Goa: The most preferred tourist destination

This article gives complete and up-to-date information why Goa is the most preferred tourist destination in India. It attracts tourists round the globe throughout the year with its charismatic tourist attracting features. The sea beaches, the historical temples and churches have the magical charisma to win the heart of the tourists. Here, an effort is taken to mention a brief description about the same with some in-detail information.

Goa (Maharashtra)

Those of you have a good appetite for traveling the work Goa unveils the feeling of romanticism. In fact one would hardly find anyone who does not like to visit Goa. Since this state has been under the rule of Portuguese for a good amount of time even foreign travelers have the great inclination towards it. The beaches of Goa have become a place for gathering and get-to-gathers of tourists. Its beauty attracts a wide range of tourists round the year globally. It is true that one cannot avoid the attractive features of the state which is situated at the bank of the river Mandovi and Zuari. That is the main reason why tourism is the main industry in Goa.

How to reach there?

One may reach Goa from Pune and Mumbai through buses and trains. One may travel in Volvo sleeper buses. The fares for this stretch around RS 700 to RS 900 only. From these two places that is, Pune and Mumbai, the trains go to Margao and Vosco. From Pune one may get on to the 12780 Nizamuddin-Vascodagama express. This train runs on a regular basis. The train would leave around 4:20 pm and reach Margao at 5:45 am the next morning. Besides, every Friday from the Pune station 11097 Pune-Ernakulam express leaves at 11: 10 pm and reaches Margoa at 1:25 pm the next day. From Mumbai C.S.T. 12051, Mumbai C.S.T. Margao Jan Shatabdi express, Mumbai Margao Konkan Kanya express leaves regularly. Moreover, some more trains in some of the special days of the week leaves Mumbai for Goa.

If one has to move from Maharashtra to Goa there are many private ticket counters from where one can buy tickets. The fair is around RS 500 to RS 600 only. In government buses one may come to Satra from Mahabaleshwar within the time range of around one and a half hour. The fair of the ticket is around RS 48 only. From here one will get buses to Panaji/Margao. It would take around seven hours and the fair is around RS 330 to RS 350.

From the Howrah station in Kolkata one may reach Goa by 18047 Amravati express. It leaves Howrah on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at around 11:30 pm. From Howrah one will reach Margao at 2:55 pm on the third day.

Where to live?

In Goa there is the Goa Tourism Development Corporation Hotel.

  1. In Panaji there is the Panjim residency and in peak period it would cost one around RS 1970 to RS 4500.

  2. Margao Residency may cost one around RS1000 to RS 2945.

Apart from the above there are several others where one may contact. During off seasons one may get 20 percent to 35 percent discount. Here are some of the private hotels and their cost.

  1. Hotel Summit (Panaji) charges around RS 1000 to RS 1800.

  2. Hotel Solmar charges around RS 800 to RS 1500.

  3. Hotel Gold Star charges around RS 500 to RS 900.

Tourist attractions of Goa

To see, enjoy and feel the charm and beauty of Goa one needs to spend at least three days here. One may say that in north or south Goa tour in two days one could see many things. But still I would say that to see some more attractive places in detail you may have to spend a couple of days more. For north and south Goa tourism, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation conducts the tourism. The tourism starts around 7:30 in the morning and ends around 6 pm in the evening. The expenses per head for non-A. C. are around RS 150 and RS 200 for A.C. Besides, there are many private companies which conduct these tours.

One needs to remember the fact that Goa is not only known for beaches but there are also historical temples and churches. If one wants to see everything properly then I would advice not to opt for conducted tours. It would be better if one opts for booking private cars which would cost around RS 1500 to RS 2000 for the whole day. Besides, nearby the bus stands of the big city of Goa, bikes and scooties are available on hire on the basis of 24 hours from the travel agencies. The hire is around RS 180 to RS 200 and of course one has to pay for the fuel from one's own pocket. If only one have a xerox copy of voter I.D., and a driving license then one can roam around according to one's luxury.

At around 6 pm, 6:30 pm, 7 pm, 7:45 pm the river cruises starts. One cannot miss the luxury and excitement of being in the bosom of sea in colorfully lighted ships. For the purpose of entertainment there is the arrangement for the Konkani dances and the discos.

South Goa tour

From the South Goa beach one can see historical temples, churches and museums. If one begins the trip from Panaji then one would get the opportunity to see the Miramar and the Kolaba beaches. Moreover, one could also see the Goa state Museum, Basillika of Bom Jesus church, old cathedral, Shri Mangesh temple, Shantadurga temple etc.

Goa state museum

It is established in the year way back in 1977 and was inaugurated by the president of India in the year 1996. It is located in the capital city of Goa in Punjim. The museum remains open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on all the week days except Tuesday. Many arts-facts of the Hindu, the Jain, the Christians are preserved here. It also contains scriptures, manuscripts, coins etc. Many pictures of ancient India are also preserved here.

