Education is a continuous journey but not a destination

I am sure you all know about the importance of education in life and it has become a must for everyone in the present world to be educated. If you are interested in knowing about the right way of approach to education which according to me is detailed in this article.


What is education

I am sure almost all of you know what is education. Education is a continuous journey and it is not a destination. In the journey of education, two or more individuals involve in which these individuals:
  • Gain knowledge either from their immediate surroundings or from learned and educated persons.

  • They transfer the acquired knowledge to the next generations to make them the perfect individuals for the well being of the individual and the society.

  • People share the acquired knowledge with others to let them know what they have learnt. In this way there is an exchange of knowledge between the individuals.

During the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the other, there could be misinterpretations. To avoid such issues, the acquired knowledge has been stored in the form of palm leaf writings in the ancient times. And in the form of content writing in blogs and websites in the present tech dominated world. This enables the readers to gain knowledge through reading the texts. Education is a two-way process of teaching, learning and exchanging of the acquired knowledge. The individuals who are involved in the teaching-learning process are engaged in the pursuit of gaining knowledge as a creative endeavor for the well being of the self and for the well being of the society on the whole to build a stronger and civilized society.

Education can also be defined as a seeding process where the quality seeds called knowledge in a specific field are sown in the young minds. The seeds of knowledge are brought up under favorable conditions so that these sprout healthily. Finally these grow up into healthy brains to bear and enjoy the fruits by placing themselves well in the society for a happy and healthy living. Unfortunately in the present world where the Information Technology is dominating, education has taken a new definition and people are just involving themselves in obtaining a certificate to place themselves in the world market for earning a better livelihood. The true sense and importance of education is being ignored.

What is the importance of education in man's life

Education plays a key role in man's life in man-making. No one can deny the fact that education is of high importance in man's life not only for earning daily bread but for understanding the true meaning of life and thereby leading a happy, healthy and peaceful life. In this context education is very important in man's life in directing his / her life towards betterment. Education should address the social needs of the individuals so that they can understand and maintain social harmony and strive for the same with a spirit of community.

According to a famous Indian Sanskrit scholar of the medieval period, "education / knowledge is that hidden wealth of the individual which can never be stolen." Similarly as per the words of a famous economist, "educating man is highly important as it guides man towards social harmony and a spirit of community which are considered the cornerstones on which the edifice of social capital builds and flourishes thereafter."

Education plays a key role in man's life for a harmonious social well being. Education is not merely acquiring academic qualification for obtaining a job but it is much more. It involves:
  • The extensive study of educational practices.

  • Proper guidance by the learned to the younger generation and thereby counselling them in the right way if necessary.

  • Extensive research of education as a social enterprise.

  • Observing and analyzing the effects of educational system the society and also the effect of the society on the system of education.

Through the process of knowledge transfer one should be able to bring about an improvement in the socio-economic well being of the society. Education is not a mere learning to earn a livelihood and pursue higher education just for the sake of obtaining a degree certificate which would help to get a good job. But the essence of education is to learn to live in harmony and peace with fellow beings. It helps in learning to live in communion with the nature.

The true meaning of education lies in empowering the individuals with various skills, required knowledge and self-discipline besides providing them the ability to distinguish between the good and the bad. Education enables the individuals to imbibe good from the society and discard bad which is waste / harmful / pose a threat to our existence. Education should make individual in a such a way that he / she should be able to embrace life in all its bliss, its myriads beauties and bounties pass through triumphs and tribulations with equanimity and uplift the needy with a feeling of compassion and sympathy.

In a nutshell, the importance of education lies in making the man a complete individual / fully developed personality with a development of the mind to think in the right manner. Keeping the above mentioned facts in view, it is quite evident that education is a necessary to all in a civilized world as it makes them better individuals who can lead a harmonious and peaceful life.

Education a journey but not a destination

With the fast growth and development in science and technology, education is taking new dimensions and angles. Mostly the educational institutions and teachers have started following the new techniques in the process of education. There is a great change in the system of education compared to the education system of the olden days particularly in a fast developing country like India. Education has been redefined basing on its importance in the present world of technology and internet. To start with here are certain steps that are being followed in the learning process for an effective output / end product:
  • Observing things around you is the first step in the learning process. Humans have started learning by keen observation of things around them. This nature helped them to know and perceive various things. Humans are good observers and they continuous learn by observing things. Humans nature of keen observation made them to analyze things that they have observed, in their own way which gave way to the next process of analyzing.

