Social Media And Its Uses As A Double Edged Sword

Everything has two sides- good and bad. Social too is not untouched from this truth. There is the all kinds of virtues unto it but one vice of it is falling heavier upon itself. It seems vices are ruling the roast over virtues. All these things happen due to our weaknesses. As to how and why this happens is the topic of discussion of this present essay.

Social media platforms are called the new media which is based on internet and mobile and is such a technique, through the medium of which dialogues are established between institutions, community and groups of people. Social media is being considered the newer form of media. There has been going on one way dialogues with the traditional form of media thus far, although here too, both way dialogues is fast catching up by the readers. As on date, this technique is working in a very effective way in its various forms and shapes. Its examples are internet forums, web blogs, social blogs, micro blogging, social networks, podcast, photograph or pictures, video, rating and social book marking.

Social media- as a platform

It's said necessity is the mother of invention. No matter how several inventions are being ill utilised today but when these inventions were made, humankind had taken those developments to be utilised for the welfare of the mankind. Technical prosperity is indicative of the progress of the human civilization. Growth of civilization evinces the development of the economic, social and political changes. The sovereign acceptance of the invention of the newer avtar of media- the 'Social Media' is enough to tell its utility.

Aspects of social media

We get apprehensive by the sudden spread of canard and falsehood after the spread of hatred and calumny whish trigger rioting and cause people run amuck helter-skelter to save their lives. Assam incidence is one instance in point. The government begins doing exercises of imposing ban on the platforms of social media. Had we protested those messages vehemently then and there, the situation would have been quite different that what it emerged up.

Questions being raised on social media

After the rumour mongering messages of the Assam violence, questions have started being upon the social Medias on account of its role. Banning such a platform, where the facility of protesting any negative thought is available in equally effective measure is like, in a way destructing the freedom of expression. Under such a scenario, in the modern contexts, investing into the role being played by the social media is big issue for all of us.

Social media- a double edged sword

The data of people through the world over using social media platforms has already crossed the 1 billion mark figure which means, every 6 people of the world are using this newer avtar of media. The number of people using it India is 6 crores as of now which is multiplying by day. According to one study of the well recognised and renowned digital marketing agency, the number of people using face book in country is 3.6 crores, ½ of the people amongst them are below 50 years of age. Besides 1 and ½ crore each is the number of people using micro blogging websites, tweeter, and LinkedIn. The use of the social media is increasing in a very faster pace in our country. This has created a sort of magnified online community. This community is free for mutual dialogues on any issue. Here, the people not only can express their thoughts but also have the facility to cancel thoughts f others. These platforms are proving to be a boon for the workforce community.

According to experts, the other aspect (the opposite side of the coin) of the social media makes it like the double edged sword. Many people have started using it to spread hatred and calumny against others who are inimical to their own selfish interests. Since the number of such communities is expanding faster, the use of social media by them makes it a double edged sword.

Increasing dimension of social media

The reach of social media is happening in every sphere in a faster speed. From information to education to businesses, entertainments to technologies, every where it is making dents by deeply entrenching itself down the surface. Through its use, you can get any exact information.
  • Accurate information-first of all: Do you know, where had the information of the tsunami that was triggered after the earth quake of Indonesia had come from first? The news of American attack on Osama Bin Laden's location in Pakistan was flashed first from where? All such big news is coming from the one only source of social media. Wherever you might happen to be and any big event happens there, you immediately put it on the platform of the social media among all the big news headlines, oftentimes the news are included by leafing it out of the social media's platforms of celebrities and big guns or noted actors.

  • The medium of bigger revolutions<: Due to the vast magnitude of outreach of the digital medias like Face book, tweeter, YouTube, blogs podcasts, Google etc its uses and importance has got newer dimensions. This is getting deeply entrenched amongst different age groups and business groups. Your message reaches easily from these Medias to the people. The bugle of revolution was rung in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, and Bahrain through these social media by the people themselves. Many agencies use digital marketing as a powerful method to reach out to their potential clients and target audience.

  • A powerful instrument of election campaigning: Social media has emerged up today as the power symbol with which the leaders and politicians of the world want to attach with. The role of the social media was prominent in the American presidential election and the French presidential election of Nicholas Sarcozi.

  • A forceful pressure group: In order to build up the steam of pressure on the power group, this is a strong medium to know the mood of people. The government is hapless to keep these in good humour. The online groups are very effectively influencing government decisions.

  • Alert consumer: If you want to know about any product, you can post your doubts online. The people using the products would at once quench your thirsts of curiosity and doubts.

Procedure of imposing ban

There is a host server in any part of world of the billion of websites present on the internet. When we search a website on browser, the website opens up in front of us due to the domain name system. The blocking of any website means that when we write down the URL of the website then the browser tells that this site is not available for you.

  1. Provision: Under the IT Act, 2000 (section 69 'A'), government wields the power of blocking any website. But this special right is to be exercised under special conditions.

  2. Steps: The direction of blockages are issued by a competent government servant who is usually the group coordinator in the cyber law department of IT ministry.

  3. How much effective?:
    No matter a website has been blocked on the internet but this could be re-opened with the help of tools, software and proxy servers. This happens so because a particular website is closed for a particular area which could be accessed in the other parts of world.

  4. Ignoring the instructions: Not obeying the rules of the government directives of blocking a website comes under the category of crime as per the IT Act, 2000, section69 'A'. For violating instructions, there is the provision of a jail term for 7 years and financial penalty.

Wrap up

The social media has become a two edged sword. Due to non-implementation of the rules regulating the social media and the lack of its positive knowledge is turning it gradually into a two edged sword. Social media has certainly increased the dialogues between the people. Today, without hesitation, people are capable fully to vent out their views on any issue. It's not the social media but the government which is using its powers like a double edged sword.

Recently, attempts through the digital and mobile networks were made in Bengaluru to spread rumour of hatred creating a sort of a cyber war like situation. Independent India had probably faced up such type of mobile and cyber terrorism. This was for the first time round that such mischief had such a wide ramification in our country. Social websites will have to ensure that their platforms are never used criminal activities. If this is not paid attention to immediately, the nation's unity, indivisibility, and security will be endangered.

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