How to deal with one's boss?

Do you come across a lot of problems dealing with your boss regularly, do you feel like leaving your job because your boss does not like you or do you want to find out how to build a healthy relationship with your boss? This article will give you some useful tips on how to deal with your boss successfully and what you need to do to excel in the corporate life and to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss.

While there are relationships there would be problems. Hence a new concept called relationship has emerged in the life of humans. It has many dimensions and each of these are very much related to the humans. In the rigmarole of daily life, very often relationships get complex in nature irrespective of the fact whether one is aware of the same or not. Sometimes the reason for this is mishandling of things and situations of life while at other times it is simply due to lack of patience.

Relationship with one's boss

In the professional life one tends to do job hopping for better packages, better housing allowance etc. But if one sits down patiently to scrutinize things with the help of a magnifying glass one would find, that job hopping is also there in certain percentages due to the relationship one shares with one's boss. Those who face this problem in their life may sometimes get the notion that the degrees and certificates earned over the years are of no use to them because they simply lack the art when it comes about managing their bosses properly. It seems things would have been much easier for them if there was the opportunity of any such course like the boss management course which would have made things easier for them. Jokes apart, believe me seeding a healthy relationship with one's boss in not that a difficult subject which needs a lot of research, studies and thesis. With a little bit of intelligence and a certain amount of tolerance one could have a good command over it.

Tips on dealing with one's boss

While one is in the professional field one has to deal with his/her boss. One needs to accept this fact and then roll along in the corporate field. Being clear about certain things in life really helps one to be prepared psychologically and this itself unfolds even ways in the future course of life. Let us check out some of the important tips on how to deal with one's boss wisely:

  1. Having mutual respect: What is a life without being positive in one's outlook? Hence, live with a positive attitude and be positive while communicating and sharing with others. First, as an employee one needs to understand that both the bosses and the employees are humans. Therefore, it is that much essential to have mutual respect for each other. The best way an employee could pull off with the situation is to prove himself/herself with the kind of work he/she does.

  2. Do not fear to face challenges: Challenges are part and parcel of modern life. If your boss is in trying to introduce a new concept and thoughts in work there is no harm in it. One should avoid oneself from talking about the past failures and should encourage him for his new project. Even if it means accepting new challenges in one's work one should give it an impersonal bent of mind and think how to make it a successful one. One should refrain from speaking out negative thoughts like "It is not possible" etc. Besides, one should also appreciate one's boss for introducing new concepts in the work. The best possible way is to remain open minded and hope for the very best in the future.

  3. Stay away from ego: It is very much possible in the corporate field that one may have a greater amount of experience than his/her boss. One may be in a situation where a boss is younger than himself/herself but one should try to avert ego cropping between them. One may be more experienced or elder than the boss but he/she have no right to look around the world as something very small. It would be more than better if one gives it a total different look. The good thing is that the boss is coming up with new ideas to implement and discharge in the work place. One needs to find out if the boss is tech savvy because if he is it is also very good sign for the employees. One needs to update oneself with the knowledge of technology, and it would certainly benefit in the long run. Here, both the boss and the employee could work together and their relationship would improve. If one respects one's boss, seniors and juniors then in turn he/she also get respected by others. It is important to be positive in one's thoughts and with this weapon alone one could even be the best employee of an organization. Along with this, things like promotions and increments are also become very much possible.

  4. Share with your boss: If any innovative thought or idea crosses over one's mind one should not hesitate to share the same with his/her boss. One need to make his/her boss aware of the capabilities and experience one has. It would be better if one does it in an informal way rather than in formal meetings. One should also make sure not to reveal the limits one would like to know or the limits of one's capabilities because this could hurt the boss.

  5. Accept the new platforms of work: One may have been habituated of doing a particular type of work for sometime but one needs to accept the new nature of jobs coming on one's way. One should not express or explain one's discomfort when it comes about accepting new types of work. Truly, there is no harm in accepting the new type of work evolving with the development of technology. In fact, this would make one update according to the need of the new generation of corporate level of work. One needs to accept the new type of works as a new platform to learn. Once or twice it may shiver one's hand but with time and practice one may even be the best performer. The more one involves oneself with work the easier he/she becomes with the boss. This may even increase the comfort level in the future.

  6. No wrong in saying sorry: If one makes any mistake at work he/she should feel comfortable to say sorry. If one does not know any particular type of work he/she should not be hesitant to say that he/she does not know that particular work. But one should also include the phrase that he/she wants to learn the work provided an opportunity is given. If any junior comes to explain the work then one should not be fool enough to bring in an ego complex because it would only prevent one from learning the work properly. To prevent the juniors surpassing one in a particular work it is better for one to learn the work. Hence, there is no harm in learning while there are people around one to help out with the same.

  7. Let one's work speak for oneself: The more accurate one is with his/her work the more good it is for the employee-boss relationship. One's quality and hard work would be realized by the boss and he would rely on the employee more in the future. Only exchanging sweet words with the boss with no work would not help one in the long run. This would only prove in the long run that one is good for nothing.

  8. Be friendly, be responsible: Whatever assignments are given by the boss one should complete it with responsibility. If one has any problems he/she should inform about it to the boss. If one needs to lead a project one should harvest good relationship with the team mates too. These simple things help one to do his/her job properly and also earns a good name around in the official scenario.

  9. Saying no is important: If one's boss comes up with a bold proposal then one should not hesitate to tell a straight forward no. One should avoid it from sharing it with other employees and take the proper initiative to inform the Human Resource department about the same. One should let his/her boss know that he/she is a true professional and only follow professionalism at work.


Bosses are like one's supervisors and they vary in their individual characteristics. Some employees claim their bosses to be difficult boss, abusive boss, mean boss, bad boss etc. But one thing that is common to all the boss is that they are humans and are made up of human blood and fleshes. As a prudent employee of any organization or firm one needs to have some layout or plan to deal with them. A good knowledge about the behavioral characteristics of the bosses and acting accordingly helps a lot in the long run. Certainly, it is difficult to come along with tips which would be applicable to all the bosses around but there are certain ones which are applicable to all. Though one cannot change one's boss but one has the full right and control on oneself to act according to the situations and have things in one's control. Definitely, it saves one from the headache of frequent job hopping and a lot of psychological pain and worries. Now it is your turn to understand your boss and follow some important tips which could breathe in a healthy relationship between the two of you which would help you in the long run.

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