How to develop good behavior in your child

Here in this article I have tried to given all the information regarding on how you can develop the best behaviour within your child and that also without any fuss. I have given some ways so that it will be easy for you to follow and make use of it and it will be quite practical as well for your children. So read on further to find more.

Babies are like wet clay, you can mold them in any manner :

When you see any child misbehaving to someone, the very moment you think that this baby is really very naughty and he have been not given good values; that is the reason he is like this. But before thinking like this you should see the above proverb which say that babies are like wet clay and as wet clay can be molded in any form and shape in the same way the personality that is the development of a child let is be mental and behavioural is done by the parents and the guidance who take care of the baby and teach then the working of this world. If we as a parents fails to teach our child the best behaviour then it will not be lost of the child in the future; but it will be our, as we were not able to teach them what we were suppose to. So before we feel guilty about it I would like to give you some points which will surely help you to develop a good person in your child for lifetime, so let start this wonderful journey.

1. Early starting of good behaviour :

People always believe that a small baby of some month will not be able to understand anything. Even if you give bad words still it don't make any difference to the baby. But recent report have said that even a small baby have a sense of understanding as his brain is getting develop rapidly, so he is able to make out the expression and may tried to repeat it and if the baby can start saying some words then it is really important to make sure that people around him including you speak to him in a normal way as if you are talking to an mature person, so that he will start adapting to the environment and then he will be able to understand the behaviour of others towards him and will respond to it accordingly. Make sure that you start reading some good rhymes to him and show him good quality pictures of something educational so that he will be used to it and will get it quickly when he will start learning it in later stage. A research have shown that of we make small baby see such bright educational pictures and sing rhymes to them, then at later stage there are able to get them quickly as they are familiar to the sound and the tone of the rhymes and the picture background. So it is better to start early when it comes to educating a baby and also behaving with him like a mature person.

2. Before teaching manners; you should learn as well :

I am sick of hearing that parents don't teach their childrens to lie or to say any bad words. Then how it is possible for a child to come across such stuff? The answer is very simple; if we the parents sometimes by mistake tell a lie infront of the children or may give a bad word then it is sure that he is listening to it then how it is not possible that he will not learn it? So if you want to teach your child good manners then it is important that you should also have good manners with you, so that he don't copy you in all these stuff. And suppose if by mistake it did happened the tell your child know that what you have said is not correct and the child should not repeat it in any manner; then atleast he will know that I am not suppose to say it or do it as it is not correct. They should know the result of their action which they will surely learn from your action.

3. Don't take anything from anyone :

Sometimes we tend to give a chocolate or a packet of chips to our children jsuty because he will finish his food or will tell your favorite poem. But do you think that such act is good for you child? The answer is no. You are not suppose to do this to him, if you make it an habit then ultimately he will get used to it and for his every single work let it be small, he will expect somethin or the other from you or other people to whom he is closed to. This habit will surely make you child rigid and will surly irritate you on some occasions where many people are present. So never trp to bribe your child about anything.

And the most dangerous effect of this is that your child may accept anything from a stranger; who may bribe him about some fancy thing then may take advantage of your child and may plan to harm him in any way. So it is your duty to teach him about the intentions of such people and also tell him that he his not supposed to take anything from anyone without asking him. If he will know that it is dangerous for his life; then slowly he will get into the habit of asking you before taking anything from anyone.It may sound little weird, but for security reasons it is very important that don't give him bribe and also don't let other member of the family or friends to do the same, then only your child will not have the habit of taking anything.This will develop good behaviour on your childrens.

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Author: K Mohan07 Sep 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

There is a saying in Tamil that " Aaril vilayadadhu, Haimbadhil vilayadhu", the meaning for this wonderful proverb is that one cannot mend the ways of the person at fifty if that is not corrected at six. And one more proverb can be quoted here. " Thottil Pazhakkam, sudogadu mattum ", the meaning for this that those child who are habituated with characters, will wont leave them upto their grave. So what I mean to say that mother is the best teacher at home and she plays the important role in educating the young child with all intricacies of life and that will tend to stay even after grown up.

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