How to edit comments in Blogger blog?

Does your blogger (blog) have lot of spam links with good comments? You may want to keep those good comments and remove those links. But blogger doesn’t provide the direct feature to edit a comment. If you are searching for a method to edit the comment, then this article will definitely help you. It explains the procedure which will enable you to clear the spam links without deleting the comment.


Blogger is the one of the popular blogging platforms. In this platform, there are some popular blogs. Some visitors (bloggers) use these popular blogs to generate traffic to their blogs. They post some irrelevant comments with hyperlinks to their websites or blogs. By this method, their websites' or blogs' page rank will be increased in the search engine. It automatically, diverts the traffic to their blogs.

Blogger gives you the feature either to delete the comment or to mark it as a spam. But it doesn't have the feature to edit a comment which is provided in Wordpress. But the comment can be edited through the Blog's XML.

Procedure to edit the comment

Download the blog:

To download your blog, log in to blogger, you will be directed to the blogger dashboard. In the blogger dashboard, go to Settings and click on Other.
How to export blog?
Then you have the three options under blog tools. They are Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog. Click on Export blog and then click on Download Blog button. Your blog will be downloaded in the xml format to the download location set in your browser.

Editing the XML:

To edit the xml file, right click on the downloaded file and select edit option. Then the file will be opened in the notepad. In the notepad, search for the comment you want to edit by using Ctrl + F option.
Spam comment
For suppose, take the above comment as a comment you want to edit. Then search the notepad for the above content by searching "Good Post…." (or) in the Ctrl + F dialog box.
Editing blogs xml 1
In the notepad, the comment will be identical to the above image. When you find the comment you want to edit, just delete whatever content you do not want in that comment. For example, if you just want "Good Post…." in the above comment, delete everything in between the title tags and the content tags except "Good Post….".
Editing blogs xml 1
After deleting the unnecessary content, the xml will be identical to the above image. This is just an example; make sure that you edit the required comment. If you want to edit two or more comments, make the changes as explained above. Then save those changes in the same file or to another file using save as option.

Importing the saved file:

After the changes were made, you need to import the saved file. Before importing, you have to delete the entire post for which the comments were edited and have to delete comments which were edited to avoid duplication. The post should be deleted from the posts option in the Dashboard and comments from the Comments option. If you want to have a backup, then you can save that post in a separate file. But it is not necessary as the entire post will be published again.
Import Blog
After deleting the Post and the comments (which were edited), go to Settings and click on Other. In the blog tools, select Import Blog. In that window, select the file which was saved with changes, enter the two words and leave the "Automatically publish all imported posts" as selected. If that option is not selected, then select it (check it). Then click on Import Blog. It will automatically publish the post deleted and all the changes made.
Edited Comment in blog
But after importing, just visit the blog and come to blogger dashboard to see the deleted post under Imported posts (In the Posts option). Select that post and click on 'Publish' button to publish that post. Then you can see the changes made to the comments as in the image above.


The only disadvantage with the above procedure is that you will lose the view count to that particular post. But the blog's page views will not be affected. So if do not need view count, then you can follow the above procedure to edit the comments.

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