Old Convent and Convent of Saint Francis ACC

After viewing Miramar beach and walking for a while one could see a big gate church. This is the biggest church in Asia and was established around 1510-1552. After getting destroyed for natural reasons it construction was completed in 1619.The famous golden bell is hanging on the south tower. If this biggest bell of the world rings it could be heard around 10 k ms. Besides, the cathedral is Convent of Saint Francis ACC. Now, it has been transformed into a museum.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Just opposite of the Old Cathedral is proudly standing the Basilica of Bom Jesus church. One can see from the front garden made from the red color laterite structure. One may get the feel that he/she is in London. Inside is preserved in silver color casket the dead body of Saint Francis Xavier.

Shri Mangesh Temple

Between the green hills there is the charming village. Situated around 22 k ms away from Panaji the village is very well known for Shri Mangesh Shiv temple. In front of the temple there is a big structure.

Santa durga temple

In south Goa, there is the Shantadurga temple in the middle of coconut trees of the village. After the assassination of the demon Mahisasura the goddess Durga was sent to be pacified in the hills. That is why this temple is known as the Shantadurga temple. This is indeed a very attractive temple.

Ancestral Goa

In this region of South Goa, a collection of the life of the people in ancient Goa is kept. The ancient houses, utensils, equipment, the means of lively hood etc. is here. The entry fee here would cost one around RS 100.

Kolava beach

The magical attractions of the Goa beaches could be well felt here in the Kolava beach. Just inside the coconut trees is the silver sand beach. Among the different types of exhibitions and fairs there is all round happiness flourishing here. One simple cannot avoid the attractions of the sea. The sadness of the heart disappears in a moment.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula is situated between the Mandovi and Zuari rivers. One is spending his/her time according to the way one likes on the beaches. If one wishes one could take a ride on the water scooters which cut down through the waves of the sea or one could glide parachute. Dona Paula is located at the top of a rocky peak. There are many engrossing stories that are related with this place and such story is very well known. It is said that Dona and Paula, the son of a fisherman was in deep love with each other. But the society did not gave approval to this approval due to caste and nationality barriers. With no other options left these two lovers succumbed into the bosom of the sea and they sacrificed their lives for the sake of love. That is what the statue on the rock depicts.


Situated around 27 k ms away from Panaji and at a height of two thousand feet is Farmagudi. It is in this city the Marathas resented the Portuguese attack. Shivaji stood here and gave permission to attack the Portuguese. One cannot deny the natural beauty of this place as this is the entrance of Ponda which has more than 300 hundred temples. While visiting the temples at Ponda one could relax here in the hills which is very silent and pleasant.

North Goa tour

Most of the time in this tour will be spent on the seas. Together with this there is also the exciting dolphin cruise. The fare per head is RS 200. One's boat would run together with the blue water of the Arabian sea. One will sea colorful beaches, the giant ship of Vijay Malya, the palace of the biggest diamond merchant. One could see many things by just sitting on the bosom of the sea. Moreover, if one is fortunate enough then one could also see dolphin. In the blue waters the dolphins suddenly floats out and then sunk back into the sea. This is something one may love to keep in the frame of one's heart for forever. Hence, the dolphin cruise is must for everyone in Goa.

Now, let s find out the places of the north Goa tour:

Saptakoteshwar Temple

Located around 37 km s away from Panaji , at Narve in Bicholam. This Shiva temple is situated between the seven hills. Because of the effort of Shiva ji this temple is taken well care off even now. The temple is built on Goan architecture with a small entrance that has bells. The surrounding of the temple is peaceful and pleasant.


If one is there in Goa on Friday one must go to Mapusa. It is a small town in the northern side of Goa. Earlier it was also known by the name Mapuca. This trade city is known for Friday market. The special thing that relates very closely to Goa is found in the Mapusa market. On this day of the week people from the surroundings come to this market to sell their articles or wares.

Vagator beach

This is one of the main beaches in Goa. Taxis and buses are available to reach this place since it is located only 32 km from Panjim. It is in Kolamgout which means a lot of liveliness. This is filled with the youths and late night parties are very common here. The main beach Vegator is divided into two beaches known as the Big Vagator and Small Vagator.

Fort Augwara

In the city of beaches there is also a fort. To save Goa from the attack of the enemy the Portuguese built this fort. This fort that is situated at the top is now Goa's central jail. In the evening from 4 pm to 5 pm one can get an entry into the light house.

Anjuna beach

It is small but very picturesque and it always remain filled up with foreign tourists. It is very famous globally for the trance parties and it also has a large market from where one could purchase jeweleries, electronic devices etc. The nearest city to this beach is Mapusa.

Apart from the tours mentioned above there are also some GTDC tours like the pilgrim tours temples, pilgrim tour churches, back water thrills, dudhsagar special etc.


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