British rule in India, important events and reforms in Indian history

This article is about the important events in Indian history and the revolts and war India faced for the purpose of achieving the Independence. This article covers almost all the important events in Indian history and the important reforms that the British did during their rule in India.

1498- It all began when the first route en sea was discovered by Vasco Da Gama in the year 1498 and entered Calcutta for the first time in the worlds history. The British people were only doing businesses here and there in India with the support of Indian Emperor at that time period.

1757- The British did not start their rule in our country till the year 1757 when the first war the Battle of Plassey started. This is the first war in which the Siraj Ud Daullah, Mir Jafar and Rai Dhurlab were all defeated and killed by the British Army.

1764- The second battle in India against the British was the Battle of the Buxer where the Nawabs and the Mughal empires jointly went in war with the British Emperor but it was also a failure as both the Nawabs from the Bengal and the Indian Emperor were defeated by the British.

1857- The first war for the Indian Independence occurred in this year and this was the year when the British rulers took India fully under their control.
Freedom Fighters

1885- This is the year when the Indian National Congress was formed. This is the period where the other famous leaders of the Indian History like Dadhabhai Naoroji, G.K Gokhale, Subramaniyam Iyyar,Bal Gangadhar Tilak etc. came to the join the Indian National Congress.

1905- This is the year when the Bengal was partitioned from India and a separate country named the Bengal was formed and this had its own constituency, this was formed due to the gap that existed between the Hindu religions and the Muslims.

1905- Another important step taken by the Indian leaders against the British took place in this period and that was the Swadesi movement and the Boycott movement. This was the movement that made the Britishers angry as the movement was to boycott the products of the British and to use the products produced by the Indians. This was more effective than the speeches as the things produced by the British were burned down in abundance at various places of the country. This made the British angry as the products produced by them were not used and instead the products made by the spinning wheel were used.

1916- In this year the Home Run rule which means government for our self was introduced by the famous revolutionaries like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant. While Bal Gangadhar started his protest in Pune Anne Besant started the protest in Tamil Nadu.

1919- Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
Jallianwala Bagh
It is said as a massacre as this is the lone event where about 3800 peoples were killed in the gun fire that happened at the garden in Punjab, The Jallianwala Bagh. This Incident is one of the horrible events in the history as there were about 20000 of them in the place and the British in the command of Dyer open fired at the population leading to such an incident and it is said that the garden still contains the bullets that were fired on the Indians.

1920- The Non corporation movement was started by Gandhi only in this year where it was for the refusal of the foreign government, its law, and the products from the foreign were neglected in total by the Indians. It is as the name indicates a non corporation between British and the Indians.

1923- Swaraj Party- This is the movement where the Motilal Nehru, Kelkar and Das wanted to end the Boycott movement started by Gandhi while on the other hand the other leaders like Rajendra Prasad and the Rajagopal Chari wanted to continue the Boycott movement and didn't want to attend the British Legislations that were held at that time.

1930- Dandi March- This was the march that was started by our nation father Gandhi along with some78 supporters where they started to walk from Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmadabad to the place called Dandi in Mumbai. The movement was also called as Salt Satyagraha as the sole aim of the march was to prepare our own salt rather to depend on the British.

1942- The famous Quit India movement by the Indians started in this year that was again leaded by the Mahatma Gandhi, Where the prime motive was to send the British out of our nation and after this protest most of them were arrested and kept in the prison for most of the days.

1947- It is in this year that India got its independence from the British after fighting many cold wars. Another important thing that happened in this year was the partition of Pakistan and India where the Leader of the Muslim League Wanted a separate country for the Muslims and thus India divided into two countries namely India and Pakistan where the Prime Minister of India was Jawaharlal Nehru and the Prime Minister of Pakistan was Md. Ali Jinnah.

Some of the Good things done by the British

Though the British rule was a wrong thing on our soil the reforms that the British made were something great and if the British had not done those reforms India would still be applying those laws within the India

Remarriage to the Widows
One of the positive aspects that were given by the British to us Indians were the Remarriage of the Widows and this rule was brought by the British in the late 19th century.

Abolish of Sati system in India
The sati system was one of the worst systems that were practiced before the independence revolt in 1857. It is the system in which the girl used to die with her husband in case the husband dies before the girl. I think these types of things should be changed and this change was brought only by the British rulers.

Girls Education
Before the British rule the girl children's were not found out of the home. There was a strict practice of keeping the girl child at home. There was a proverb that said "men should rule the country and Girls should Rule the Home" before and this has been changed only after the British came to the rule. These were some of the reasons why the revolt began against the British in the year 1857.

Spread of Christianity
One more important thing that came with the British was the Christianity. Before the English men arrived there were only two religions that were found abundant in India one is the religion Hindu and the other Religion was Muslim. Once after the British came to India one more religion named the Christianity was developed.

Causes that Lead to the Revolt of 1857

Taxation was high as ever before
The tax rate collected by the British kingdom was much more than what was to be paid. The British raised the tax rates and they sold most of their products in the Indian market.

Tariff Policy against Indian Products in the market
There were more number of policies and restrictions that were laid on the government of India and its people in the British period.

Abolish the handicrafts
The handicraft business carried out by the Indian on small scale was totally abolished and the products from the foreign countries were brought and sold here, this made the local workers and the small Zamindar's angry as their business came to an end by the activities of the British Rule in India.

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