Tips To Score Well In The New Pattern Of GRE And New Features Introduced

In this article you can find the important tips which will help you crack the new GRE. GRE pattern was changed from August 2011 and the new pattern has been in use since then. The tips in this article will help you prepare well for the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing sections of the new GRE.

Features in the new format of GRE

The following are the new features in the revised GRE format
  1. Skip questions: The student can skip the question in the new format which was not possible earlier. But this facility is limited to questions in one section only. The student can skip through all the questions in a section, but has to mark all the questions in the section before proceeding to the next section.

  2. Question link list: In the new format, a student has access to a question list which displays all the questions in that section. This list will help the students to jump directly to a particular question. This list will also help students to understand which questions are yet to be answered and which questions are already marked by the student.

  3. Calculator: In this latest format of GRE, a calculator will be available to the students who are taking the exam. An icon showing the calculator will be available and the student can make use of an online calculator as and when he requires it. This feature is one of the most important and relieving feature introduced in the GRE. In the previous formats, students had to manually do small calculations which wasted a lot of time

  4. Editing of answers: Earlier, a student could not return to the question after answering. But in the new format, one can edit his answers at any given point in time. But again this facility is limited to questions of the same section. This feature can be used by the question link list facility mentioned in point 2. A student can browse to the particular question using the link list and edit his answer. He can either modify his marked answer or unmark his answer based on his requirements.

  5. Scoring system: Maximum score in old GRE was 1600. In the new format of GRE, the maximum sore is 340. In each of the sections, namely Verbal and Quantitative, the maximum score earlier was 800. Now it has been changed to 170. Mininum score initially was 400. Now, the minimum score is 260. Analytical Writing measure is kept at the same scoring range from 0 to 6.

  6. New question types: The new format of GRE has come with the introduction of a number of new question types. Some of the new types are tet completion, sentence completion, sentence equivalence, etc

Useful website for revised GRE preparation

The following bookmark link will be extremely helpful for your revised GRE preparation.
Revised GRE preparation tips
The above link contains all important information related to the new revised format of the GRE. It includes some very useful tricks to study properly for various sections of the GRE.

Tips to score well in Verbal section

  1. Concentrate on reading comprehension questions and practice a lot of questions of this type. A very high percentage of questions are asked on this question type and your preparation for this question type will help you score very well in the overall Verbal section. Start preparing for RC questions as early as possible

  2. Improve your vocabulary. Implement all the steps required to build your vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary will pay very good dividends in the long run. A good vocabulary will help in all the entrance exams. Not just in exams but in daily life, your command over the English language will improve with a strong backing of vocabulary. So start taking steps to improve your vocabulary right now.

  3. No need to mug up Barron's wordlist. Instead of learning all the difficult words in the Barron's worldlist, you can concentrate more on understanding the words usage. The new format is changed so that students need not have to waste long hours in mugging up words that they are never going to use in their daily life.

  4. Practice all the Verbal question types only when you have a very good understanding of different words and have built a strong vocabulary. It is advisable that you begin practicing only when you reach a certain confidence level in using various words of the Rnglish language.

  5. For Indians, Verbal section is more difficult than Quantitative section. So dedicate a lot of time for Verbal section preparation. More the time you give for Verbal preparation, much better marks will be scored and you will have a definite edge while applying to US Universities and other Universities.

Tips to score well in Quantitative section

  1. Quantitative section is comparatively easier than the Verbal section, but one must practice as many questions as possible. Although you can give less time to Quant preparation compared to verbal, but make sure you don't ignore this section completely. I have seen people concentrating only on Verbal preparation and scoring very less in Quant sections. Make sure something like this doesn't happen to you

  2. Make use of calculator in a smart way. Since this feature is something new for GRE exam takers, you must be well prepared and thorough with the usage of calculator. You can use GRE online tests and tools to have a grip on the usage of calculator. Make sure, you are well aware about using this new tool else you will waste a lot of time learning its usage on the spot.

  3. Compile a revised GRE study material file which will contain all the practice questions for Quantitative section. You can just browse through the questions every now and then to be in touch with all the question types. This will help you considerably to improve your score

  4. The Quant section has new questions based on frequency distribution and statistical analysis. These questions are most likely questions and make sure you have complete understanding of these questions so that you will not lose marks in these questions.

Tips to score well in Analytical Writing section

  1. There are two question types in the Analytical Writing section of GRE – Analyze an Issue and Analyze an argument. Each question type has different requirements. Make sure you read carefully and answer correctly.

  2. Read the argument and the issue very carefully. Understant all the requirements thoroughly. Only after careful reading of the question, begin writing your answer.

  3. AWA section comes first while taking GRE even before the Verbal and Quant sections. You will be very nervous while writing answers to these questions. So, try to use some relaxation techniques before starting this section.

  4. Use a very good starting sentence in your essays. Starting and ending paragraphs must be very well compiled compared to the body. So, make sure you have a very good start and a very good end to your essays. You will definitely score very well in this section

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