Top Ten Tips To Be Successful

In this article I describe how you to be a successful person in your life. What are the top ten important points to be keep in for doing things and getting sure success in life such as time management, personality development, hard work, disciplined and punctuality etc.


Each and everyone wants be successful in his life but only few are become successful. How a person become successful although he has same twenty four hour in a day and same mind given by God. Then what are the things make a person successful? Many people think he has a good luck or fortune, that why he is successful. Now here I am describing ten important tips which make you successful in your life and in all fields.

1. Fix your target

If you decided your target and fixed it, then only one thing remains its achievement. But if you have no target then what will you achieve. It is just like that you purchase the top university form for admission but which course you what to do is not decided then what is the utility of the form of admission. So first decide your target for example if you planned you would be Doctor, then your target fix and you prepare for medical entrance exams and after getting good marks your get good medical college for MBBS course. Without target life goes waste so always fix your new target when you achieve previous one.

2. Time management

Time management is always a very important key of success in any field of life or in life. Each and everyone have only twenty four hours in a day but only a good time manager successfully manage the time for each work and everyone. If you fixed your time schedule then you have no problem and your work completed at time and you are tension free and all are happy with you. But if your time management is very bad and you not give proper time to all necessary things then you are losing many things. For example time table is so important for students for studying there all subjects timely, by using time table students are able to focus on all subjects equally. Utilize your full twenty four hour very intelligently not waste your times because time is price less.

3. Personality development

Personality is the integral part of the human life. Good personality person has get success very easily because their personality attracts the peoples like magnets and the person gets good contacts and links and his works easily done by others. Personality means not only yours out look or physical body; it is the integral of your body shape, size, face, your voice, nature, habits and way of talking to others. So for success you must improve your personality and this is done by adopting the good habits of other and learning the good things.

4. Hard work

Hard work never goes waste. If you do some thing then you must get the result for that work done. If you do your work very seriously then you must get positive result but you do you work without taking it seriously then you must loss something. Hard work means not the tough jobs or laborious jobs, it means you do your work with full of sincerity, dedication and physically and mentally involve in it. For example you teach a class, if you are not sincere and dedicate then you teach students very lightly then students will be fail in your subjects and you record also will be bad. But if you sincere and hard worker then you teach students very intelligently and clarify each students doubts and make them perfect in your subject. Thus your students must get topped in your subjects and your rating increases and you may be promoted.

5. Balance in life

If you fully involved in your professional life then your personal life goes dump and you have no family support for future life. So for become successful in life you must care your personal life also. That why balance in both lives is necessary, you give importance to both and time according to requirement because some time more than normal time is required in the personal and professional life so you must give time as required and make a good balance between them. A successful person is that who are happy in both, professional and personal life.

6. Improve yourself regularly

Improving your self according to the requirement and demand is the important key for successful in your life. For example some years ago computer is not mandatory for many job requirements but now it is necessary for many jobs , so if you don't learn and improve your skills and knowledge according to time the how you maintain your success in life regularly. Success is not like a lottery; once you win you get lots of amount and for short duration you have lots of things and after that you will go to old position. Success is called when you win and maintain your status continuously above than previously. So learn from life always and improve yourself.

7. Think positively

The way of thinking is the decide your future because some are always think negative in all things, for example if they travel by trains, trains will be accident and they will die. They are already died because they have fear in all things and they not want to take risk. If you not take risk then how you will be the successful because only positive thinkers take risk. Negative thinkers says ninety percent chance of unsuccessful where positive thinkers say there are ten percent chance of success and we will be the in ten percent category. So take all things positively and enjoy your life fearless, take risk and get success in your life.

8. Ready for help

If you can then you must always ready for help of others because helping others is very good habit of successful person. Every successful person help others, if you not help others then in the bad situation no one help you. So without thinking the level of person you with open heartily help others. This improves your personality and increases your popularity in the social life of area. Help not always related to money, some has other problems also so being a good person helps the helpless.

9. Disciplined and punctuality

Disciplined and punctual persons are always preferable in the any organization because they know; the person has capability to do work very nicely and timely than others. Discipline makes your life respectful for others and punctuality makes you complete your work timely. These good habits are necessary for the successful person without these a person not get success easily.

10. Believe in your God

God never wants bad of any one, they always provide you a way for success. Some one say God not give me good life but he forget Got provide him life. So you don't complain for many things to God. You must be thank full to God provide you beautiful life and many things in your life. You believe your God, do hard work and focus your target God must help you, as you help others and you get success in your life. Believing in God make you positive thinker and you have always a hope from the God that he will make miracle for you and provide you success in your life.

The above mention tips are very useful for any person who wants to be the successful in his life, so keep these points in mind and do your work sincerely with the focused target.

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