Useful tips on how to post articles in the Resource section of ISC

In this article, I will explain some of the effective techniques of posting articles in the Resource section of The passionate writers need to keep in mind that posting articles online in the websites need some simple techniques which has to be followed by them for becoming successful in online writing.


If you are already a member of and if you are interested in posting articles in the Resource section, then you need to understand some guidelines for posting articles in the section. Please remember that writing articles on niche topics using your pen and paper is something very much different from writing online articles. You may be good at writing articles offline, but when you happen to write articles online, you need to learn various things like the keyword usage, SEO skills, proper use of html tags and many more. Here are few effective techniques which you can follow at the time of posting articles in the Resource section.

Give a proper title

Remember that a title of the article is like the head of a person. If the title looks attractive to the readers, then naturally they are prompted to open the page and go through the article. Giving an appropriate title to your article plays a key role in online writing work, so first make your title as effective and attractive as possible. As most of the viewers use the search engines for looking at various articles, it is important to include few keywords in your title which would make your article appear in the search results.

For writing an effective title you need to use some keywords in your title and also you need to avoid the use of too much punctuation in the title. However, while writing a title make sure that your title and the content of the article are too common ones. Remember that you should avoid posting articles on very commonly written topics like 'How to prepare for exams' or 'How to improve your health and similar such topics as posting articles on such dry / saturated topics will not fetch cash credits to you and you will get just few points for such articles. So try to post articles on creative and unique topics as you will be entitled to receive good cash credits and points as well.

To sum up select a title which is unique and make less use of keywords in the title as a title of the resource speaks much about the content, so make sure that your readers could make a rough idea about the content just by looking at the title.

Write an effective summary

Now after you are through with a good title for your article with the usage of keywords in your title, you need to think of writing a good summary for your article. Note that a well written summary will appear in the search engines and a well written summary will prompt the readers to peep into your article. A good summary plays a very important role in writing online articles. However, you need to remember that a summary should not be like a phrase but you need to write in full sentences. While writing a summary it is always better to start with the words like 'In this article, I will explain..' Avoid giving plain summary which lacks attraction and do not just write the summary like a theory.
To sum up:
  • Write a meaningful summary.
  • Do not write just phrases but write full sentences.
  • Do not write the entire summary in upper case letters (capital letters).
  • Do not write the first letter of each word in upper case, but use capital letters only for proper nouns.
  • Try to write a summary without grammatical errors and spelling errors in English.
  • Do not use unnecessary punctuation like commas, exclamatory marks etc in the summary.
  • Do not write too short a summary but try to follow the recommended word limit which is 25 to 50 words.
  • While writing a summary, the main content of the article should reflect in the summary in precise, so that readers can understand what your article is about.
  • Avoid the use of too many keywords in the summary but you can include just one or two keywords.

