Android, A Journey From Apple Pie To Jelly Bean

All of us are using Android based mobile phones in our daily life. All of us know that Android phones are more powerful and capable than other mobile phones. But usually, people don't know much about Android. Even they don't know that it is an operating system like windows or Linux. This article will let you know some basics of Android and its journey from "apple pie" to "jelly bean".

What is Android?

Like we use windows on PC, Android is meant for portable devices like mobiles and tablets. Basically, android is an operating system like windows, MAC os and Linux. However, unlike these operating systems, android is used on mobiles. Android is a Linux based operating system which is owned by Google. Android is gaining fame day by day and on an average there are around 500,000 daily activations of android devices.

Android comes for two devices namely, mobile phones and tablets. For mobiles Android 2.X versions are used while for tablets 3.X is used. The 4.X version can be used for both mobiles and tablets. The 2.X versions of Android were designed for mobile phones having screen size smaller than tablets. On the other hand, tablets' screen size is larger than mobile phones, so 3.X versions were designed specifically for tablets. Also, the interface of a mobile should be different from that of a tablet. Tablet is more like a pocket PC, so its interface should be similar to a PC's interface. On the other hand, mobile phones have an interface much more different than a PC's interface. Because of this difference, two different series of androids were designed, one for tablets and the other for mobile phones.

Versions of Android so far

Android versions for mobiles

Android 0.9 : It was launched 18th of Aug in 2008. It supports 320X480 HVGA resolution.
Android 1.0 : It was launched on 23 Sep 2008 and was called "Apple pie".
Android 1.1 : It was launched on 9 Feb, 2009. It was named as "Banana bread".
Android 1.5 : It was launched on 30 April 2009 and named as "Cupcake".
Android 1.6 : It was launched on 16 Sep, 2009 and named as "Donut".
Android 2.0 : It was launched on 26 Oct, 2009 and named as "Eclair".
Android 2.1 : It was launched on 12 Jan, 2010. The name was "Eclair".
Android 2.2 : It was launched on 20 May, 2010 and was named as "Froyo".
Android 2.3 : It was launched on 6 Dec, 2010 and was named as "Gingerbread". Gingerbread was continuously upgraded in the series 2.2.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6 and 2.3.7.

Android versions for tablets

The 3.X version : The 3.X version was launched in 22 Feb, 2011 and was named as "Honey comb". It various upgraded versions are available as 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.4 and 3.2.6.

Android versions for mobiles and tablets

The 4.X version : The 4.X version was launched in 19 Oct, 2011 and was named as "Ice cream sandwich". It is designed for both mobiles and tablets. The upgrades for this version are 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3 and 4.0.4.
On 27 July, 2012 Android 4.1 was launched with the name "Jelly Bean".

Features of some famous Android versions

Features of FROYO

• Improved speed with JIT compiler
• Screen size 320 dpi, 720 p.
• Flash 10.1.
• Web based android market.
• Automatic updation of Apps.
• Chrome with v8 JS Engine.
• USB tethering

Features of Ginger bread

• Extra large screen size and resolution(WXGA).
• Application and power management.
• SIP internet calling.
• Multiple camera support.
• Mulitouch software keyboard.
• Enhanced gaming features like gyroscope, gravity sensors, linear acceleration, barometer sensors, etc.
• Copy and paste feature.
• Download manager for large downloads.
• Improved graphics and sound for better gaming experience.

Features of Honey comb

• Designed specifically for tablets.
• Supports tabbed browsing.
• Voice and video chat on Gtalk.
• New widgets.
• 3D desktop.
• Google chrome synch.
• Google Map 5 with 3D interactions.
• Private browsing.
• Form auto-fills.

Features of Ice cream sandwich

• Better multitasking.
• Panorama mode is made standard with the camera.
• Respond to calls with text messages.
• Improved browsing allowing you to open 16 tabs at once.
• Beam : A feature that lets your android device to share contents with other android devices just by touching them together.
• Brand new font system called "Roboto".
• Face unlock feature.
• Resizable widgets.

Features of Jelly bean

• Offline Google Maps.
• Offline voice typing.
• Rich push notifications.
• Project butter, that makes Jelly bean to run smoothly.
• Improved notification.

Some more Android versions are yet to come in future. I hope they will maintain the sweetness both in the name and features.

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