Considerable things while applying for foreign educational degree

If you have decided to pursue your education from university/country, you might have lot of questions in your mind. How to apply for education in foreign universities/countries? How to choose best foreign university? What will be fee? Here in this article we will discuss all these things regarding completing your education from a foreign university/country.

Completing your education in foreign country will definitely give boost to your career. It can be helpful to earn a respectful for job you and respect in your social circle. Today many students thought to study in foreign countries studies and may are pursuing their PhD/degree courses from foreign universities. Nowadays it is not too difficult to study in foreign universities due to lots of facilities that are available regarding online application forms, financial assistance through educational loans or various types of scholarships that are available today. But we should be more careful while choosing such course abroad, as there are basic differences between education system in India and abroad. Lets took look at some common questions faced by various students while applying for educational course in foreign countries.

What is field of study?

In foreign universities you are required to choose your field of study appropriately. The field of study means the area of specialization, for your studies. It is very different concept when we relate it to education system in India, but not tough to understand. Choose your field of study accordingly. If you want complete your degree in journalism then journalism is your field of study.

What is major and minor field of study?

The field of study is further divided in two parts:Major and minor. The major field of study is the main area n which you will focus more during your study. The minor field of study is the field or subjects related major field of study. To understand this concept fully lets example of completing course in journalism, then communication might be your minor field of study, which is closely related to your major field of study journalism.

How to choose field of study?

Field of study is the most important that you have to take while applying for admission in foreign universities. Because it is the core subject you have study and it might also affect your whole life. It is important to think before choosing a filed of study. The filed of study chosen by should be the field in which you would like to work for. Also it should be interesting to you. If you choose field of study which is not interesting to you then it might end up in mess. The field of study chosen by you should match your personality. Here is the list of field of studies, which are popular nowadays.

  1. Medical.

  2. Psychology.

  3. Computers.

  4. Business.

  5. Electronics.

This is only list of popular fields of study. You can choose from 100s of options available.

Which are the exams that should be given to get admission in foreign universities?

There are lots of exams which are conducted by various authorities to get admission in foreign universities. These exams are not easy to crack and it requires complete knowledge of core subjects and English along with aptitude. Some of the exams which are conducted to get admission in foreign:

  1. For Studying in Australia.

    1. GAMSAT-Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test.

    2. LSAT-Law School Admission test.

    3. ILETS-International English Language Test.

  2. US and Canada.

    1. MAT-Miller Analogies Test.

    2. GRE-Graduate Record Examination.

    3. GMAT-Graduate Admission Management Test.

    4. MCAT-Medical College Admission Test.

    5. DAT-Dental Admission Test.

    6. LSAT-Law School Admission Test.

There are really lot of exams which are required to take admission in foreign universities in respective countries. But above are the exams which are most famous and are applicable to most of top universities in world.

Things to check before applying for admission in foreign universities/countries:

It is difficult task to choose best foreign university for you, due to lack of information. Many students have faced fraud in this case. There are lots of consultancies which are aimed to guide you about foreign education. But it always good idea to do your own research. The important points to be considered before applying in foreign university are:

  1. Check the ranking of university in which you are going to take admission.

  2. Ask your questions and clear all the doubts. Since all the universities give their email id at their website, you can ask your queries directly to concerned person at university. They also provide their phone numbers for queries and you can use these numbers if need arises.

  3. Contact the persons who have completed their education in such university and get real information about university.

  4. First decide the course you want to study and the country you want to study in, then choose the test, as listed above accordingly.

  5. Find out minimum cut offs for different universities and apply accordingly.

  6. Do your research thoroughly before applying or joining any foreign university.

  7. Most of the universities offers special scholarships and grants for foreign students. Always check if you are eligible for any of such scholarships or grants.

  8. If you are not eligible for any scholarships or grants then check for another source to fund your education

Studying in foreign university might be good idea and it will definitely enhance your career. But you should keep aware of the facts like funds required for education in foreign universities, duration of course and other facilities like hostel, library etc. Hope this information will help you while choosing best university for you.

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