What are the health benefits of peanuts

This article shares the information about the peanuts and the origin of peanuts with the nutritional values. The health benefits of peanuts are listed in this article. Peanuts are considered as a valuable nut by the researchers because of its unbelievable health benefits.

About peanuts

Peanuts actually belongs to the legumes family but it is called as a nut. The legumes family includes peas, chickpeas, beans and lentils. The scientific name for peanut is arachis hypogaea. South America was the origin of peanuts. The peanut was added in every meal in any form in the South American, Mexican and Indian dishes in olden days. The nature of growth of the plant is extremely different from other plants. The flower of the plant grows above the ground and it bends due to the over weight, towards the soil. The peanut growth will be started under the ground because the flower splits the ground and grows under the ground. The most popular varieties of peanuts available in the market are virginia, valencia, spanish. The ground nut and earth nuts are the most common names used in some parts of the world. The hand full of peanuts are considered as a farmers food that signifies they are suffering in poverty, The peanuts are used as a raw materials to make peanut oil, peanut flakes, peanut butter and peanut flour. The high protein content and chemical compound in the peanut helps to produce these peanut products. People can enjoy the peanut dishes all over the year. Peanuts are available in the market either with shells or without shells. To be on safer side, buy the peanuts with shells. The largest manufactures of peanuts are United States, India, Indonesia, China and Nigeria.

Nutritional benefits

The peanuts has the valuable nutrition that equalizes of eating a nutritious meal. The peanuts provides more valuable compounds that contribute more health gains to mankind in various ways. The peanut is packed with high content of protein and other valuable nutrition like vitamin E, niacin, Manganese, tryptophan, vitamin B3, folate, copper, protein, more than 10 percent of calories. It has high value of manganese and niacin. The monounsaturated fat is present in the peanuts. The anti oxidants are in abundant level in peanut to present huge health gains. The carbohydrates present in the peanuts are comparatively very less and this adds some good nutrition to the diet. Each and every compound present in the peanut has their contribution towards good health maintenance. The anti inflammatory properties are less in peanuts but small of anti inflammatory properties helps to prevent some types cancer.

Gains to Health

• Peanuts helps to reduce weight in a healthy manner without eating any harmful tablets. Most of the nutrition experts tells to the over weight person to add peanut as large amount as possible. The healthy proteins in the peanuts promotes a strong muscles. The research proves that, people who takes peanuts at least twice a week gains less weight than people who avoid peanuts in their food to reduce weight. It is always recommended to eat peanuts either as a snack or add it in the daily dishes.
• The risk of cardio vascular disease is controlled or prevented by taking peanuts in daily diet. Monounsaturated fat is available in plenty in peanuts. Monounsaturated fat helps to protect the heart from stroke and heart attack. Many researches proved in men and women that the peanuts prevents the cardio vascular diseases and maintains healthy heart for long time compared to the people who consume less peanuts. The anti oxidants in peanuts helps to protect the heart from heart related diseases.
• The resveratrol, phytic acid, phytosterols and folic acid have the capacity to prevent cancer and various types of cancer. The studies have shown that it has a power to stop the effects of colon cancer in the body. The research in the peanuts in various formats shown that these peanuts have proved that it prevents the colon cancer at a maximum level in both men and women.
• The gallstones is a commonly spread disease all over the world. The research have been going on for the past few years to know what are the nuts that has a potential to prevent the development of gallstones in women. The peanuts has shown some of the improvement in prevention of gallstones in women. The needed amount of peanuts for example, half bowl of peanuts is enough to get the benefit of preventing gallstones in women.
• Peanut is rich in niacin that has the responsibility to protect from the age related cognitive risk. The old age people have risk of getting this disease. The memory power of the older people will be slowly lowered and the niacin content helps to avoid the cognitive risk coming at earlier stages. The rich content of niacin in peanuts reduce the risk of getting these diseases.
• The rich source of vitamin E in the peanuts creates a healthy skin and acts as a anti oxidant to prevent the body from harmful diseases. The strength of vitamin E enables the skin to protect from oxygen free radicals that damages the cell membranes. The healthy and glowing skin shows the content of vitamin E in the body. The fair complexion and free from infections is the credit of eating vitamin E rich nuts and fruits.
• The niacin content is responsible for blood circulation to the brain and promoted the work of brain functions. If the blood flow to the brain is maintained at normal level, the risk of getting brain related diseases are prevented. The high value of niacin in the peanuts takes an advantage of protecting the brain from harmful diseases.
• When the peanuts are boiled, the anti oxidants level in the peanuts are increased. The anti oxidants are responsible to fight against the dangerous diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Since, peanuts are available in various forms and each and every of peanut by product has a unique health values. The most popular by product of peanut is the peanut butter. The children and adults are consumed in large quantities by adding into their sandwich or bread or with the salad.

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