How to create a good profile page at before applying for AdSense

This article provides complete information on all the features to be found at an ISC member profile page. Once you become a member of the site, you need to upgrade your profile page to make it unique and impressive which is an added benefit for new AdSense application through ISC. This article gives some useful tips on how to present a better image of yourself through your ISC profile page.

Once you have registered as a member at, right away you will see at your profile page the date you joined. You will also see the points you accumulate as you go along contributing to the site.

It is important for you to create a good profile page to create a good impression about yourself when applying for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program. The first step in this creation is to provide all details about yourself: your actual name (not a fake one!), your address, your contact details, your age (a range is given), your birthday, who you are & your hobbies. The reason why you need to fill in each and every box is that one of the criteria for applying for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program is providing information about yourself. So if any of these boxes are not filled in, instead of a nice green tick mark, you will see a bold red cross against this criterion.

Features of an ISC member's profile page

Lobby message

The lobby message is where you can put in a general message. It is not compulsory to put in a lobby message, but take care what you are putting in that message. For example, you can mention that you completed your exams or that your birthday is coming up. You can put in anything at all, other than spam (promotional text). Avoid putting flirty messages and do not use bad words & abusive language. If the ISC admn. see any inappropriate or spam message, you could face temporary suspension for a few days.

Tip: Do not put in anything which creates a poor impression of yourself. For example these are really terrible messages:
I love girlz
I am a hacker
Going to have a beer
S***! I forgot to…
U can call me & v2 will get together


You will see the image of a bronze shield at your profile page on joining ISC. As you progress to the higher membership levels (silver, then gold, diamond & finally platinum), the images of the shields representing those levels will automatically appear at your profile page.


The first thing that a visitor to your profile page is likely to look at is your photograph. It is not compulsory to put a photograph. You can leave it blank. What is important is not to put any photograph, symbol or image which is taken from another website or from any printed matter. If you do, it means a violation of copyright laws. For example, you cannot upload an image of Mickey Mouse or the photograph of a celebrity. Nor can you put in an image of a brand or an image taken from Google images. Avoid, too posting images of Gods & Goddesses & of religious symbols.

What photo to put at your profile page?
You can upload:
(a) A photograph of yourself
(b) A photograph of your family
(c) A photograph of you & your friends, provided your friends have no objection to having their photo being placed in a public place (meaning at ISC).

Nature of the photograph: Avoid putting a photograph which makes you look like a thug. No offence meant, but if you put a photograph with a knotted scarf round your neck, a handkerchief tied around your forehead & pose with an aggressive posture, just think what kind of an image your are conveying of yourself. It is also greatly off-putting to see a photo of yourself with pierced eyebrows, arms bristling with tattoos and the like. Maintain a neutral type of photograph wherein you are simply yourself. Do not pose in a semi-clad manner (such as shirtless) & do not look like you are threatening somebody. It is also not a good idea to upload a photograph of yourself in your school uniform or college blazer. Casual clothes or formal wear (as at a wedding) is just fine.

2 Tips: (a) You could upload a photograph related to your profession. For example, if you are a teacher you can put a photograph of yourself in front of the classroom blackboard/projector or one where you are holding a mike. (b) If you are a student, it is a good idea to upload a photograph of yourself where you look mature.
Further reference: Profile photo guidelines

Describe yourself

You can put in 1 line or a paragraph about yourself at your profile page to convey who you are and what you do. You could even mention something about your family background & give information about your family members. Do not, though, mention your age or that you are a student. Naturally, it is not expected that you put your entire life history at your profile page!

You can provide a list of awards you have won during your educational years and achievements. You can mention if you won a college event, received a scholarship, got an award from the Govt. or an organization for social service, etc. Always mention any work you could have done for a reputed organization such as Red Cross or an NGO. Don't forget to mention the awards you have won at ISC! Include in this list resource contests, creative writing contests, weekly or monthly or annual short, the lot. Nothing wrong in being proud of your success & showing off a little!

