Simple ways to be tension-free

Here in this article I have given detailed information about the current life of busy people and how they get all the tension from, this have made them tense by even a small think, so here I have given some tips on how to be tension free by applying these tips in your daily life. So read on to find out the secret to peace.

Tackling life with problems :

Till we our young it seems that life is too easy for us and we really don't have any responsibility to take it to or arms. And we are all happy about it till our childhood, but even that time we think when I will grow up and be like father or mother? And we the grown up want to go back to the childhood. It is just like this; we are totally trapped with problem, doubts and responsibility which let to tension and sometimes breakdowns and this is really not good for our health. We all know that it is impossible to be a child again and to have a peaceful life with no responsibility as all. But if I tell you that there is a way to live a tension-free life then what you will say on this? I know it seems to be like dream; but I do have some tips that you can follow to live a life which is simple and we on tension at all. So let see what are the simple tips that I am talking about and how you can apply it to your daily life and be happy for lifetime.

1. Boost yourself by your positivity :

It might sound little weird that you should boost your life when you are actually have so many tension in your life. But wait, and think for a moment will you get an award to take tension of that particular situation? Or will the problem get solved automatically by thinking about it alot? The answer to both of the question is a big No, so it is better to switch your mood to something cheerful and happy. For example you can start playing a game with your family member; watch your favorite movies with them or simply have a cup of tea and chat about good and memorable moment of your life. By this you will be able to cheer yourself and as well as your family members also, this will make you think why should I take tension and make my family unhappy about it? So switch to something fun and enjoy the moment.

2. Meditation is te best way :

I am sure that you might ave heard thousands of time that you should do yoga and should join some institutions to do some meditation and to relax. I am really not saying you to do so. I am just telling you to try simple meditation that you can try at the comfort of your own house to fight with the extreme pressure of the life. And trust me I have tried it I it do work like miracle to make all the worries get totally vanish from your life. If you are not sure from where you can get it; then simple go to YouTube and search for meditation at home then it will be easy for you to try it and also they will show you how to do it with each and every step showing you in the simplest way. So what are you waiting for, after reading the articles, go and search for the best meditation and let yourself be free of all the worries and tension that have made your life hell.

3. Keep a happy book with you :

You might be wondering what is happy book? Let me explain it to you. A happy book is a book where you record your happiest moment of everyday. I have seen many people carrying a small book with them and they write the moment there itself; so that they don't forget it later. And when they feel sad or depression; they open this book and get happy to remember their happy moment. So even you can try this and I bet that you will be tension-free once you open this book. If you are not comfortable with a book; then you can simply record your voice in your mobile and listen to it whenever you feel low and also you can listen to so:me good old songs that may remind you of something good about your life, and if possible sing along with the player and just feel the happy wave coming to your way. So just follow this special tip from me and one day you will thanks me for this, just listen or read your happy moments and then get happy instantly.

4. Have a best friend? Take him to a walk :

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to handle a situation and that time even a family member is not able to understand you and your worries. In such times the one person that can understand you as well as problem and also can give you some practical suggestions will be your best buddy that is your best friend for life. Just call him or her and tell him or her that you want to meet and want to talk about something that is bothering you from sometimes. And just meet your friend and open your heart and let him now about it. And probably he will be able to suggest you some options as he know you better than your family members. But be very sure that your friend is trust-worthy and will not lick your feeling to anyone else.

I hope that my article on how to be tension-free must have helped you to solve some of your problems. Just apply these tips in your daily life and then be ready to see the magic of being happy forever. Be happy.

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Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan05 Oct 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Life is going to be stressful day by day. Even though people are getting wealthy, our life is not peaceful. Definitely, a very complicated question in front of society.

Stress not only affects our mind but the body also. Tension reduces our life expectancy. I think lifestyle is one of the main reason for a stressful life. We should live a disciplined life for reducing our stress. We should take a balanced diet as well as practice regular exercise for being tension free. Moreover, be optimistic and think positive. One should develop skills so as to keep oneself engaged.

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