messenger
9. Foursquare
10. Launcher Pro

List of top 10 PC Games:

There is not only the development in the field of the gadgets, but also the games that are being played from the PC, from a normal 2D game, the preset games have been transformed to the 3D games with much graphic options that makes the player to the realistic environment. The major types of games under demand are listed below,

1. Portal 2
2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
3. Dead space 2
4. Dirt 3
5. The Witcher 2
6. Fifa 12
7. Dead Island 2
8. Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
9. Limbo
10. Crisis 2

In this way, every technological and software operated devices have been competing with each other to be listed top among their particular categories. The other point is that, these are not the permanent list and there would definitely be some manipulations as time is progressed, but presently these are the top nudge among its fields.

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