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How to recognize a heart attack easily

What is a heart attack? What are the common symptoms of a heart attack? How to recognize a heart attack easily? Due to the over scheduled workload of the busy modern era, people in general are finding it difficult to maintain fully healthy lifestyles. Moreover, the huge amounts of stress and strain from several obligations make people prone to heart attacks. In this article, I will discuss some common signs and symptoms of a heart attack in detailed manner.

The general people have a false notion that heart attacks often happen as depicted in cinemas or films or TV serials. But actually that is not the complete truth. There are many scientific reasons which can help to recognize a heart attack of a person easily. Let us discuss them as follows:

What does generally happen during a heart attack?

The principal cause of a heart attack is the failure of blood circulation to heart muscles. So, when there is a sudden heart attack to a person, you must understand that the blood flow to his heart muscles is either minimized or fully stopped. The blood circulation to heart muscles fails only when a typical blood clot blocks an artery or vein that is connected to the heart. The heart should get oxygen rich blood instantly, otherwise it ceases to function further.

What are the common symptoms of a sudden heart attack?

Some of the peculiar and common heart attack symptoms are as follows:

  1. Any victim of a heart attack is sure to have severe chest pain prior to it.

  2. The victim feels a burning pain exactly at the center of the chest. From the experience of many victims, what I have collected, the pain can be compared to be equal to an elephant's standing on the chest.

  3. Upper abdominal area is sure to have pain for a prolonged period.

  4. Chest pain increases phase by phase.

  5. A victim also feels a shooting pain in the areas of neck, arm, back, shoulders, teeth and jaws.

  6. A victim feels extreme strain in breathing.

  7. There is equal chance for heavy sweating too.

  8. Since the heart beating is decreased at the time of a heart attack, a victim is possible to lose his consciousness on most of occasions.

  9. The victim is sure to have nausea and serious vomiting too.

  10. The diabetic patients either feel less pain or no pain during a heart attack.

Besides these factors, there are also other important reasons due to which the elderly persons are possible to have a heart attack. They are as follows:

  1. A centered burning pain in heart.

  2. Abdominal pain.

  3. Heavy sweating on skin.

  4. Feeling of uncommon tiredness, and nausea.

  5. Feeling of stress and strain in the upper back area, shoulder and neck.

What are the requisites to be done in case of a sudden heart attack?

As per my observation and conclusion, the following tips are best for counter attacking a heart attack:-

  1. Call the emergency numbers like ambulance, major hospitals etc.

  2. When confirm the problem to be a heart attack, you can disperse a "Disprin" or 'Aspirin' tablet in a glass of water and make the victim drink it.

  3. If at all delayed to get the above services, then take the patient immediately to the nearest hospital or a well known hospital at your risk.

Cardiac arrest Vs. heart attack

It is here to be noted down that the heart attack symptoms are not the same for all. It depends upon the severity of the said factors and symptoms to detect and finalize it as a serious heart attack or less dangerous. After you come to a full proof or conclusion, you must follow the due procedures for remedial measures which are explained above.

Another peculiar aspect is: people often get confused to think the "cardiac arrest" to be a heart attack. A cardiac arrest is the stage where the heart stops functioning suddenly. This is a disturbance in the sensitive nervous system of the human body which further causes the failure of blood circulation to the rest of the body.

But the heart attack is where the inward blood flow to heart muscles is stopped. Thus cardiac arrest and heart attack can be termed as opposite in the direction of their happenings.

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