How to write an effective body

Well, this is the most important part of your article where you need to be very careful while posting the article, lest your article will be moved to pending status repeatedly till you present your article well and follows the guidelines of the site.
  • Do not post too short a content:
    Remember that posting an article with too short a content will move your article to pending status. You need to follow the recommended length for posting an article which should not contain less than 500 words or 25 lines and the maximum limit is 1500 words. In case you choose a topic like recipes or admission notice of educational institutions, in such a case your content can be less than 500 words, however it should not be less than 300 words. The best practice is to make the wise use of words and try to stretch the content to a maximum of 500 words for easy approval. But make sure not to fill the body of the article with unnecessary and irrelevant stuff, as such articles would be immediately rejected.
  • Organize the content with paragraph headings:
    Besides the title and summary of your article, it is even the more important to organize your content into appropriate paragraph headings. These headings play a key role in knowing precisely on what you mean to say in your content. Some times, your viewers might not find time to read the entire length of your article and they try to search for some specific information from your resource. In such a case your readers would find it easy when your content is organized into paragraph headings as they just go through headings only and then make an overall understanding of the article. So make it a point to organize your content into paragraph headings by using the html tags.
  • Use of html tags in your article:
    Make use of the basic html tags in your content for a better formatting and well presentation of the article. The tags that you need to use mostly in your articles are:
    • Use h2 tags:
      These tags are mainly used for paragraph headings and it is a good practice to make use of these tags. Remember to put these within anchor brackets like <h2>Paragraph heading</h2>, otherwise, the website cannot read it in the right manner. Make sure that you have closed the tags properly, lest the entire text will appear according to the tags you have used. So closing the is very important. For presenting your article in the best possible way, you need to organize the content into paragraphs by using the h2 tags.
    • Bullet / numbering tags:
      You can also make use of bullet html tags or number tags if you think it is necessary in your content, otherwise it is not a mandatory to use these tags. While using the bullet tags, make sure that you are closing the 'li' tags properly. Otherwise it will create extra spacing in the content and your article will be pending till you correct the mistake and resubmit the same.
    • Use of bold tags:
      As per the updated guidelines, you are not supposed to use the bold tags for highlighting the keywords, but you can use these tags for highlighting certain important words or phrases or sentences in your content. Avoid the use of too many bold tags in your content which is not appreciable by the viewers. You should also avoid using bold tags for sub-headings in a paragraph heading instead you need to use either bullet or numbering or underline tags for the sub-headings in your content.
    • Underline tags:
      You can use these tags in a normal way either to underline the sub-headings under a paragraph heading. You can even use underline tags for highlighting those words or phrases or sentences in your article which you feel are important and worth underlining. However, remember that using too many underline tags is not a good practice of online writing. So you need to limit your usage of this tag.
    • Italic tags:
      You can even make use of italic tags depending on the words in the content. In general words that are taken from local language are put in italic tags. For instance, for writing the word 'darshan' which is a Sanskrit / Hindi word, you need to make use of the italic tags and write the word like this: 'darshan'. However, you can even use this tag for showing some important words or phrases in your content.
    Other than these basic tags, it is not necessary to use various other html tags in your article.
  • Use of links:
    Remember that you are not allowed to use any external links in your article. But you can make the best use of interlinking of your articles or other articles within the site. And such an interlinking of your own articles or even articles written by other members of this site is a good practice which helps in driving good traffic to your articles. So try to interlink your articles one with the other in this site.

    While interlinking your articles of this site, make sure that you are removing the name of the main website. For e.g., when you copy the whole URL of one or two of your articles to be linked in a specified article of yours, then you need to remove this link of the main website '' and let the other part of the url remain as it is. And then you need to use the html tags for interlinking <a href='url of the resource after removing the name of the main website'>Resource</a>. Here is an example of how to interlink an article:

    If the target url is then the syntax will be -
    <a href="/resources/12345-Example-interlink-resources.aspx">Example of interlink in resources</a>.
  • Reproducing or copying content from other sources should be strictly avoided:
    Yes, you need to post only self-written content in this site and this is very important to keep in mind. You are not supposed to either reproduce content from other sources, even though it is your own content but posted in other site. Such a practice should be avoided. You are even not allowed to post one or two lines copied from other sources with an exception of using the quotes of famous personalities or some technical / scientific terms. Make you content fully a self-written one for an easy approval from this site. If you want to become a successful writer of the site you need to keep this most important thing in your mind.
  • Use good English without grammatical and spelling errors:
    Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your content. An article written in poor English can be rejected, so try to use good English language in your content. If necessary use the spelling checker and grammar checker that appears on your right side to avoid errors if any.
  • Use capital letters in the appropriate words in your content:
    You need to use capital letters for the right words like for proper nouns in your content. For instance in words like 'India', 'Mahatma Gandhi' and in other such words the first letter should be in upper case. While for other words other than proper nouns, it is not correct to use the first letter in upper case. For example, for words like 'capital', 'river', 'cricket' and in other such nouns, the first letter should not be written in upper case.
  • Write a resource on a unique or creative topic: Please note that an article on a very common topic might be either rejected or would be given very less cash credits and points in ISC. Hence you need to select a topic which is not too common and the content should be something creative or unique which does not very commonly appear in the search engines. So avoid posting articles that very frequently appear on too many sites or blogs and try to make your content as unique and creative as possible for better cash credits and points in the ISC and for driving a good traffic your article as well.

