Ten Healthy Foods for kids

Most children now a days want to eat only junk food which is not good for their health. Here are 10 nutrional food items for children which are tasty and healthy too.

These days most of the kids are getting habituated to junk food rather than healthy home food. There are many veggies available to us easily in the market and are healthy for kids. Here I gave 10 foods which keep your kid healthy and fit.


Paneer is rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A & C and milk proteins. Paneer doesn't contain Cholesterol or Saturated Fats. The quantity of calories which can be provided to children depends on the type of foods you prepare with paneer. Through salads or just cooking dishes cannot give perfect number of calories. So prefer food items which are fried well along with paneer. Soya, Peas, Groundnuts added in these food items then it becomes healthier. Generally in Indian food items we use these commonly but we should add them in high content for children. Add Groundnuts and any Pulses in Upma to make it tastier and heathy. You can even make Paneer Paratas. Soya can be used in many curries. If you kid loves spicy junk food then you can prepare Soya Manchuria. These recipes are quite easy and can be quickly prepared. Palak Paneer, Aloo Paneer, Chicken Paneer etc are few famous paneer recipes.

Methi / Fenugreek

Green vegetables are healthier than vegetables. They are rich in Iron, Vitamin A, C & E, Folic acid, Calcium etc. Methi is rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C & A, and Sodium. As the taste of methi is soar, it doesn't attract kids. So add them in other curries. You can prepare Methi Paratas and add with any spicy curry, so that methi taste doesn't come out. Aloo Methi, Methi with tomatoes are tasty curries which are tastier with Rotis/Chapathis. You can even add methi in non vegetarian food like chicken and fish.


Tomato is the 2nd highest used vegetable all over the world. Tomatoes contain anti oxidant named Lychopen, which can help us from cancer and heart problems. Tomatoes even contain Vitamin C & A. In boiled tomatoes we get much higher quantity of Lycopen than uncooked ones. Kids love to have raw tomatoes, let them have it. Even they are healthier. After tomatoes Carrots are the healthiest food available. They contain Beta-keratin. Once it enters into our body it converts into Vitamin A, C, E & B. Carrot contains Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Iron and Magnesium. Tomatoes can be cooked with most of the vegetables and even with Green Leafy vegetables. Do not have tomatoes with Palak much, that may lead to stones in the Kidneys. When you want to have any different taste with Palak you can try it. Tomatoes can be even used in Salads or Sandwiches. In Salads or Sandwiches just add few Cucumber, Onions and any toppings which can make them tastier and healthier.


Chicken is the healthiest envy item available. Chicken contains less Cholesterol and Saturated Fats. Through chicken we can get Vitamin A, E, K & B, Iron, Calcium, and Sodium. Most of the kids love to have chicken. Alternative healthy non vegetarian foods are Fish and Eggs. Both contain Proteins in high quantity, low Fat quantity and even Carbohydrates. Even Potassium and Sodium are available in them. There are many Egg, Fish and Chicken recipes by which you can serve your kids. If they love to have spicy then prepare any Manchuria, Fry items, or any Biryani. Having a boiled Egg daily is very healthy to kids. If they love to have in sweet then prepare a Caramel. Daily a boiled egg may make your kids feel bored to eat. You can make Egg Sandwich, Salad or Bread Omelet etc.

Wheat flour

Food items made with Wheat flour is healthy to all ages. Most of the states in India use Wheat four in their daily diet. Wheat contains Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamin E & B, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Wheat doesn't contain any Saturated Fats or Cholesterol so we can have them for weight reduction as well. Daily if we have any item prepared with wheat flour can keep us fit and healthy. Kids mostly like to eat Chapathis/ Phulkas/Poori with Jam. So let them have 1 or 2 Chapathis daily in the breakfast or in the dinner or even after they return from school. If they like to have some different then you can make Chapathi rolls with any healthy curry. By this they will enjoy having them. Rotis are healthy and even rich with iron, calcium, sodium, vitamins.

Plantain / Banana

Bananas are the healthiest, cheapest and easily available fruit. Banana is rich in Vitamin C & B, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Zero content of Saturated Fats & Cholesterol. Banana consists of Pectin which keeps our Cholesterol levels in control. In 1 banana we can get 2gms of Proteins, 35gms of Carbohydrates etc so we can add it in our breakfast along with milk. Kids enjoy having Banana with Creams, Jelly, Custard and Yoghurt.

Sweet Lime / Mosambi

The Sweet Lime is rich in Vitamin B, C, E, Folic acid, Calcium etc. Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fatty acids which are helpful for healthy heart can be obtained from Sweet Lime. Daily 1 glass of juice keeps your kid and any age people healthy. As kids love to have sweet juices you can add Mango juice or Carrot juice in Sweet Lime juice. They are healthy than adding sugar. By adding sugar extra calories will be increased. Even ice cubes can make kids enjoy drinking such juices.

Fresh fruit & veggie chat

Fruit chats and Veggie chats should be taken once in 2 days. Veggies can be boiled or raw ones they can be mixed with fruits. Boiled potato, Banana, Apple, few Sprouts, Lemon juice and Chat masala can make an enjoyable food item for your kids to have after they return from school. You can even make Sprouts, Tomato, Onions, Coriander leaves, Carrot and Lemon juice makes a great recipe for your kids. Add your kid's favorite veggies and fruits together to make them forget junk food. It's better to prepare such items than to let your kids get habituated to Chips, Burgers and Pizza. According to your kid's taste make your recipe as sweet or spicy.

Almonds / Badam

Almonds are very healthy for all ages. Soak few almonds in water whole night and have them in your breakfast after removing their skin. Kids can have 2 or 3 Almonds daily. Almonds contain Vitamin B & E, Calcium, controls Cholesterol, and Omega – 6 Fatty Acids. As kids of below 3 years cannot bite them, you can make powder of Almonds and add it in their milk. Peas also have equal plus points as almonds have. Almonds are costly but Green Peas are available to everyone. They too have Vitamin C, E, & B, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron.


Amla juice is available in markets now. Add this Amla juice to Lemon juice, Salt/Sugar can make a healthy drink for your kids. You can give them when they come back after playing. That time they feel thirsty and tired. This drink can give energy and even hydrate them. Amla helps in Anemia, Liver problems, Fever, Joint pains etc. in Ayurvedic medicines amla is used in preparing Cancer medicines. Even Cod-Liver oil helps our kids as amla does. It contains Vitamin A & D, Omega – 3 & Omega – 6, Fatty Acids etc. This Cod – Liver oil helps in children growth as well.

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Author: Pravat Kumar Das17 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Sprouted Moong (Green Gram), Sprouted Chana (Black Gram). This is the best ever food for any one whether a small kid, young person or an older person.
As this include High protein, it help to grow properly and to weight gain for kids, either you can eat it raw, can be boiled , can make chat by adding some lemon juice, or chat masala, black salt etc. Also due to full of vitamin A & B children can avoid hair loss, increase the eye power etc.
SO this can be taken as either breakfast or evening snacks every day.

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