Top 6 hygienic educations for your children

If you want your kids to learn good hygienic habits from an early age, then this article is the best solution for your good purpose. It is very beneficial for the children to learn and maintain good hygiene. But teaching the kids with hygienic practices is not that easy. You must provide hygienic education to your children from a very early age if you really want them to be groomed into practices quickly. Here are some basic hygienic rules for your kids that will give him a healthy life forever.

Children are known for their unwillingness and reluctance to hygienic habits. It is really tough to teach them anything good by words. If you ask your children to do something, then you cannot be pretty sure of its proper execution. Because of the different climate situations at different times, children do refrain themselves in getting habituated to a certain hygienic rule. But if you want to make them have a lifelong healthy life, then teach your kids the following hygienic educations from a very early age so that you don't have to push them much while they grow up.

What are the best hygienic rules for kids?

Washing hands and hair properly

If you start teaching your kids about hygienic rules, then hand washing is the best practice to begin with. You must train and encourage them to wash their hands properly before and after having foods, after returning from playground or garden, after using toilet etc. Show them exemplarily and practically how to wash the hands properly by rubbing and using a soap or sanitizer. Remind them to wash their hands again when you wash your hands too. This will put them into a regular habit and they would never miss it in life. By doing so they will be able to avoid the infection of germs and stay healthy ever.

Similarly, hair should be washed properly too. Because it is the place of breeding place for germs and blood sucking lice. If your children suffer from cold and coughs due to regular hair washing by soaps or shampoos, then do it once every Sunday or twice a week. Proper hair washing removes the dandruff, bad odor of hair and lice.

Washing the oral cavity properly

The next step is to make your kids brush their teeth twice a day like you- morning and night. Teach them on this subject and inspire them to complete the brushing process by giving suitable scientific reasons. The best method is to allow them brush while you are brushing. Show them practically how to wash the teeth by brushing both inner and outer surfaces. After the brushing is complete show them how to wash the mouth cavity properly by gargling water three or four times by performing yourself.

Proper bathing and dressing

Bathing properly on a daily basis should also be imparted to kids if you want them to remain neat and clean. Children never get ready by themselves to take a full bath and have a clean body. So, it is imperative for the parents to inspire and encourage their children to be more health conscious and get habituated with regular bathing in time. Provide some amusements, jokes or funny things that will make them complete their bath nicely.

After bathing they need to be dressed up nicely too. It becomes a very rigid matter for the parents especially for the moms to dress up their kids daily. They want their kids put on dresses on their own which is not immediately possible. For that purpose, you have to teach them how to put on dresses for schools, playgrounds or festive occasions. Teach like a concerned and affectionate guardian to wear good looking and comfortable clothing and you will see your children mature quickly and remove your burden!

Cutting the nails at regular intervals

Nails are the breeding hub of germs and diseases. If you and your kids are to stay healthy and safe, then you must train them to cut their nails at regular intervals, especially once or twice a week. Never let the nails of your children grow which allows deposits of dusts and dirt under it and thus making a soothing shelter for the harmful germs. These germs are the generator of many infectious diseases in the human body. So, if the kids learn to take care of their nails by themselves, they will be secure from any such infection.

Properly ear and nose picking

Remember to pick the ears of your kids at equal intervals and take out the earwax to keep it clean with healthy hearing. If earwax gets stockpiled, then it will definitely lead to serious hearing problems. Gradually if it is not applied proper treatment, the issue becomes permanent and the kids are sure to become deaf.

Again, children have the habit of picking their noses with fingers. Restrict you kids from doing so and tell them to do it with a wet towel while bathing. Picking ears and noses with fingers in front of general public is not a courtesy at all. Kids should learn to pick their noses and ears privately at home.

Sneezing and coughing with courtesy

When you teach and train your children the hygienic educations, you must also tell them to maintain a courtesy while doing so. Since sneezing and coughing are unstoppable and inevitable, you should teach the children to use a handkerchief especially for this purpose or the disposable tissue papers which are available in the market. If you choose a handkerchief, then remember to wash it frequently in the day and give substitute ones to your kids. But if you use tissue papers, you must dispose it off safely in your garbage dustbin which is situated away from your home so that it does not spread anything bad to others. If the children learn the habit of sneezing and coughing with courtesy, then they will surely be very gentle in respect to others in future.

Additional hygienic educations for children

In the end, here are some additional hygienic health education tips for your kids. Note these down carefully and put into practice for quicker results:-

  • Never allow your kids to go outside on a bare foot.

  • Never indulge yourself in playing with their private parts while bathing or in public. This will lead to their automatic interest in bad habit in future.

  • Teach your kids to wipe off the toilet seat properly by using the flushing tap.

  • Show your kids how to wash the bathroom properly after completing the bath.

  • Impart necessary educational tips regarding behavior, courtesy, punctuality and discipline from TV show or tales for improving their standard.


Author: K Mohan01 Feb 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Very good effort on the part of the author to educate the children with very good tips for keeping hygienic and that is very important. Now a days the schools are also taking extra care to keep the students trim and fit. Washing the hands after playing is very important. Now a days in Hyderabad there is fear of swine flu spreading across the city. Doctors are advising the children to keep the hands washed and also wear mast covering the mouth. When ever other person is sneezing, ask the children to keep away. So following the health tips like the above is very important for any children.

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