Means of communication

This article deals with the common means of communication like postal services, telegram, telefax and telephone. We can individually use these services as a means of communication. But if we have to communicate to the people at large in society then radio, television and newspaper is used. A computer with internet connection is an another advanced means of communication.


Exchange of information and messages is called as "communication". Because of modern means of communications, it is possible for the people from any part of the world to communicate with their fellows within short time. Modern means of communication help to exchange thoughts in spoken (via radio), written (via newspaper) and visual (via television). Communication creates awareness among the people about government's schemes and policies. With the help of means of mass communication many people can be communicated at one time.

Postal services

India has the largest postal network in the world. Government of India has given the facilities of transport for letters, parcels, envelopes and money to be delivered at a reasonable rate. To whomsoever the letter is to be sent, his/her name and address has to be written on the envelope. The written letters and the envelopes are posted into the letter box. Then the postman collects all the letters and takes them to the post office. Later he delivers these letters according to the address given on them. To make the postal service more efficient and flexible, cities and towns have been assigned Pin code. Speed post is a good facility set up for letters to be delivered fast. However, speed post service is costly than normal postal service.

Telephone and mobile

Telephone and mobile phone services are the important means of communication. People use the telephone to contact a person whether he is far or near. We can speak directly to a person through the telephone. It is an easy and a quick means of communication. We can also talk to anyone from anywhere on a mobile phone. The mobile phone service is growing rapidly. There are more than 25 crore mobile phone holders in India. We can also watch live news and do mobile phone banking today with the help of internet facility.

Telefax and telegram

One can also send matter, pictures, photos, etc. in seconds to a person at a person at a far away place through telefax. We are able to send important messages and good wishes immediately through telegram. The massage sent should be very short. It can be received in a very short period of every time. The reply to a message in postal service cannot be had immediately. The person to whom the letter is sent has to take another letter to reply it. Then the telephone has become an easy means of communication.


Important incidents, happenings in the world, country, cities or villages can be read through newspaper. We can come to know the latest happening in and around us, the weather forecast, the sports news and other such useful information through the newspaper. Newspaper is a good medium for communicating people and government. People can show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with government's policies with the help of newspaper. Newspaper is a means of advertisement also and hence we come to know about various products, new jobs, schemes, etc.


In India, radio stations were first set up in 1927 in Kolkata and Mumbai. In 1957, radio service was named as "Askashwani". News and important messages are broadcast through a radio. News/incidents are broadcasted by Askashwani in both national as well as state languages. The news broadcast reaches immediately to every nook and corner of the world. Radio services are also provided by private sectors also. But in this means of communication we can only hear the news/incidents.


Television is a popular means of mass communication. Television plays a key role in social and cultural transformation in India. Important news and messages are telecast on television. Besides, through television we can directly see the person reading the news or giving information. Incidents happening in far away places can be seen by watching television at home. About 90% population of India watch television programmes. Apart from the well known "Doordarshan", which is operated by government, television services are also provided by private sectors also.


Computer is the sum of all the above means of communication and this is possible if and only if having internet connection. Now, recent methods of sending messages are through computer. The messages can be sent throughout the world in seconds by e-mail. One can also watch live news and do internet banking. Do video, audio, and written chatting through Skype, Nimbuzz and Facebook respectively.

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