The top 25 ways to earn pocket money through part-time jobs.

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on earning money through part-time jobs.Jobs like anchoring, modeling, content writing, script writing, translation etc are given in this article. This would certainly prove important to those, including the teenagers group, who are looking for ideas of doing part-time jobs.


It is always a very good idea to earn some pocket money on regular basis so that one can do things what out much depending on others. One also needs money to have Chinese and continental dishes to quench one's taste buds, handsome amount of talk time in mobiles, having fun with friends, buying gifts for girlfriends etc. But the question is how to meet these regular must have needs? Wait! The answer is simple, that is, by doing part time jobs regularly for some hours you can achieve this objective very easily.

Part-time jobs

Here, you are going to be updated about some genuine ways to earn part time. But before that I must inform you that if you are interested in any of these part time works you need to take the initiative to submit your C.V. yourself to the institutes. To be frank with you, it is also possible that you may get negative responses while doing so but life is to move on and you need to try to give your best without failing. Who knows the fact that a particular part time work or job is just waiting for you to grab? Here are some important ways through which one can earn pocket money by doing some part time works regularly. These part-time jobs about which I have been talking with you for a while are as given below:

1. Event Manager

If you have that charm factor in you and people get easily attracted by your personality then you can think of a career in event management. If you have the good personality, a great outlook, creativity and could address a wide range of audience you may go along your way and get your name registered in the event management companies. Nowadays, different kinds of events like fashion shows, award shows, social gatherings, general meetings, marketing campaigns etc. are getting organized regularly. The event management companies also require many people to work with them. If you manage to keep contact with them they will give you a call when they need you. As a fresher you may get around RS 600 to 800 per event.
Tip: There are many event management companies in the cities. Even the shopping malls have different promotional events. You just need to contact them from your side and need to have their numbers.

2. Anchoring

You may have taken microphone in your hand in the days of your college shows or in the Pujas of your local committee. This is what is known as anchoring. Anchoring is of three types: road shows, mall events and corporate events. You need to be quite proficient in your work. Hence, it would be a good idea to start with road shows and shopping mall evens. For this you need to contact the different event management firms with your photographs. Even if you perform a small road show within five to six hours you could earn around RS 700 to RS 1000. Actually, the bigger the event is the better the pay amount would be. The positive side of this work is that the term glamor is very much attached with it which may interest you to be in it.
Tip: You need to be in contact with the event management firms.

3. Modeling

Advertisements have become the heart and soul of today's life. You find advertisements on newspapers, magazines, television channels and even on big hoardings. These advertisement companies always need young and fresh faces. Girls who have a bit of slim and trim figure and boys who have a fit and healthy body have a very good chance in getting selected by these companies for modeling. Besides, the fashion shows that go around throughout the year also have huge requirements for models. You just need to be in touch with different modeling add agencies. Another thing which can do is to keep a keen eye on daily newspaper and magazines. For small assignments you will get around RS 500 to RS 700 per assignment to start with. But with time and experience you may earn around RS 3000 to RS 4000 per assignment.
Tip: Keep a keen eye on newspapers and magazines for adds related to add agencies. Alternatively, you may contact these add agencies directly.

4. Assistant in production house

If you ever given a fig of thought to the number of channels and programs that are regularly getting telecasted on your television set then you would not take long to understand the fact for the demand of boys and girls to assist in the production house. Production houses hire part-time workers for budgeting, giving details of shots to directors, arranging the act scenes of the screen, doing paper works etc. Moreover, you may try to participate in the event or realities show or contact these production houses directly to get this type of work. If you produce quality work through your better inputs then your part-time job could get into full time job also.
Tip: In this type of work you need to maintain good relationships with others and therefore patience is the key word.

5. Interior decoration

If you have a bit of flair in drawings and can draw a bit of sketches properly then you are the right people to join as a helper in interior designing works. The nature of the work is to copy the designs drawn by the main artist, color fill those, drawing relief etc. Even if you are not very good in drawing you may go your way and do this assistance work.

6. Tuition

Tuition is the other version of group study. If you have the sheer talent to explain difficult subjects and topics in an easy and informative way to others then this work is a suitable one for you. You may teach students starting from kindergarten stage to the higher secondary or college stage. This obviously would depend upon your qualification and mastery over subjects. This job is not only for the field of academic educations but also for songs, dance, art and craft etc. To put simply, what you know you need to share with others properly.
Tip: You may initially start up with one or two small kids and later expand it according to the availability of your time.