  • When humans acquires sufficient knowledge through observation, they start trying to analyze things in their own way. By analyzing, the brain gets sharpened and man starts venturing new things after much analyzing. Thus starts the next process of learning which is synthesis of various things.

  • After analyzing things, man starts synthesizing his / her observations and comes out with a thesis in a new and innovative way. The innovative thinking could be for the welfare of the society / mankind. If you peep into the history and look into the life of an early man, you can understand how man used to observe things and how he learnt out of his own curiosity and for his necessity. He made various discoveries and ever new inventions for the well being of the mankind and the society. The last step in the process of education is memorizing these things from the past to the present..

  • Memorizing plays an important role in learning process. Students memorize things to learn and to venture new things. They use the acquired knowledge for earning a livelihood for themselves and their family. They also use the knowledge for the well being of the mankind and the society of which they are a part. The ultimate goal of education is man-making. Education plays a key role in making the individual to fit himself / herself in the society and thereby enables him / her to transfer the knowledge to others for the welfare of the society. Education helps an individual in maintaining cordial relationship in the society which is very essential for a healthy and peaceful life and is the need of the hour.

Role of a teacher in the learning process

The role of teacher in modern teaching is gradually undergoing a change. The educational institutions and teachers should adopt a 'management approach' to education in a step wise manner that include:
  • An approach to modern education in such a way that education and acquisition of knowledge should resonate with the present day socio-economic needs. It should fulfill the basic needs of the individual.

  • Innovative modern educational practices like use of modern teaching aids in the classrooms for an effective teaching. This facilitates the students for an all round development of the personality.

  • Adopting the modern educational practices should should also aim at developing a spirit of community and it even should aim at developing the leadership qualities in the individuals
  • Incorporation of Information Technology and handling of sophisticated equipment in all the classrooms for an effective teaching with a good output.

  • The curriculum should be steadied at the primary level to minimize the dropouts and bring about a rise in the promotions of the studies for an effective end product.

An ideal teacher understands the needs of the students and takes necessary actions in the right direction for the improvement of the students. An ideal teacher knows how to tackle the difficult students in the classroom. An ideal teacher acknowledges the abilities of the students to analyze things. An ideal teacher encourages the innovative and creative thinking of the students with true spirit and enables the student to make full utilization of his / her innovative ideas. A ideal teacher brings the best out of the students and helps in molding them to independent individuals.

An ideal teacher understands that education is not the amount of information stuffed into the young brains but it enables an individual in life building, man-making, character building and enabling the assimilation of ideas. The real talent of a teacher lies in transferring the acquired knowledge in the right way so that the students can assimilate the same for their development. The more a teacher transfers its knowledge to its pupils the more it acquires knowledge. Education is not a destination but it is a continuous journey which keeps continuing through out one's life. The more you learn the more there is to learn.

Article by Kalyani
Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. She is an active lead editor at for over 2 years. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. She also strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Author: Neelam05 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

This article really defines education very well and the whole journey of this term. As in today's World, Education has been restricted to the particular syllabus, degrees, and percentage and even role of the teachers have also become confined till classrooms which were never the real meaning of education. Education is all about gaining knowledge and this article describes it very well including the role of a teacher in imparting real education. I enjoyed reading this article and learned few new things which add up to my education.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao11 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article by the author. Learning is a continuous process, we hear. The baby just born will learn how to breath the moment on the earth. From that moment the learning of the individual continues till his body was cremated. People say that the baby before birth when it was in her mother starts learning. Abhimanu learned entering into Padmaviewham when he was in his mother while his father teaching his mother. So we can say. education is a continuous journey but not a destination. The author named the article very nicely. The role of the teachers is very well explained. The first teachers of a child will be their parents and grand parents. They should teach them various stories which will give a message to the boy about the value of Ethics and morals. Then the journey will start in a right manner and then the teachers can sculptor the child as an example to others. So education should start from home. A very nice article.

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