How To Apply For YouTube Partnership Program?

This piece of item has the full details of what YouTube expects to know about you when you apply for the YouTube programme. This also enlightens you with the advantages and disadvantages of being a YouTube partner as well as how much worth it is to be a partner. This will prove to be useful before putting in the application for becoming a YouTube partner.

What YouTube expects in your application?

When you apply for the YouTube Partnership, the YouTube would like to know regarding the necessary information pertaining to your identity, as for example what is it that portray your videos the best. Your company name including your title of job and site etc, your country, the first and last name, and your birth date.

How the application is processed by YouTube?

The application under process asks of the standing of your account such as the kind of the content you are producing, the quantum of videos uploaded its average length etc. In the application processed, you are mostly likely to be asked as to the status of your account like the kind of content you producing, the amount of videos you have uploaded, the average length of your videos, how many videos you are uploading and so on. Just a general idea from the YouTube just intends to be known to them as to what the type of a person you are. They would be very much curious to know whether you are continually doing your work or not. You will have to prove you have brighter views turning to be an asset for them.

YouTube expects your content to draw maximum of audiences

The application for the YouTube Partnership program would expect you to feed them on with as many of information as is possible signifying your content to draw in a broad spectrum of audiences. This is juncture wherein you have to prove yourself in the best of light. Let it be known to YouTube of your wherewithal and how your content will draw in a plethora of people. Sounding confident in your application would go a long way in convincing the YouTube Company to repose faith in your capabilities.

How to get your application accepted

You will never find anywhere as to the clues how the YouTube accepts partnership applications because it has disclosed it nowhere its requirements how will you be accepted into the partnership program. The only specifications are to meet a few of the predetermined measuring yardsticks consisting of but not limited to the quality of your video contents, videos views and the number of subscribers and so on.

The people concerned say you need the minimum of a 1000 subscribers and over a lac of video views to be accepted into this program. But to tell you the fact, I know my fiends to have been accepted into the partnership program with less than 150 subscribers. It depends totally on what the type of channel you are having as well as what the quality of your videos is. To cite an instance in point, the channels of 'how to make money' have a propensity to contain spammy and sketchy contents making YouTube strict with such channels. Applying for the YouTube Partner Program.

How to log in to apply?

Go to by login to YouTube. Your account details would be quickly scanned by YouTube and if you stand a fair chance of being accepted into the partnership program, the site will ask you to complete an application. If have no fair chance, they would ask you to come again later on. YouTube takes some days to come back to you after the date you apply for. You can't apply again sooner if your application has once been disapproved.
When you try to apply, YouTube will quickly scan your account details. If you have a decent chance of being accepted, you will be prompted to complete an application.

If you have a small chance of getting accepted they will warn you to come back and apply at a later time.
It should only take a few days to hear back from YouTube after you apply, and if your application is declined, you cannot re-apply for a certain period of time.

How to Improve the chance of acceptance

There's no guaranteed method of your getting accepted into the program yet some things you can ensure to improve your chances from your level are being given below:
  • Create quality videos loaded with information of greater uses. The lighting should be excellent and the audio must be clear.
  • Splatter your channel with a good theme. The videos posted must be related to the theme lent.
  • Don't have copyright clips of movies or music in your videos.

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