7. Local library

You may have come across small library in your local club or in your local institutes. The fact is that these small libraries need people to work for it. The nature of the work is to sit in the evening around one to two hours, issuing books, receiving the already issued books form members, maintaining an entry book, collecting donations, issuing bills etc. If you could spend small amount of time there, regularly there will be small amount of money in your pocket at the end of every month.
Tip: Contact your local or regional library.

8. Work in coaching centers

Nowadays, coaching centers are mushrooming in every nook and corner. Apart from doing tuitions these centers require some administrative people to work for them. These include the non-teaching staffs who does the work of new admissions, explaining rules and regulations to co-ordinate between tutors and parents etc. If you could earn there some pocket money by working around three to four days in a week I guess it is a good deal.

9. Gym instructor

Multi-gyms are the talk of the hour as more and more people are getting health conscious and therefore you find these everywhere. If anyone has regularly worked out in the gym for sometime then I guess he/she could easily instruct the new comers properly. The nature of the work of the instructor is to make a list of exercises, explaining the breathing process during workouts, giving support during weight lifting etc. By working as a gym instructor one can keep oneself fit free of cost and also earn some pocket money by working for sometime in the mornings and evenings. Besides, you may also get part-time jobs in different pubs and night clubs.
Tip: Contact your local gym or yoga institute for this part-time job.

10. Home beauty treatment

Today's people are very much conscious about their beauty and looks. Hence, there is a great demand for those who give beauty treatments at their client's home. What you need to do is to do a beautician course of around five to six moths. To be specific, after completion of the course you may find a bit difficult to get clients but once your start doing it and giving better service to the people your clients would be in the fist of your hand. You even have the luxury of doing this work on holidays. For instance, a simple facial at a client's home may price around RS 700 to RS 1000. So it is better to give a thought for this work.

11. Making advertisements

With the launching of the new companies in the market there is a huge completion in this field too. The very factors of how a company succeeds over other companies depend on the quality of advertisements. The advertisement agencies on their part supply these advertisements to the companies. But did you ever thought how these advertisement agencies are getting these advertisements. It is people like you who are doing it for them. You need to be creative enough and try to create advertisements by applying fresh and catchy ideas. Then you may sell these advertisements to the advertisement agencies. You may also sell T-shirt code and other catch lines also.
Tip: Contact advertisement agencies, television channels and newspaper offices.

12. Content writing

If you have a flair for writing then content writing work is for you. Let me explain you this in detail. When you want to seek information about anything you open the net for it. Am I right? But did you ever thought who write these for people like you? Yes, it is done by content writers! The nature of the work of a content writer is to write about things and events in an organized easy legible way. Apart from fair writing skills what one need is to search information on the net or in other words you can say is doing research. But let me aware you of the fact that this is not only limited to the web world because different IT companies, publishing houses and coaching institutes are engaged in this type of work. Another positive side of this work is that you can do it from home at your own pace. Money is earned in this type of work on the basis of articles or word limits of the same.

13. Script writing

The serials, movies, advertisements which you follow regularly are based on scripts. The success or failures of these are based on scripts to a huge extent. If you have a good hand on writing then you may opt for writing scripts and then discuss it with the directors and producers. Generally, scripts are very costly and a single piece of an accepted script may fetch you around RS 20,000 to RS 25,000. Alternatively, you can also write stories and books and send them to publishing houses. It could well be a good source of part-time income for you.

14. Translation

This is very much related with content writing but one needs good proficiency in different languages. Nothing is regional nowadays. Stories, books, literatures, advertisements, songs, movies are all getting regularly translated into different languages and distributed. If you know foreign language it would be an added advantage to you. This work has many scopes and the payment is also good.
Tip: Contact different publishing houses.

15. Guide

In our country, India, thousands of tourists visits every year. For this guides are needed to communicate properly and explain things to the visitors while travelling different places. If speaking English is a problem for you then you can do a short course in spoken English. This job also provides handsome income.

16. Sewing work

If you know sewing and stitching a bit it would be quite handy for this job. In shops there are different sewing works that are done in saris and salwar suits. One can take order from these shops and can complete the order at home. The shops also provide the accessories or materials for doing the work. For every single piece of work on salwar and saris the price is around RS 150 to RS 200.

