Money - most important part of our life

This article gives information about money. It tells how to earn money by good ways? This article gives few tips related to money. It tells how to consume money? It tells how to enjoy life with the help of money? It tells how to save money?


Money is most important part of every human's life. Money is necessary for everybody from child to old human being. For purchasing everything like stationary, food, cloths, medicine house etc, money is necessary. According to Indian culture goddess of money is "Laxmi".

To earn money

According to Indian culture 4 things must done by man.
1)To follow religion
2)To earn money
3)Marriage life
4)Freedom from birth & death (Hindi word - "Moksh")
Indian culture also teaches that money is not everything. Earn money for fulfillment of our requirement. Do not cheat anyone while earning money. Now a day's education is most important for earning money. Because high qualified persons get jobs with more amounts of packages. So every person should take higher education according to social trend. Now a day's person can learn through external courses. Person can be Graduate or post graduate through an external boards. So if any person cannot continue his school or college education due to financial reason then he has another option of external study. A person can do his job while learning externally.
A person can do business also. In private or government job earning has limitations. But business has vast scope. A person can expand business and get success according to his capability. So businessman can get more money as compared to service person. But there is a risk in business. In one month businessman can get success, while in another he can get loss. But job holders have fixed income in every month. It can increase after promotion. There is also option of side business for service person. If his wife is jobless then she can manage side business. Generally such type of side business is safe. Because fixed amount of income is coming every month through job. And there is no tension to achieve fixed amount of profit per month through such side business. But a person and his wife have to work hard in this case. Person can do service or job or combination of service and side business according to his interest.

What to do while earning money?

While working at job, we have to concentrate on our work. Suppose one person gets Rs.15000/- salary per month (for 8hrs. daily). That means he gets Rs.500/- for 8hrs. Then he should work hard for 8 hrs. So that he can give return to company for getting payment of Rs.500/- for 8 hrs. Suppose in 8 hrs. duty he works only 6 hrs. Thus he is capable of getting Rs.375/- only. But he gets Rs.125/- extra per day. Thus he gets Rs.3750/- extra for which he does not work. Then that money will automatically consumed by other ways. For example medical bills, thief, extra consumption of money etc.
Suppose if in 8 hrs. a person works hard, equal to 10 hrs. Then he is capable of getting Rs.125/- extra. Thus he is capable of getting Rs.3750/- extra per month. But company will give only payment for 8 hrs. daily. In this situation his monthly consumption will reduce automatically. He can get extra money from other sources for example gift, discount, reduction in medical bills as compared to other months etc.
For explanation purpose above calculation is written on monthly basis. Actually there is no rule for monthly basis. But above things happen after some period.

Few tips for money

Goddess Laxmi likes cleanness. So our house should be clean. Each room, toilet, bathroom should be clean. After cleanness goddess Laxmi (money) enters in house. Pray to God of your family (Hindi word – "Kuldevata"). Every year go at his/her place (Hindi word – "Thirthkshetra"). Thus your "Kuldevata" will bless you. We have to spend 20% of our money for religious & social work. Example – festival, donation to good social societies, help to poor students, guests. Also we have to spend money for our father & mother. Donation at correct place does not reduce our money. But actually it increases our money by different good ways. But while donating money, our mind should be honest. We should not think about returns from this donation. Through donation we can help many poor people. Thus with the help of remaining money we can enjoy our life. We get bless from them. Everyday pray to god which you like. God will help to us in trouble.

How to consume money & how to save it?

Do not store all money. We can buy many things which we like. We can spend money on movies, dramas, or music shows which we like. We can buy good books. Thus we have to enjoy our life with the help of money. Also we have responsibility towards family. We have to spend money for them. But while spending money, we should remember our income. Consumption of money should be less than income. We must save money for future. Otherwise person has to borrow money in emergency. But this is not good thing. Saving of money should be at correct & safe place. Indian Post & National Banks are mostly safe. There may be fewer rates for Posts or National banks, but security of money is more. But while investing in Shares or Mutual funds care should be taken. Because generally increase or decrease in Share & Mutual fund rates depends on market value. So there may be profit or loss in such investment. We can also invest our money in land. But documents for such land should be correct. We should confirm that there will be no cheating in such investment.
Thus we should earn money honestly, use it at correct place, invest it & enjoy life with it.

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