Finally, you should definitely list your most recent articles. That way, a visitor to your profile page can read it right away if he/she so wishes rather than searching for your articles. List your best articles, meaning those for which you have got the highest points & cash credits.

Important note: For your own security and privacy, do not provide any contact details, such as address, phone numbers and email IDs at your profile page.

Colleges & Education

In the text about yourself, you can mention your educational qualifications. In addition, you may, if you so wish, add yourself as a student of the college where you studied. How to do this:
  1. At your profile page itself you can see the link to 'search for colleges' in the box for Colleges & Education (yellow-bordered box). Alternatively, you can use the search tool in the top right-hand corner to find your college in the college section.

  2. Go to the college page. Scroll down till you see a yellow-bordered box with the title of Alumni Find Classmates. In that box you will see the words "Did you study in this institute? Add Your Name" with a clickable link in blue to Add Your Name. Click on that link. You will be taken to a page wherein you can select (a) the course studied; (b) the year you studied at that college & (c) a short descriptive text about your experience studying at the college (read the suggestions given below the box.

  3. Once you have clicked on the save button, go back to your profile page. You will now see the college name (with clickable link) appearing in the Colleges & Education box.

General Features

At the top of your profile page you will see these headings:
  1. Gifts and Awards: This will list all the awards you have got at ISC as well as the payments received from ISC.

  2. Contributions: The link here takes you to your scoreboard, which lists your contributions section-wise. It has columns to indicate the number of your posts in each section and the total points you accumulated in that section.

  3. Messages: It will show the messages sent to you (with name of sender also) by other members through the ISC messaging system. However, private messages sent to you (only Editors & the admn. can send a private message) are not visible to others.

  4. Visitors: It shows all the members who have visited your profile page.

A good aspect of ISC is its transparency. All the above-mentioned general features are visible to any visitor to your profile page. This way, everybody knows your contributions to the site & are aware that ISC is paying you for your contributions, with specific details of what payment was given for which contribution.

Note: The Dashboard has all the above features available too along with a host of other features including My Alerts, your recent posts, etc but is in a different style & format. The dashboard link can be seen in the drop-down list when you click on your name in the right side panel when you log in. Your dashboard can be seen only by you. The profile page is visible to all when they click on your name anywhere in ISC where you have posted something. You can click on your own name too to see your profile page.

Article by Vandana
Vandana is based in India with over 15 years experience as a freelance writer. Writing, no doubt, is her primary passion! Having learned the art of blogging from ISC, Vandana is enjoying the thrills of blogging, taking pleasure in sharing information & getting good pageviews at her various blogs.

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Author: Ankur Garg30 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks for this self explanatory article. However i would request you guide me regarding --- How to put click able in description section as use of HTML is not allowed.

Author: Vilas30 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Few days before I updated my profile page and I am shocked that HTML was not allowed. There was only two options for me, one is to not update or update without HTML links. I loss my previous view of profile page with links in updating process. That's ok for me and sure simple text will much effective than HTML for ISC profile page.

Author: Vandana30 Jul 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Currently, the Webmasters have made provision to use clickable links at the profile page only for Diamond & Platinum members. Earlier it could be done by all members but due to spamming, it was restricted only to the highest level members.

What you can do is give the title of your articles and below each give the URL to it. If any article won an award in a resource contest, make it a point to mention this alongside the article.

Author: Partha K.02 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

An excellent article from the Managing /editor of the site explaining the basic features of the profile page of a Member of ISC. The article gives useful advice to the Members regarding creation of a good profile page. I wish I read this article before creating my profile page! I could have easily made my boring profile page more attractive. However, after going through the article, I will try to upload my college and the universities where I studied, although I don't know whether more than one universities can be uploaded, or not.

However, I am little bit disheartened by the instructions and advice for uploading photographs. Various instructions in this regard have made me realise that my earlier plan to upload my photograph in interesting pose may not be allowed. Let me manage with my boring passport-size photograph with deadpan face.

I reiterate that the instructions contained in the article are very useful. I recommend every new Member of ISC to go through this article before creating his/her profile page.

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