17. Handy works

You can also make different things with bamboo sticks, canes, waxes etc. and sell them at a good price. For doing this you will get the accessories like wire for ear rings, stones etc. from your local market. With these you can make necklace and sell those at good amounts. Besides, you can also make handmade moneybags, candles, photo stands etc. If you are good in drawing you can make cards or even if you are not then you can download pictures from the internet. Then take out prints of the downloaded pictures and trace them on cards. These cards are in great demand in the market.

18. Mobile repairing

You need to invest a very little amount to learn how to repair mobile. After this you can join a service center to do the mobile repairing part-time job or you can do this privately at your leisure. If you could gather good experience you can also join mobile repairing institutes to train the new trainees.

19. Hardware handling

Nowadays, electrical goods are in every household. If you have the ability of opening and repairing computers, CD players, hair driers, emergency light etc. then get ready to spend some more time and energy on it. These electrical gadgets very often go out of order. Take it as your new part-time profession. Spread the word and let others know about this capability of yours and extend your helping hand to others for repairing their heaters, laptops, I-pads etc. Very soon you would be getting calls to do the jobs at professional levels.
Tip: Get a good training first and try your hands on the electrical gadgets in your house first. After having some proficiencies get ready to do this work for others in return for money.

20. Software programmer

You may got the habit of writing programs from your school days. Even the hardest programs were at your finger tips on those days. Collect your zeal and enthusiasm once again and try to have some practice on languages like Java, PHP, and HTML etc. By working for two to three hours everyday on the internet as computer start-ups you can earn good part time bucks.

21. Driving

You need to take out an hour everyday and join a near-by driving school. Within four months you will learn driving and after that you will get a driving license. Drivers are required in call centers, car pools, offices and even privately for families. Sometimes driving fees is given on the basis of hour rate. On a single day one can earn around RS 200 to RS 300. You need to have your contacts up to get the job.
Tip: It is good to be in contact with car pools and approach driving associations.

22. Catering

Very often for catering people are hired from outside. Apart from cooking, people are also required for decorating and serving people. If you can collect four to five friends then you can earn part-time money on the basis of your duty. Your friends and you can contact your nearest local catering agencies for work.
Tip: Talk with different caterers and decorators.

23. Delivery boy

These days people are more interested in buying things online then purchasing those directly. Therefore, these online shops need delivery boys to work for them. If you are the one who loves to move around or be in field work then this job is right for you. With time you will also get good amount of experience.

24. Billing and ticketing

How is your rapport with the people around you? If it is good then everything is fine and if it is not then try to build your rapport now. These days the aged person like to be at their own pace and the young ones are very busy with regular office and household works. Hence, people have very less time to do certain works like depositing electric bills, phone bills, to buy air tickets and train tickets etc. You can lend your helping hand to these people by doing their work against some money. As soon as the word spread you will get more work with time.

25. NGO

NGO's are non-government organizations which does the work of volunteering traffic guides, teaching the under privileged children, collecting donations, charities etc. Since these organizations do not care about profit and loss therefore they depend on volunteering helps. NGO's also helps in developing the basic foundations of society.
Tip: Working for NGO's may bring you less income in monetary terms but the amount of personal and mental satisfaction one gets is beyond any measure. You just need the great power, zeal and a strong mentality for such type of social work.


For part-time jobs you need to do certain mental preparations. You need to keep the key fact in mind that any work is like worship as long as you are working hard and sweating for it. Another thing that I would like to add here is that since most of the part-time jobs are done by the teenager groups they need to keep the fact in mind that they should spend only that much time in working which does not indirectly affect their studies. It is the time to work hard in studies and build a solid platform for a brighter future. Moreover, while doing part-time jobs you may come across different types of people who are very different in their nature. As a word for caution, I would like to add that stay away from people who are cheats. Lastly, you need to be responsible enough to finish your part-time work assignments in time because it may be your part-time job but for others it could be very important.

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I think you should add freelancing to this list. Freelancing in simple words in working as a freelancer. A freelancer is a person who does random jobs for companies/individuals and is paid for that. The difference between a freelancer and a regular employee is that a freelancer is paid according to the work he/she has done and is not offered a monthly fixed salary whereas regular employees work for a fixed monthly salary.You can make money by working as a freelancer. Freelancers who can do things like content writing, marketing, web designing, SEO and various other jobs are in demand. You can contact individual companies and ask for any openings for freelancers in their company. You can also check out free classified sites and freelance job boards for work.

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