When to allow kids for night-outs with friends?

It is really a tough call to decide when our kids are grown up enough to be send for late night parties and night-outs. Being a cautious mother myself, i can under the dilemma faced by every mother. But with a few tips and smartness tricks, you are ready to handle this. be cautious but not over-protective and your kids would be too proud of you.

Precautions to be taken while sending kids to late night parties and night-outs: From a cautious Mother.

It is really a tough call to decide when to allow our kids for night-outs with their friends. I am a parent too; a cautious mother who is always very afraid to let her kid walk alone in the streets after 9 p.m. ;And when a close friend of mine asked,"what is the suitable age to let her daughter enjoy a "Dandia Night" with her peers?" I really didn't know what to say.

Teenagers, today are dealing with a lot of issues. They want to be academically successful but doesn't want to be labelled as a "Bookworm" or Geek or a Nerd. They love their parents but hate their restrictions. They know that the world outside is not a very safe place to be alone, and yet they are obliged to give-in to their peer pressure. They are smart but still they are our small innocent kids.

They are dealing with the new observed changes in their body. Young boys want to be friends with the hottest chic around and girls are more than eager to get attention of the smartest stud in the campus. They want to be the first to know about the latest fashion in the city; yet they don't sleep whole night to prepare for the next day exam.

Life is so very unpredictable just like the mood-swings of our lovely teenagers. Being a mom of one such teenage kid is like holding a hot iron rod in both hands; you just cannot afford to go wrong.

With Dandia celebration going around all over the country, every teenage kid want to have fun by going around to one of the such places with friends and just "Chill out". It is so difficult for us to understand that they are now grown ups and can look after themselves. But being a cautious parent myself, i would suggest to keep in mind a few things before allowing your kids to go out.
  1. Talk with your child about your concern about his/her safety. This will enable them to respect your feeling and for your sake they will try everything to keep you inform about their movements.

  2. Give them a mobile phone with important phone numbers feed in it on speed dial.

  3. Guide them about the Drugs and its misuses.

  4. Talk openly about sexual abuses in such social places and also, what to do in such a case.

  5. Give them enough confidence to quit away from their peer group if he/she feels what they are doing is not acceptable both legally and socially.

  6. Check that the battery of their phone is fully charged before leaving the house.

  7. Most important of all is to know with whom your child is going. You must know the name, contact details and latest cell-phone numbers of,if not all, some of the close friends of your ward.

  8. Set a deadline for their return. Make it known that they need to be back at home at a certain time and if they are, somehow getting late then call you to inform about it.

  9. Always guide them about what to do if something is going wrong. This will not let them go into the panic state and they will be more alert and will act fast.

  10. Watch out about what they are wearing. This is just to avoid unnecessary attention towards them.(Some may object to this point but i am a mom myself and would not like to give any reason to anyone to spoil my kid's evening).

  11. Always be informed about the type of return transport they are planning to use. If they are thinking of using a public transport then you can always offer to pick them up, this way it will be more safe and comfortable.

Believe me, our kids are really smart. They love us and listens to us; just talk with them and you will know it is high time to trust them. Be their closest friend that will always stand by their side what ever may be the situation at the same time let them know that if they try to misuse this liberation and freedom, they won't be forgiven.
Be a mentor, guide, friend and colleague of your kid; Sometimes bad and sometimes good; sometimes demon and sometimes an angel; be a mom of your kid.


Author: Adesola Adeyeye17 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

This article is very rich and very educative for parents. The reason is that it teaches the parents how to manage the affairs of their parents. Likewise, it is not a wise decision to allow children on a night out with friends. The society presently is not a safe place nowadays. So, parents needs to know this and never allow their children out not more than 7 pm in the night.This is for the children safety purpose which will benefits the children themselves and their parents.

Author: JyotiS17 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thank you friends for appreciating my write-up.

Author: K Mohan20 Jun 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I appreciate the author for raising this important article which stresses the need for taking precautions by the parents while they send their children to the night parties or group studies. There is nothing wrong to send a child for parties, but what kind of party and who is organizing it for what purpose is important. I think keeping good behavior of child is our responsibility and we just cannot risk by sending child to a party and invite trouble later. Surely after reading this article many parents shall take ample precaution.

Author: Seema Mittal16 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Today life style has been totally changed, parents has to allow their kid for such type of parties. It is taking place in young society but your article draw lots of lights how could we guide our children and aware in different conditions. By some small but precious tips we could overcome from harsh situation it is very useful as well as helpful for parents and children. I am being grateful and thankful of the JyotiS for this article; it is instructing parents “When to allow kids for night-outs and late night parties with friends".

Author: JyotiS17 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 12

You are right, Seema, with few found freedom and change in lifestyle, we cannot confine our children to home. There always comes an age, which we call as troublesome age, for our children when bounding them in the security of four walls is almost impossible. If we try to hold them too tight, they are bound to bounce back which mostly result in rebellious behavior of our kids. So as a parent we have to come out of our orthodox thoughts and let them have fun with friends but with precaution, ofcourse.

We cannot just left our children to be on themselves but always be there for them for support even if they do not seem to need it. They still are our little kid who are coming out of their shell to explore this complicated world. Remember the time when our children learned to walk; remember how they insist on walking on themselves from their trembling small legs and you used to put your arms around them but without touching them, so that they may hold it in case they need support. This is comparatively the same situation when our kids are trying to learn to walk confidently in the outside world of harshness. If we keep on holding their hands, they may not ever learn to walk without support and if we let it go completely, them they may fall down and get hurt. So always keep a watchful eye on your child; talk to them and remain up to date on what they are thinking and which direction they are going to.

Let these night-out activities and fun parties remain as a good memory in their heart to cherish later in night and not become a nightmere. My best wishes to all the parents who care for their children.

Author: Swati Sarnobat18 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The place for night-life should be located near your house or in the commercial area so that your kids can safely come home. You can allow your kids to enjoy nightlife when they complete their education and secure a bright job. You should always judge your child's maturity level.

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