Cricket Coach 2012 game 5.14 version bugs/glitches

This article is a review about the bugs and glitches that will be faced by users in the best simulation cricket game available in the market, "Cricket Coach 2012" 5.14 version which was released on July 24th 2012.

Cricket coach 2012 was one of the most awaited simulation cricket game by the cricket lovers all over the world. This game is designed by Oli Norwell. The 5.14 version of Cricket Coach 2012 (CC2012)was released on 24th July, which is the most up-to-date version of the game.
I've been playing the game ever since and i am very disappointed to say that the game has not come up to expectations. I personally will give 5\10 for the game.

It is very sad for me to rate a game with so much options to handle, but the game play has so many features to be corrected and added. Oli Norwell is a hardcore programmer and is expected to correct this mistakes as soon as possible.

The main disappointments or bugs in the current 5.14 version are disclosed below:-

1. World Cups (50-over)
The first 50-over world cup that comes in the career mode after the game starts is in the year 2015. Even though the dates are fine in the game, the tournament includes only 8 teams with only 2/3 test nations playing in it and the rest 5/6 slots will be filled by associate and affiliate teams which is pretty annoying considering that 50-over World Cups is one of the precious tournament in the cricketing world.

2. Batsmen Strike-Rates (S/R)
For cricket stats lovers it is a very needful tool to see how quick a batsman score, for that the "Strike-Rates" are really important. Even though the season mode strike-rates are correct the career strike-rates are wrong for majority of batsmen. And the stats for strike-rates can be only seen in the team selection page not in the records page of a player.

3. No Free-Hits
Free-hits is a new born baby to the cricketing community where a batsmen is allowed full license to have a go at the bowler after the bowler has overstepped his front foot on the bowlers crease which is called as a "No-ball". When a free hit is called for the only way a batsman can be declared out is in the form of a run-out. This has not even been added to CC2012 and adding insult to injury, more often you see a batsman getting out the very next ball after a bowler has bowled a no-ball.

4. Running between the wickets
The running between the wickets have been pathetic, even when the team is chasing a big total and when easy runs are available batsmen don run and end up giving a dot ball to the opposition. On the contrary there were many instances where the batsmen tries to take a single even though there is 0% chance of making it to the other end and getting out. This happens even in the test matches.

5. One-Day and T20 International Rankings
Once we play this game for a season or few quite a few days we would be very eager to see how our team is doing in the rankings table. In the first glance everything is ok but when u carefully look at the top team in the list the figures/data are way to overwhelming. The number of matches played by the top team will be double or at times triple or even more than that. But when you see the tours scheduling in the game editor mode the number of matches scheduled for that particular team will be equal or very close to other teams unlike in the rankings page.

These are the major problems faced by anyone who is playing the game. the other minor glitches in the game are:-

1. 2nd XI lining up in the champions league competition rather than the 1st XI
2. Bowlers end run-outs never happen
3. Fast bowlers get way to many wickets in the first 25% of limited overs game
4. Even in aggressive mode batsmen score slowly and the vice-versa.
5. Power-plays doesn't make a difference.
6. Default field setting very useless to normal users

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