Top 11 home cleaning tips for all seasons

To remain healthy and hygienic, the house where we stay must be extremely neat and clean. If we fail to keep our houses clean, it may be due to improper or incomplete cleaning. Read this article to know the top eleven tips for house cleaning tips for all seasons especially summer, rainy, winter and spring in India. These important cleaning tips can help to keep your house sparkling as ever and make you feel just healthy and secure.

What are the best house cleaning tips for all seasons

Schedule the cleaning

Everybody knows that nobody hires a paid cleaning service to clean your rooms on your desired day. So, it is better for you to take it up to yourself and finish the task. To clean your home in proper time, you have to schedule it and preplan with all the requirements to complete the task in time. Preferably a Saturday or Sunday is a very good day for having this job done and you can chill yourself at the weekend happily in a clean home. If you have the Saturdays and Sundays already fixed fro some assignments, then the best day for you is a holiday that appears in a calendar or government list. Because in such days, you don't have to bother for the official pending works or other such issues. You can focus exclusively on the cleaning and complete it with 100% purity and perfection.

Use proper dress

Yes, dress up yourself in a way which suits only to a cleaning work i.e. you can use some of your old or less important clothing as a dress for cleaning. Otherwise, if you use some costly dress while cleaning, you may lose its attractiveness and its value at once because of being completely stained with the dirt that are produced in the process. It is better to keep a reserved dress set specially for cleaning purpose. In addition, you should also use a particular set of shoes, eye protection, breathing protection and hand gloves to avoid some dangerous infections. Remember to switch off the fans and plug out the electric wires where necessary to clean them as well. Take out the electric bulbs to avoid accidental hits and breakage in the cleaning process. After the cleaning is complete, you can set those things as usual.

Clean the rooms one by one

Whether you are in summer, winter, rainy or any other season, you should clean your rooms one by one. This is the basic principle. Never clean randomly by visiting from one room to another. This will make your cleaning process complicated and a difficult one to finish it off well. To ease this dilemma, you can structure out the rooms serially while scheduling the cleaning process. Follow that structure and clean the rooms one after another to complete the process with perfection. Even if you feel little bit tired after cleaning a number of rooms, you can rest for while, take some smoothies or cold drinks and refresh yourself to rejoin the work rather than completing the cleaning in haste and leaving it incomplete.

Start the cleaning process from top down

And more importantly, when you start your cleaning, make sure you start it from the top first. First of all, clear the dusts from the ceiling fans, then wash off the inside roof tops. In this way, the dirt is collected on the floor and you are now required to focus on the walls, skylights, windows and doors. Take off the window and door screens to wash by detergents/washing machine as per your available mode. In this way, it becomes easy to remove all the dirt at one time and finish the work in an easy manner.

But if you clean the floors first and then the tops, your labor will be doubled and you will need double time as well to complete the cleaning.

Watch your time and use both hands

Important while cleaning: watch the time according to your schedule. If you had scheduled to finish the cleaning by 10 o' clock, it has to be complete by that time, no extra minute. If the time exceeds, then it is due to your improper and unwatchful cleaning. Keep looking at the clock at particular intervals and speed up the cleaning accordingly, not in haste so that you can complete the cleaning by your set time.

One better tip is to use both hands while cleaning. Most people use single hand to clean their rooms due to their reluctance to be touched with dirt. But if you clean with two hands, things will be done more quickly than with one hand.

Substitute storage place for furniture

When you start cleaning your home, you have to move all your goods and furniture to a different suitable storage/room to ease the work. Because cleaning the same room with the goods in is not the best practice at all. Cleaning will not be called as perfect in this situation. Thus, you must keep/create a separate storage room (if not permanent, create temporary arrangements as per need) as a substitute during your cleaning days. Also make sure you clean this storage place first prior to moving your furniture here. The main cause behind all these rules is to ensure your best hygiene and health with no infection of germs.

Use garbage dust bins

A good practice for cleaning is the use of garbage dustbins. Regular use of dustbins will definitely cause you less labor in your home cleaning day. Keep a reasonable sized dustbin in your courtyard for daily use. All the unnecessary items like torn papers, unusable packets, vegetable peels etc. should be put into this container regularly to keep the house clean. When this container is full, take it to the brink of your locality to wash off the dirt and clean it. Alternatively, if you keep a bigger size dustbin outside your home campus or main gate, then throw the dirt there and make sure the municipality officials clean that garbage on the prescribed day.

Store winter bedding

Taking care of clothing is more important than any other cleaning activity. Because dresses are the things that come in direct contact with our body. Again winter bedding and clothing need special attention and care. Since these items are required for specific period and are highly priced, you must arrange a special place (preferable a Godrej almirah or a bigger sized suitcase) to store it and bring it out during winter. All the blankets, sweaters, jackets and shawls should be thoroughly washed and dried before storing. Keep them by properly folding and fitting them to the size of the container until you need them in the next winter season.

No excess chemicals for marble floors

If your room floors are made up of marbles, you must avoid extreme use of chemicals and detergents for cleaning. Science proves that chemicals are extremely reactive to marbles which contain several alloys in them. So, the best thing for you is to use liquid cleansers which are specially made for this purpose or simply water with wipers. Chemical substances cause to deteriorate the quality and volume of marbles easily. Hence you should not omit or forget this tip before cleaning marble floors.

Enjoy music while cleaning

If you have a number of rooms to clean and you need a more time, you should arrange to relieve and entertain yourself as well. Put your Walkman inside your inner pockets of the shirts and the earphones in two ears to make your work enjoyable with the rhythms of your favorite music tracks. You will not be able to count the minutes how fast they passed and how quickly your work was completed. Alternatively, if you feel some strain in using a Walkman, you can switch on the music system with your favorite CDs or you can switch to popular FM radio stations with the power of music. Keep these music/radio systems away from your cleaning area and move accordingly when you change your cleaning locations. All these factors will help you both ways.

Rearrange room settings

I hope if you follow the above steps perfectly, you will definitely complete the cleaning just in time. After you finish your work, begin to rearrange your furniture. If you have some preplans regarding the decoration of different rooms, perform necessary the changes according to your wish to make your home look more attractive. Arrange in such a way that there will be enough convenience for moving inside the room and collecting a particular item at the time of an urgent need. Heavier and important items should be kept apart from children's reach and again never keep these items in too higher positions. Because when you need them, you will have to bring them down and in course of handling, there is always a big chance of breakage if not managed carefully.

After the complete cleaning and rearrangement of your home, if you find some items like mattresses or clothing or others unworthy of your use, you should not throw it straight away. Rather you should donate it to a poor man or homeless persons who stay by the road sides. Such a pious act will indeed give a inner satisfaction that is derived nowhere else. In a populated country like India, these types of activities are urgently required to neutralize the defect in communal harmony and cooperation.

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Author: K Mohan28 May 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

My appreciation to author for bringing in a good article on how to keep our home clean and tips are very simple and easily followed. But I really like one tip that in order to avoid the fatigue during the cleaning process listening to music is the best way to keep ourselves busy and at the same time enjoying the soft music. Care must be take that the cleaning process should be undertaken when ever the children are away from the home or they went away for playing.

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