Water is the best medicine for good health

In this article , the importance of water and how water contributes health benefits to the body are mentioned. Water is the most important fluid needed to flush out toxins from the body. The storage of toxins inside the body leads to common diseases.

Why water is essential

The water is used by all the living things to live in this world. Human body is filled with water in some forms. The fluid is essential for the body to perform the daily process that includes digestion. Each and every part of the body needs blood that transmit fat cells and other important cells all over the body. The muscles is filled with 75% percent of water. In blood 82% of water content is present. The oxygen produced by the lungs has 90% of water. The 76% of water is present in brain. The strongest part of the body called bones has 25% of water. Without water, our body gets dehydrated that causes main severe consequences which includes pain in the body. The dehydration can cause death.

Getting dehydration and symptoms of dehydration

• A person loses around 4 liters of fluid per day in the form of bowel movement, exhales air, sweat and urine. The shocking fact, a person loses around 2 liters of water just by breathing. The sweat and exercise are the next step of losing more content of fluid from the body. The one and only way to replace the lost fluid is by drinking water.
• The first symptom of dehydration is thirsty. Thirsty indicates that the cells losses its fluid content. The final symptom of dehydration is dry mouth. Before the last symptom of dry mouth, take a glass full of water. When a body losses it s fluid content the following symptoms will occur and at that time take few amount of water to prevent the causes of dehydration.

Causes of dehydration

• When a person drinks less amount of water or avoiding water for a long period of time, he will get dehydration.
• Dehydration causes headaches. The headache indicates that body needs lot of water to perform the regular actions. Instead of taking pain killers, drink two glasses of water. This can be a medicine to relieve from headache.
• The dehydration causes dry skin. The skin needs moisture and the water is the best healer to release the moisture in the dry skin and maintains the glowing skin. The film personalities drink lot of water to maintain the glowing skin.
• The hunger and dehydration affects the concentration. Students should drink lot of water to get rid of tiredness and perform the activities to get good score and this applies to adults also. Water is considered as a energy booster to improve the energy level.
• Dehydration leads to bad breath. The bad breath can be cured by drinking water at regular intervals.
• Kidney stones results in horrible pain and no one has a power to tolerate the pain. The water is the best medicine to cure the pain. It prevents the risk of developing kidney stones and urine infection.
• Dehydration can be the reason for back pain, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure and unintentional chronic dehydration.

Water as a medicine

• The water has a power to cure the pain and sickness. In some people, water relieves from abdominal pain. The good health is decided by the quantity and the quality of water a person drinks daily.
• Clear skin is maintained by drinking plenty of water. Water prevents dark circles and pimples.
• The known fact about water is, it removes the toxins from the body.
• The cause of high blood pressure is when the blood vessels has no water to transmit to the cells. Water has a power to control the stress and gives energy to the body. The high blood pressure is controlled or prevented by drinking water.
• To get the glowing skin, water is essential. The toxins in the body is pushed out from the skin with the help of large amount of water.
• The body temperature of the body is maintained to normal and it helps to transmit nutrition all over the body.
• The vitamin D is essential for strong bones and water takes the responsibility of producing vitamin D in the body.
• The most important activity of water is, it prevents kidney stones and decrease the risk of getting kidney or urinary track infections.
• The arthritis or joint pain is the sign of dehydration in the particular joint. The large amount of water intake reduces the problem of joint pain.
• When the cholesterol is raised in the blood that indicates the dry condition of the body. The cholesterol in the blood gets lowered when the water content is high in the blood.
• The loss of water can be the cause of the adult on set diabetes. Water acts as a protection shield against the adult on set diabetes.
• Heartburn can be cured by drinking water. The symptom of heartburn is the scarcity of water in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. The best treatment for heartburn sensation is to get pure water whenever a person feels dehydration.
• The signal of back pain shows that there is less water in the spinal and discs of spinal column. While some of the back pain can be of different causes but dehydration is one of the reason of back pain. Drink plenty of water before applying pain balms or pain killers.
• Angina or heart pain is the sign of dehydration. Heart is the most important part of the body. The functions of heart maintains the health and has the power to protect body from other foreign diseases. The more amount of water should be taken to stop the heart pain or angina.
• The migraine headache is the sign of dehydration that is indicated in brain and the eyes. The low fluid in the eyes and brain should be filled with sufficient amount of water to avoid migraine head ache. If the dehydration is still persists it leads to inflammation at the back of the eyes .
• Asthma is the common diseases that spreads across the world. This disease affects most of the children. Asthma shows that body is dehydrated and it needs more water. Water get rid of asthma.

Healthy hydration guidelines

• Drink water before drinking coffee. The body takes a long gap of getting water at regular intervals. So, it needs water to perform the morning tasks briskly. It also helps to release toxins out of the body. The blood circulation is boosted well if the water is taken at early morning.
• Water should be taken half an hour before food and half an hour after food for healthy digestion. Water is needed to digest food and the complex nutrients are broken into small parts with the help of water to digest the nutrients. Whenever your body feels dehydration, drink water to avoid dehydration.
• It is important to notice that a person drinks at least one liter of water every hour during exercises. The athletes and sports persons will loss at least two liters of water during practice. For them, water is essential to concentrate more on practice.
• Always better to choose the pure water then drinking soda, soft drinks, coffee and other beverages. The doctors recommended guideline is to boil water even though its so clear. The unseen bacteria can cause dangerous diseases. By boiling water, the germs and bacteria in the water is killed and it is always safe to drink it. The packed drinking water is not that much safe but, some companies manufacture pure drinking water and it is difficult to identify it. In many houses the water is filtered and then boiled to make sure that the water is pure to drink.

Water content foods

Nature has given a beautiful gift to mankind. The fruits and vegetables filled with water gives more contribution to our body. The fruit juices has a healthy water content with the sufficient nutrition to protect the body from harmful diseases. Some of the more water content fruits are watermelon, grapes, sweet lime, jackfruit, tomatoes, orange, apple, cantaloupe, strawberries apricot, blueberries, cranberries, grape fruit, cherries, pine apple, plum, pear, banana and mango. The vegetable that are rich in water content are celery, cucumber, radish, spinach, tomato green, peppers sweet, potato white, peas, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and egg plant. The above mentioned fruits and vegetables has more water with the nutrients that gives more energy and unlimited health benefits to the body.

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