Fitness tips for students

It is necessary for students to remain physically fit and mental fitness depends on it. If a student has a healthy body, he will develop a healthy mind which is good for studies. It is not necessary to join Yoga or gym classes to remain healthy. There are a number of activities that one can do to remain fit. In this article I will discuss fitness tips for students.

Why to remain fit

Smartness is related to fitness and vice versa. It is important to remain fit to appear smart. This is because one appears smart only when the body is fit without any extra fat or flab. Nobody can state that an obese person looks smart. However not just for appearance, one should remain fit for a healthy body too. It is important to exercise to remain fit. But this does not mean that it is essential to join a gym or yoga class. Exercise keeps the body fit and a student can exercise at home too. There are a number of activities that one can do along with exercises to remain healthy. One of them is to watch what one eats and drinks. Here are the tips in detail.

Avoid junk food

Many students are addicted to junk food. Junk foods make the body obese. Therefore avoid junk food to remain fit. Don't use too much oily stuff in foods. Excess oil gives birth to fat. Students should Include lot of fruits, milk and curd in the diet. Breakfast should be light, oil free and healthy. Fruits make an excellent breakfast for students as they light and increase brain power. Add a variety of fruits to breakfast as different kinds of fruits have different kinds of vitamins. During lunch always take some dal and curd. Eat light at night as one usually goes to sleep after dinner without any workout giving rise to fat. An excellent way to reduce fat is to drink some lukewarm water with lemon added in it first thing in the morning.


There are a number of exercises that can be incorporated into the life of students. It is seen that many students, especially girls are concerned about the size of their tummies. To reduce this, students can do the upper middle and the lower abs exercises. For this, lie on a hard surface and slowly raise your upper body by 90 degrees. To reduce the fat on the sides, one can do side crunches. For this stand straight and bend your body first to the right side and then back to the central position. Then slowly bend it to the left side and vice versa. This burns fat.There are a number of such exercises that one can do. Do a Google search or contact a trainer. If the student has a physical problem or injury, the opinion of a doctor has to be taken before starting any kind of exercise. Fort best results add brisk walking as an exercise. No efforts are required in brisk walking and this is very effective in burning fat. If a student/teenager is able to do brisk walking for at least 20 minutes daily morning, he will remain fit.


Swimming is an exercise which many people enjoy. These days students are also given swimming classes. Swimming exercises the entire body and is very effective. The body gets into shape through swimming. If the student goes for swimming classes even 2-3 times a week, he will stay fit and in shape.

Dancing and Sports

Many teenagers and love to party/dance. Dancing is an activity man students enjoy. It is pleasurable and also cuts down the fat if done regularly. A student can, during his spare time, switch on the music of his choice and dance as he likes a few times a few minutes daily. Another thing a student can do to cut down fact and remain fit is to play sports. Many students love to play sports. It is both fun and exercise to them, the way dancing is. If one love sports, one should play outdoor sports as they burn more fat. Basketball,Football, Cricket, Badminton etc are ideal sports for students. Sports improve both the mental and physical well being of students.

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Author: Swagatika Pattanaik04 Jul 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Students need a healthy body and mind. As they need to understand and memorize a lot so that in future they can develop new things and productivity work.
So they should follow some things.
Do not get tired by doing any kind of hard work, like excess playing game or doing excessive exercise. Eat healthy and nutritious food instead of just filling the stomach with junk and fried food, or else you will feel weak and lazy.
Try to go for a walk in morning or evening to get fresh oxygen which increases our immunity ( students should not fall in fever during exam period).
Avoid using time on Internet or mobile phones which causes eye problem and headache.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan16 Sep 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Very good article written by the author from a health point of view. A healthy body is necessary for students. It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body only. So, a student should maintain a healthy diet as well as do regular exercise. They should include nutritious food items such as milk, curd, fruit and green vegetables in their daily meal. This kind of food gives energy as well as controls body weight.

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