How to choose a right career path?

This article explains about the important points that you should consider before selecting a career you must consider points such as your inner strengths, inner interest, economic background and personality or traits. You must also not consider points such as friend's decision, academic results and location. You must decide quickly and seek admission in a reputed institute.

Selecting a right career is not an easy task

If you want to select a right career path, then you must do self-analysis. You cannot select a career path immediately after being impressed by the conversation of someone. Some people plan to choose a particular career because somebody has told them that the monetary gains of the profession is very high. They do not even take into consideration, their strengths and weaknesses. Some people just choose an occupation because their best friends or close relatives have chosen that profession. In this course, they do not consider many points that are important. The person should seriously think about his or her career after thoroughly knowing himself. If he wants to choose a particular occupation, then he should preferably consider the following points:

Points that one should consider before planning for a career


He should possess a strong grasping power in that particular subject. He or she should have the inner interest to study the subject at the core and also should have the urge to work for the betterment of the particular area. For eg. If the candidate is interested in studying medicine, then he should have the inner desire to study about the effect of the medicine on the body. He should also have the interest to research an alternative medicine that can work better for the body. He should get absorbed in the study of the subject. He should never feel burdened to study the subject.


It means that he should have the urge to consistently study about the subject. He should develop a temper for the subject and also should be able to think from that perspective. For eg. If he wants to study microbiology, then he should consistently study about microorganism in every walks of his life. For eg. If he owns a water purifier, then he should observe and find the microorganism present in the water.


He should always decide his career path based upon his personality. His traits or characteristics always indicate his comfort level and his comfort zone. Human personality broadly is divided into two types . a. introvert b. extrovert. If a person is an introvert, then he should not preferably choose a profession that relates to communication process broadly. He should choose such a career that highlights his strengths such as writing, research, painting etc. if he is an extrovert, then he should choose profession such as acting, management, politician, administration or any profession that can highlight his strengths.

Economic background

Although killing one's desire or ambition for the set drawbacks is not recommendable, he should yet decide his career based on his economic background also. He may not be very rich and hence he may not be able to study medicine. Then he can attain a diploma course, and then he can attain a job and then peruse his further studies.

Factors that should not be considered

Friend's decision

Many people choose a particular career path because his or her friend has chosen it. He wants to constantly seek companionship and hence he chooses that career. He does not realize that this decision may ruin his career and life.

Academic results

Many people decide their career or field only based on their SSLC results. If they have scored high in science, then they plan to enter science field without realizing their past performance. He might have scored well in the examination because the paper was set easy. He can neither decide his career based on his overall academic performance also. He may be constantly scoring well in the subject because he can easily read the same points again and again and produce it in the examination. He might have not even understood the concept. He might have blindly studied the subject.

Closeness of the location

Some people enter into a particular field or a college only because the college is situated close to his or her home. But if he does not choose a right college then he cannot seek a good college when he wants to peruse higher studies. You should preferably choose a college that is accredited so that you can seek admission in a reputed institute later on.

Decide quickly

You must decide about your career immediately after passing tenth. You cannot plan before completing tenth grade because you have not actually analyzed yourself. You must fix a goal in your mind and practically prepare yourself to achieve the necessary goal. For eg. If you want to study hotel management, and the course is not available in your town, then you must plan to move to a right location or city that can offer you the course. You should also decide about the institute and study the criteria that the institution requires to seek admission. You must preferably study in an institute that is recognized by the state government and is accredited by the government.

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