How to insert images

Inserting images in your resources is yet another important thing to keep in mind. However, you need to insert an image or images to your article only if required other wise you can just post your resource with out any images too. In case you intend to insert an image or images, then you need to follow these steps:
  • Click on the 'insert images' option provided at the right side bottom of the article body.
  • This will take you to the required page where in you have to choose the selected file.
  • Once the image is uploaded you have to give an appropriate search engine friendly title to the image.
  • Then if you want to display the image as an attachment below your resource, then you need to check the appropriate box in the Attachment Options. If you want to display the image, leave it to the default checking in the options.
  • Now you need to re-size the image and the recommended size is 400 pixels. Please note that it is always suggested to place smaller images in the resources.
  • Once you are done with it you can click the 'submit attachment' which will open the page with the uploaded image and the url of the same.
  • Now you need to copy the Image link / the url of the image and then click on the 'Embed image in article'.
  • This will take you to your article wherein you can paste the image url in the required place and then submit the article. That's it.
Please note that inserting too many images in a resource with less content is not a good practice and there are chances of rejection of such articles as well. So it is suggestible to insert one or two images only and not too many.. Also please make a note that you are not supposed to make hot linking as well as it creates copyright issues.

Finally some do's and don'ts

Finally let me sum up the whole thing and give you some dos and don'ts in precise for article posting in the resource section.

  • Post content on a unique and creative topic and write a good title for your post.
  • Write an effective summary with very less usage of keywords. Remember that the summary should not be a repeat of the title and it should not be repeated in the content as well. But the summary should tell the entire post in brief.
  • Organize your content into proper paragraphs with headings and sub-headings.
  • Make use of the html tags wherever necessary.
  • Try to interlink your own resources of this site.
  • Either underline or highlight the words or phrases or sentences that you feel important in your content.
  • Insert few small images if required.
  • Do not choose topic which are very common.
  • Avoid using unnecessary punctuation in the title, summary and content as well.
  • Do not use too many keywords in the summary and avoid highlighting the keywords with bold tags in the content.
  • Avoid the use of too many images in your content.
  • Do not use too many underline tags or bold tags in the content.

A suggestion at the conclusion

If you are not much used to online writing, then I would suggest you to first go through the articles of the members on their experiences in ISC and their success stories as well, so that you can find it easier to understand much about IndiaStudyChannel and this would be quite helpful to you in making the best use of this site. And once you nearly become perfect in the art of writing resources, you will no more find it difficult to post articles in this great site.

And when you reach the gold level of membership in IndiaStudyChannel, you will be eligible to apply for revenue share program by applying for an Ad Sense account. However, you need to meet the eligible criteria of this site for applying for the same. And if you are applying for Google Ad Sense account through ISC and want to get your Ad Sense account approved a bit easier, then you need to know and understand the tips for getting your Ad Sense account approved easily through ISC.

Article by Kalyani
Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. She is an active lead editor at for over 2 years. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. She also strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Go through the image posting guidelines for a better understanding on how to post images in the articles.

You are not supposed to attach the images that are copyrighted. However, you can get the images mostly from wikipedia and then mention the source of the image below the attachment, as a courtesy. However, attaching self clicked images is the best thing.

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Vijay Gir
You are not supposed to use too many underline tags in your articles but limit it to twice. This article on useful tips is a featured article which is posted in view of helping the members who are interested in contributing in the Article section. Hence to stress certain important points, underline tag is used several times.

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