How to prepare for GATE exam?

In today's world of competition, everyone wants to complete there education from reputed institutes. Completing your education through reputed and well known institute means you are ensuring great career opportunities for you. GATE is the one such exams which gives you chance to get admission in reputed institutes like IITs,IIScs and NITs. In this article I have tried to give answers to the questions like How to prepare for GATE? What books should I use for preparation of GATE? Why to appear for GATE? etc.

GATE- short form of Graduate aptitude test for engineers, conducted by one of the IITs or IISc each year. This exam is very important exam as most of the students who have completed there engineering or about to complete it in next six months will give this exam, intending to get admission for higher studies in various reputed and well known institutes across India. These institutes include IITs, IISc, NITs, BITs and others reputed institute. The competition is really tough here and this exams aims to test in every area of your engineering core branch and other general subjects like aptitude and English skills etc. GATE is not only for engineering students. Students from other streams of science can also give GATE to take admission for various master degree courses at above mentioned reputed institutes in India. This article will be helpful for all the students who are appearing for GATE exam through their various streams of science.

Why should we give GATE at all?

Before starting our preparation and making any plans we should think about one common question, why should we GATE at all? The answer for this question may ignite the fire within you and you will try your best for GATE exam.
First of all let me clear one thing. Whenever I visit some good quality educational portal including, ISC I see lots of questions regarding what should I do after completing my engineering? I wonder how students in such very goo colleges are in confusion about their future. There are only three things that can be done after completing your engineering:

  1. Get higher education, in field of your interest, either MBA or M.Tech.

  2. Get a job and be busy with that. It is easy to get one through campus placements but if you didn't get it there, then it is very difficult to get job. Or start your own business

  3. Sit at home, watch movies and TV, enjoy your life.

Do you think there are much options other than above mentioned? This article is for the students who chose first option as mentioned in above list. There are very important reasons to prepare and get good score at GATE:

  1. A good score in GATE will place you in some of the reputed institutes in India for your further education. Which you will get highest salaried job with respect and good career opportunities.

  2. It is chance to beat the best students in engineering all over India, and show your talent.

  3. Most of the Public sector companies are using GATE score to recruit the right candidates.

  4. To test and improve skills in the subjects in which you have completed graduation.

  5. To get advantage of having another extra curriculum activity with you when you are applying for job.

So these are few reasons to appear for GATE.

How to prepare for GATE?

GATE is very tough, believe me, I don't want to scare you about this exam, but I want to tell the truth. If you see the previous years question papers you will agree with me. It tests you completely, your intelligence, ability to solve problem, skills acquired in previous graduation and patience. There are about 15 lakhs students who are appearing for GATE for every year. But don't get feared of them, it is whole number of students who are appearing for GATE for about 25 papers conducted by GATE. GATE is not like our university exams in which (most of us) read for 15 to 30 days and get good score. GATE requires complete study and complete understanding, but only in few subjects. Yes there are some subjects which are very important in accordance with getting good score in GATE. Here are some tips to prepare for GATE:

  1. Decide your goal. In which college do you want admission for your higher studies. Once you decide you this it will be also easier for you to know the required marks for getting admission in to such institutes. And after you have decided no. of marks to score it will be easier to decide which subject or areas should be focused by your more, to get required marks.

  2. Get hard copy of GATE syllabus for your particular subject. Also check for distribution of questions and marks in every of GATE paper.

  3. You will notice there are some topics on which you can expect more number of question and there by good marks.

  4. Try to identify such topics and start your preparation accordingly.

  5. It is always advisable that you should not use your reference or text books for graduate studies. It contains more content than required for GATE. You will end up in mess and confusion.

  6. Try to buy some standard books which are meant for GATE, from good publishers and reputed authors.

  7. Start preparing concept wise instead of chapter wise or subject wise. Why? because GATE focuses more on basic concepts than you ability to memorize. If your basic concepts are clear you will solve the problems easily and can understand them easily.

  8. Make time table for GATE. Give some fixed timing for studying only GATE syllabus. Avoid wasting your time in other things which are not meant for you. Also avoid leisure for six months.

  9. Get all the previous years question papers with solution. It is advised to use printed material as they are required to refer more ad more while we are studying.

These are tips to start your study. Remember it is better to start preparing for GATE as soon as possible. More time you will spend for preparation more will be your score and more will be chances of getting admission in reputed institutes.

These are tips for whom starts preparation early. But what about those who either don't have that much of time to spend in early days. Wait. I have solution for them also. In next section we will see how to prepare for GATE before one month of exam?

How to prepare for GATE before one month of exam?

There are some students who always want to prepare at last minute. For these students here some important tips to prepare for GATE exam. Also some may not get time to start their preparation earlier due to many reasons like due to their job or academics schedule. Then

  1. Try to start from easy topics, due to shortage of time.

  2. Get previous year question papers and solve them, understanding the concept behind each question.

  3. Make use of short notes or ready-made notes, in this stage you don't have time to prepare your own notes.

  4. Avoid other things, except study, if you want success in GATE.

  5. Start from easy subjects and complete each subject in either two or three days. Give definite time for each subject.

  6. Do not download and try to study from online notes or soft copies. It will not give you time to practice and revise the syllabus.

  7. Decide fixed to deadline according to your syllabus and prepartion and stop preparation at that point. After that you must start revising syllabus which you have already studied for GATE.

  8. Don't try on new subjects or new concepts in revision period, as there are more chances of confusing yourself.

These are some tips to crack the GATE. You will have to use your own mind and plan your schedule accordingly. Try to give some fixed timings for each task that are must for you. If possible avoid everything prepare and think only for GATE. Because once you crack GATE with high percentile not only you but all the people around you will praise. Ignite the fire within you and get in to battle to win it only.

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