Benefits of drinking water

What are the scientific reasons and benefits of drinking more water? What are the necessities of water? Why water plays an important in the existence of life? Can water solve many day to day health issues? Well, if you are rolling your head around these queries, then here is the article that answers all of your questions at one go. In this article, the author describes the usefulness and necessities of water and lightens upon the scientific reasons to drink more water in detailed manner.

Like any other important factors of life's existence, water plays the vital role in human life. Air is important for respiratory process in the body and the water is very much essential for maintaining the preparation and circulation of blood and other body fluids which provide power and stamina. So, it becomes a mandatory obligation for each and every man to drink sufficient amount of water daily. Although drinking more water cannot increase your bank balance or give you a promotion in your service, still it can afford to give you the best health results which are impossible to measure in terms of monetary factors. Let us explain these reasons in detail.

Top 6 benefits and reasons to drink more water

Water can prevent cancer

Are you surprised after reading the heading? Yes, it is possible. As per a recent scientific research, the following facts have been revealed:-

  • If you habituate yourself in drinking two glasses of pure water before taking foods, then certainly you can control consuming large amount foods. This can help you in stopping the increase of obesity.

  • If you drink sufficient amount of water, then you can definitely stop the chances of dehydration and sunstrokes.

  • If you drink more water, then it can safeguard the heart and minimize the chances of a heart attack too.

  • By drinking more water, you can lessen the risk of cancer. Because scientists have proved that if you hydrate your body adequately, then the risks of breast cancer, bladder cancer and colon cancer can be minimized and controlled to a higher extent.

Water can provide faster metabolism

Since the body fluids and blood circulation is the main process to maintain and boost metabolism, water eases it with its nature of liquid state. If you drink more water, then all the required chemical reactions take place faster than usual and help in maintaining the life. Not only this, but also drinking water can help minimizing the amount of deposit of fats in the body and thereby reduce the obesity to the required extent. A recent scientific research has concluded the fact that drinking more water can increase the metabolic rate by 30% which applies to both- men and women. So, no sincere health concerned person should neglect in drinking more water.

Water can prevent body strains and aches

If you drink water according to the need of the body, then certainly you can stop the strains and pains which occur due to the shortage and lack of flow of fluids in the body. Water creates and facilitates the fluid flow to provide you sound physical movement round the clock.
Another good benefit of water is the lessening of headaches, especially the migraines. Scientists have practically proved by testing some migraine patients that if you drink water more than your drinking capacity, then you are sure to experience a lessened pain than others. Thus, water helps in decreasing the intensity and severity of headaches as well.

Water can improve your brain

Science concludes that the human brain needs a lot of Oxygen power to make it fertile and proactive to any decision making process. Since the chemical composition of water is H2O i.e. 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom make a water molecule, you have to drink sufficient water to provide aid to the brain mechanism. Drinking more water can definitely uplift the level of performance of your brain and help you in making the tough decisions easier. The best way to consume more water is to drink frequently, not at a time so that you feel heavy and reluctant to move from your place. Drinking water by phases not only keeps you hydrated but also it makes you feel mentally cool and satisfied.

Water can help you save money

In India, we know how things have become dearer in the market. If you always prefer cold drinks, Colas, Pepsis, sodas, fruit juices or smoothies, then you can easily calculate how much you spend daily for these items. My sincere advice for you is: you can replace these items with glasses of refrigerated water on your dining table. Even if you buy mineral water bottles from the market, you can save reasonable amounts of rupees in your pocket. Another good idea is to buy a water filter or even filter paper and purify your water before drinking. These means are easy to practice and sure to save your hard earned money. It is always the best to make water as your first choice for drinking.

Water can keep you fresh and active

If you ever fail in consuming sufficient water, you may have to pay off high for it. Because when there is shortage of water in the body, we are prone to being dehydrated especially in a hot country like India. After our working hours, we generally feel tired and excessive fatigue can cause a loss of consciousness unless water is consumed at frequent intervals. So, to avoid the tiredness and dehydration, we must drink water more to keep us as fresh and active as ever.


After having discussed all the scientific causes and benefits of drinking more water, I hope you have understood my purpose of narrating the whole subject matter. The final statement is: drinking more water is not that tough to practice, but people just do not get addicted to this common sense. Sometimes our little negligence can result in a horrible consequence like death! Yes, no surprise at all! Thus, to be healthy throughout life, one of the basic principle is to ensure you drink as much as you eat. That will definitely help yourselves and I will be thankful to myself for having conveyed you the message.


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